Blizzards blatan ripoff

Hello gaming colleagues!!!
I have just read news about the release of Diablo 3 and I was APPAULED by what I learned!!!
Namely it's going to be a hack and slash MMORPG!!!
It's supposed to be like a "continue" game of the CULT games of Diablo and Diablo 2 (developed by battle.NET team).

After Diablo 2 was maked, the developers continued on a cartoonier note and maked a game called, look at the graphics of Diablo 3? The music? It's a TOTAL ripoff of Torchlight AND Diablo/Diablo 2!!! How could blizzard steep so low?? I still haven't seen if there will be any suiyng...BLIZZARD will probably settle out of court with their DIRTY MONEY made by ripping of Warcraft 3 (which was also developed by battle.NET team), where they blatantly stole the graphics and maked it MMORPG!!!

But don't believe me, just look at it yourselves, your own eyes CANT decieve you!!:

Diablo 3:

image: news_diablo-3-razas

Diablo 2:

image: e98e1b9f_diablo-characters

Diablo 3:

image: ss125-hires


image: Torchlight_Action_2
Delete please.... Only play real d3 not some shit ripped fuck ..
So they made Diablo 3 a rip-off from Diablo 2?

What the flying fuck seems to be the problem?
Your opinion doesn't count...cheater :-S
Sit down .
What in the name of jesus are you sayin that diablo 3 is a blatent rip off of d2?
Yes....just look at pics :\
10/10 Troll now take a SS and delete the journal
that engrish
made, the word is fucking made, not maked, it kills my eyes
but look, further in his post, he wrote it correctly! ;p
eh, i was sitting and thinking "is it correctly"?
ow, and edited
but look I am your farther.
Who gave you your posting rights back :/
How whales can you fit in in 2 canadas?
ANd diablo 3 have BARBAR also as in diablo 2.....too bovious :S
Haha man you're stupid :D
That's not all

  • Here's an example

image: Diablo_II_Coverart

Here's the DIABLO II bad guy, he is a skellington.

now blizzard come along and do this..

image: diablo-3

they turn skellington into an monster.. how obvious can it be?
waiting for Estoniamant comment on this
not sure if trolling or immensly retarded
damn, you were faster with that comment
2/10 for effort with pics
torchlight looks ways to cartoonish like LoL. Guess thats why I liked HoN better aswell
saw 'maked'

didn't read further
so thank god we have path of exile which is in all ways superior.
and as it happens to be, a public stress test will start in a few hours, so you dont need a closed beta key to join in.
yes what a game love it
definitely not playing this shit!
tha maked no sense
What the fuck.
Worst fucking attempt of trolling I've ever seen in my miserable insignificant piece of shit life.
copy agame they created to acreate anew better version for it,,, problem?

Isn't it normal that a sequel has a lot of the same? Get your ass out of the dust.

Copy big known game, update gfx, add new lvl = big profit.
Same with all the WoW expansions just shit and boring
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