Worst thing happend when you were stoned as fuck!

1. saw my parents fucking when i came home when i was blazed. (still see that shit in front of me :( )

2. At the bowling alley i was so fucking high i threw the ball against that fence. Somehow all the cones were splashing all over the track. Employee got pretty pissed off :P everyone was lookin and knew we were blazed as fuck.

holler at me!

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ashlynn brooke <3
Moral of this journal, don't do drugs.
Most of the time I get stoned I happen to get paranoid and nervous. I guess it's because of the people I used to smoke with, and that's why I stopped smoking.

On the other hand I still remember those times when I was walking along the street and laughing my ass off for no reason or when I saw a spinning bike wheel...
or when you got a coke from a local shop
or when you made out with your dog
Yeh, thats what I thought aswell :p
rafek: i am so jizzin i watched 1 video and i dont know should i be happy or sad
when i invited a girl at my place and she smoked for the first time, after 10 / 15mins i went to wc and when i came back i saw her sitting on my stairs she was feeling "weird" she said and she started to panic and i started to panic also xd but we end up laughing from this

other one is when i was at some friends and we were high as fuck, we just sat and didnt talk for about 30mins, everybody was stomped, that was weird also lol
Not really the worst but...

This one time I was panicking and confused for 30 minutes whilst I was eating a jam doughnut because I thought there was jam all over my face but turns out there wasn't.

PS. Don't play Mario kart when stoned.

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EstoniaJyrkZ happened
I've never been stoned :((
lol you 420 too hard bro :D although nice smoking, 420 Swedenblaze it up 4 always
Hahaha, bobje toch
Reading about your parents just now.
Fell a sleep while some chick who was gonna come to my apartment for the night was trying to call and ask where exactly i live from train station
probably feeling like im falling through everything i leant on/stood on or touched D: even leanving on my own knees felt like i was passing through them kinda like standing up with sun stroke
Probably the eye twitching, GF used to think I was paranoid but apparently I was looking at everyone as if they were going to steal my dinner :D. Never go to family restaurant whilst smoking that stuff, I can't recall acting like it and I don't even think it happened, but thinking about it now pisses me off for some reason :D.

I think I have concentration issues!

Girlfriends: She took paracetamol after having a headache, she then went out with friend to have a smoke of the finest green. She was twitching for 4 days (body twitches), I remember being in cinema with her and she was twitching (like jumping out of seat). Was annoying as it happened when she slept also, so I ended up staying awake playing CoD4 :D.
what the fuck are you smoking man
Probably plastics :D, but just plain gooood old Henry The 8th ;). Normally £10 of weed per spliff & about 2-3 of them.
Took a pull, coughed like a pussy.
Got laughed at by the black kids.
Never smoked again.
In Enschede
Black Sea
Fucking Baked
Need to take a piss
Ask friend where the toilet is
Says its the one with the man on it
Go down and there are like fucking artworks on it, too baked to tell which one is for men woman.
Go in to the womans one
Go out
Some gayass nigger suriname fuck laughing at me
datfeel :(
i did salvia and i was trying to swim on the floor, wasnt a great success
smoke regularly for 10years but just with my family and friends indoors so not really embarassing. I drink when i go out instead its better for socialising.
Smoking every day sucks. Just stick to a couple of times per year and it's awesome.
Talking some intelligent shit with a e-buddy at some lan in Belgium, when some half morrocon, half suriname bitch-ass walked in to get money to fuck a ho'.

Prolly the weirdest thing that happend to me.
I locked myself into a friend's bathroom, took a shit and played solitaire on my phone for an hour.
I forgot to drink.

EDIT: Better stories when on mushrooms.
I hit my neighbor with a door and we laughed for like 15 minutes straight and then ate all the food in her fridge :D that was my best moment while high..other wise I'm either at work or I'm here at home playin ET when high. ;P
Played W:ET.
u sick bastard !
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