Official ET: Zombies MOD iOS beta test....

I am the official beta tester. If you have any questions just ask me. For now it works flawlessly on iPhone 4S @ iOS 5.0.1

Here are some screens:

image: iphonessetz

image: iphonetzingame

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Looking awesome! Gotta buy iPhone!!
At least get the font right.
Personally I am enjoying the optional third person mode (took this photo with my spare iPhone 4s while at the cafe with my friends).

image: etz

Being a musician for a video game has its perks, like free alpha and beta access!
Please do not leak images of ET:Z.
you forgot the text shadow on your jailbroken iphone screenshot :X
Well maybe it's grey since it represent zombies more than bright color like white.....
you can't modify the text display in the info property list :P
I think you're just jelly because you weren't chosen as a Beta tester?
nice troll xD
you're an awesome troll
Can;t someone ban this retard -_-
Thanks for advertising iET:Z for OFW: 5.0.1+. BTW Quake3 was ported to iOS or Android (one of them) and was playable, so this is not too far fetched.
Do you even realize that you are just harming your "project"? Or did you give up yet?
Why insult my boy Danjes project by putting it into quotation marks?? Lmao..umad.....ebun :--D
What?:D, this is a troll post. We're not doing such for iOS lool.
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