all night long baby

i need to stay focus all night
need serious advices

/*big project in C (system calls programing)
sockets, server+multiple_clients

due 7h am

00am missing 40% of all grade

EDIT:4:48am missing 15% of all grade
EDIT:5:35am still missing 15% of all grade, this shit is fucked */

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nice goodies

the last one is little bit too much
:| Seems like a complicated and boring thing, specially at C .. Have fun :D
Porto is great! And thanks for advice on Sea Life, awesome stuff. :D
Eheheh your very welcome! What else did you visit / eat?
I also visited the river shore, the gardens of cristal palace, train station, streets above the river, beach, the main plaza and also I was there when FC Porto was celebrating the championship so I was in the middle of fiesta. :D and some more things, I also ate bacalao, tripas and cooked meat (heard these 3 are specialties here). I love Portugal :D
HAHA epic, i feel good for you :) Porto is actually a great and safe place! The beachs at Matosinhos are awesome during summer time (or even right now!! ), Tripas (and Rojões) are really good, same goes to Bacalhau, but you should have tried the Francesinha !!

Share some pics imo!
I will definitely and tell some more, but now I'm off to sleep, bb! cheers!:)
same for me, bibuy!
You're fucked :-D
done 85%

compiles + executes perfeclty without erros
my class is odd numbered so im the one who is making alone
pretty sure im gonna get 11/20

overal im happy
Nice one proving me wrong :) Good luck with the evalution
Easy and boring stuff.
depends, C is fucking anoying tbh, might be because it's embedded oriented, but they're so many easier languages that do what C provides and in a easiest way.
threads and multi processing are easy if you ask me
Yeah basicaly done in C so rly well implemented but rather use C++/java libs rly well developped and easier to code !
So, you finished nao?
slept only 1 hour 6h-7h
at work till 22pm

delivered to get 18/20
lets see
nice, actually sounds interesting'ish to make for a school project - why C and not C++ though? At least its not a boring exercise in something shit like Java. Also I'm sure they aren't asking you to make something that hard with winsock. what is it?
not winsock

sockets API

the server is a calculator
the client wants to calculate

1-make connection client-server
2-program hard go pr0 on accepting huge number of clients EFFICIENTLY USING PC RESOURCES (stack, prevent running situations, carefull usage of multi-threading,signals,pipes)
3-server calculate correctly
4-server deliver good info to client
5-client exits happy with math done
how did it go?
delivered to get 18/20
lets see
PS: next time dont leave it so late!
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