Puretrak talentzzzz

Hoi cf.

experiences? please share.

is it really so sucky that i have to order it from their website?
My experience:
- want one, cannot into buy one.

They are not that expensive, but they ask alot to send to Portugal, so no thx.
yep same here in Finland.

its too bad puretrak is not in stores.
guess we have to wait :I
I want one but order a QCK heavy instead
Had one for 2 years, still gliding smooth as fuck and not worn out at all, best mousemat on the market.
where on the market?? I just checked out puretrak website and there are only 3 stores in Europe that sell it. 2 in Belgium and 1 in the Netherlands. At least theres no store in Finland that sell it.
I just ordered from USA, takes few weeks.
can tell that the one in belgium is legit (gamegear). Ive ordered mine from there
cheers! i might do the same!
where on the market? on earth u dumby :D
best pad ever <3
i live couple minutes away from the factory and they took over a month to deliver....
image: 555365_4081819654547_1554242697_33229315_1212702871_n

I have the following pads:

- X-Track HYBRID
- IceMat
- Q-pad
- Everglide Titan Monster Mat
- some Qck
- Razer Kabuto
- Razor gaming P4

but this is the best so far.
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