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Hey Anonymous,

first of all, it was a great LAN and nice 3 Days in Netherlands Enschede. Meeting old & new faces, playing some matches and just chilling & relaxing around. Nothing more to say :P

At Friday, after GermanygenShi, znArk, zentic, mztic & me arrived at our House for the next Days, we met Germany Lost-Soldiers + sTOWNAGE for a Barbecue at their House. There we were chilling around and drinking some Beers...

At the Saturday morning, we had to wake up very early cuz of our beloved friend sTOWNAGE. So at 9 CET our Gaming-Saturday began (we left at 2 o'clock in the night). At the afternoon we started to play and performed well, like we thought. We had to find two new players in the last week before the LAN started. So our results were ok and we reached our goal to get the 3rd Place in our Group.
Results: 0:4 vs Europe zeroE, 0:4 vs Finland F6, 4:0 vs Netherlands NBS 2.0
During the Day our Managers of Germany mMonkeys arrived us and watching our Games and chilling around with us. Rest of the Day, we watched the Games and enjoyed the time with the other Players.
After we left, like i said before at 2 o'clock in the night the center, we went to our house and were chilling there with our Managers and drinking some Beers together.

At Sunday Morning we woke up again very early, because of our Decidergame for the 8th Playoff Spot vs Lost Soldiers (we lost 0:4). After our Game, we decided to go home, cuz Germany genShi had to drive 8 Hours until he is home.

All in all it like last year and every LAN a nice time :)

Thanks to my Team Germany mMonkeys - Phazor, (s)zentic<3, znArk, mztic, genShi, bonK, maxs! :)
Also thanks to Germany rAKJI, laNgo, ScatmaN_, caTchEr, sTOWNAGE, TEAM PDEG, Rayzed, Aggro & Switzerland oLGaa, gifty (to watch him live! fanboy detected! :D) & all others i forgot to mention! :DD for the nice time!
du bist so ein dummes stück scheiße (rakji)
seems like a cool story²

...well done ramoz..was nice to meet you but next time try to stay a bit more longer. i dont get it why nearly every team left after their last game and didnt showed up some love for the rest of the teams that had to go on..the crowd was somehow horrible at the final for example... wzzrd and all others that were there didnt deserve this ;/
wp & dont be too mad (this goes more for some teammates of you^^) next time if you loose a game :o
wise words.
<3 our problem was more that genShi have to drive 8/9 hours until he is home, and some of us have to go to school/work today. last time we stayed longer :P
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