Assassins Creed

QuoteYou are Connor, warrior son of a Native American mother and British father. As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will become the spark that ignites the revolution into a full blaze. Your crusade will lead you through blood-soaked battlefields.
You will not only witness will make it.

oh ma lord

assassins creed 3 will be amazing!
Please als ik ooit vermist raak.. GEBRUIK 'NIET' MIJN SCHOOLFOTO!
just finished revelations+AC3 gonna be great :D
This is the worst Tomb Raider ripoff ever...
a tomb raider ripoff? hahahaha cmon couldnt you come up with anything better
trailer looks amazing
never like the game actually, but the trailer is fucking awesome
yea seen it@ubisoft conference
srsly?:DDD Robin hood against an army?
there are alot of elitetrained people out there in the world,
It is possible for one guy to take out a platoon if he has the right training :D , so this aint really "unrealistic" :DDD

Looks cool probably going to try it.
Been playing all of the assassins creed games,
so far the best one is actually Brotherhood :) , loved it!

You should try the game out :D i know im going to buy it
brotherhood was good but this looks rly amazing
it's about time I sell my kidney for a new hardware. been saving it for so long, but this is finally it
one of my favourite games on ps3 !!
the trailers for assassins creed are always worth watching.
you mean shit creed? gosh i spent my money on this crap and it turned out to be so garbage .. shuda bought diablo 3 or something instead
if you think D3 > ACI,II,III... then you probably should hang yourself
Fucking want.
"We are 1000 man with guns" "Better go and fight him 1on1 with our bayonet"
tbh at that time they really attacked with bayonets on close-med ranges
Doesn't answer question why 1on1 and if you see one guy taking down all your army you would definitely shoot him. I think the reason for attacking with bayonets is to save bullets.
Seems kinda reasonable for me not to shoot your own guy, ofcourse it looks silly but it has some logic after all. You simply dont shoot your teammates just to get enemy. And if you noticed he does jump and run on the trees, its not meant to be very realistic but exciting and fun to play.
looks nice, will play this too but always along the way i loose interest and i am never able to complete a game.
best game everrrrrr!
watch dogs gonna be awesome
looks amazing
Revelations was kinda dissappointing.. but this looks goooood :DD
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