Euro 2012 - First match

The big football party starting on 16:20 in Poland and Ukraine.
Our polish eagles are meeting with Greece's team (18:00) .
I'm going to huge pub to have fun with friends and drink some beer.
I think it will be 2:1 for Poland. How will you spend a match time? What score do you bet?
2-1 Poland, will watch at home probably.
Make the pee smell like a sewer.
Watching 1st game at home, Poles will take it
bear at friend's house, no idea about the score
5:0 Greece :D
Watching with friends at my flat prolly. 2:0 for Poland, I guess.
1-1. :)
2012 - Poland organizing events
Got match-studio at my place through the tournament (unless germany really fails, then I declare tournament done), projector and lots of benches + couch there, room for ~20 person confortably. Everyone is invited!
I'll be there
1-0 Poland
easy for dortmund
Im very glad that u bet on Poland! However im sad too, cuz Bulgaria didn't qualify :(
Gonna be in work like 50m away from the biggest fun zone, in Warsaw :P
1:0 for PL I hope
milego powrotu z roboty :XD
Nie byl mily :xd
NO SHIT SHERLOCK :D kaj pracujesz, ze 50m?
0-2 for Ukraine.
wut, it's poland - greece
oh my bad
than 1:0 for Poland.
no Olisadebe no win!
0-2 Greece :)
3:1 PL

18' Lewandowski
37' Murawski
68' Wawrzyniak (og)
89' Blaszczykowski
Jakub Wawrzyniak, polish left defender, known for slipping on the pitch during crucial moments of the match (Poland - Germany in 92 minute, for example). :)

I was wondering since the skater wore a Dutch suit, but it was irrelevant. Good joke though :D
0-3/0-4 easy for greeks

poland so shit :D
2-0 Poland Lewandowski & Wasyl :-)
0-3 greece
Poland 2-0 Greece
20' Rybus - is in great form and will be underrated by greeks because they will concentrate on dortmund trio.
88' Lewandowski - after counter attack :P

Will watch@home both matches. And tomorrow gonna watch both matches@ UEFA fan zone
poland gonna roll this ec

im callin it
easy for greece,2-0 win for us
3-0 poland

lewandowski will dominate
ok azatej
2:0 pl if not it will be like kurwa japierdole skurwynson hustzecka
2-1 Poland, but not watching that low match
0-1 Greece
Poland is just bad @ football.
RUS - CZE more interesting
Polskis will take it but Theo Gekas will score!
Pl wins in my bet!
was exactly my thought!

2-1 for poland!
Greece will fucking steamroll this shit once again.

2004 neva föget
2-0 for poltards
dont care, want a lot of goals, so gonna say 2-2
i thin k 1-1
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