new Monitor and tv (de allowed)

i wanna buy a new Monitor so basicly i looked around and found out that the BenQ XL2420T is a realy good Monitor but that One isn't realy cheap with 360€. what Do you think?

i wanna buy a new tv, atm i think to buy the Samsung UE46ES6710. what u guys think about it?
Nice monitor.

For TV: Plasma > LCD
I've got a Samsung S23A700D, cheaper than the BenQ but if you want 120hz for cheap I guess this is the go-to monitor (I got mine with a discount for 250 euros or so). Unless you can find some 2233rz or Viewsonic 2268 somewhere.

Alternatively read this:
nice read, thanks
is it any good?
It's pretty good if you don't have a window open with sunlight shining on it. Reflective screen so you can't see shit.
Hab mir nen LG 47LV4500 bei Amazon für 629€ bestellt
Soll gut sein :D
I got the ViewSonic V3D241wm - full hd, 23.6" and 120hz (121, actually :d)

think the new option for this is: Viewsonic V3D231 - seems very much the same (price/tech) just a different front panel.
oh man, a herz above the competition!
Got a fullhd Asus 23'' 120hz 2ms it's great (3d monitor)
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