Help us to WIN

We got a projekt in school so pls vote for our video!
Good luck to WIN!!
wtf that was boring, didnt even see tits
How can this be from your school if it looks like it is from 50s?
dude its just the effect.

we have to show the job as a Personalmanager :)

this was our style
I can see from the pixels that this video is fake
just klick the video :) the video with the most klicks or visits win
Normally those kind of films have a faster pace,
the font is horrible, should have choosen something more older
man its a 4min movie for a school projekt :)
and you did it bad ;)

voted btw ;)

what would your school say about you asking for votes here on crossfire ;)
lol dude this is in Cologne near Chlodwigplatz the first sec i mean - am i right ?
yes sir Bonner Wall :)

BK Suedstadt :)
nice - i live in cologne too :)
first at Barbarossaplatz (Kyffhäuserstr.) now kölner norden :)
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