need PC BUILD help

hey guys.. im willing to buy a new pc.. i got 700€ and dont wanna spent more money than this for it! would be nice if some guys could help me to build a pc together!

add Bloodelf99 on Xfire. Or NBS-HunteR, he helped me built my pc as well. Specs on CF profile.
too expensvie for u
If you get a new pc, you wouldnt reach med skill. Just to let you know!
didnt see u at aem u pussyyyyy
frag fims, der hat bisschen ahnung glaub ich
oder der liebe duKe_ :)
getting carried with better specs?
Send me 700e and ill build it for you
hol dir medion aldi pc
:) member for 4 years now :). What you're username on forum?

Youngie1337 is mine

Didn't expect to see any ET players there :). I joined when the forum & TTL was using his shed ;D. They sponsored me for the RTCW server for OC3D clan @ my profile ;).
Zanc, been a member for a little over a year. Mainly registered after wathcing TTL videos on utube.
you want it just for ET? or other games too?
did u really just ask this?

its stray ;)
for everything m8
which hardware do you have atm?
everythign older than 4 yrs.. have to get everythign new i guess
gygabite geforce gtx 550 ti
6gb of ram
10euro hd
50euro motherboard
i can, even you dont like me ;)

also built up a lot of systems for clanmates/ crossfire nerds :P in the past

pm (you are welcome)
best choice on crossfire for this!
freundlicher lango
Here you go :)

image: kast

Thats the best you can get now in that money, can run Crysis 2 easily!

Remove 19.90 euros( "Arvuti komplekteerimine...") from that prize and voila!
this system is "ok" but you get better and newer things here in germany for the money :P
How so?
Germany and Estonian PC components prizes are pretty same.
Ah yeah, i5 2400 could be better, but i5 2500k could be way better if you are OC freak :D
2320? Go for an Asus 1155 board & a 2500K & some HyperX RAM. Overclock that CPU to around 4.8GHz using a Noctua D14 & win. Fuck the Chieftec PSU also :D, need a decent PSU something like a Corsair would be nice. 700W for enough head room, going for a 1000w PSU would result in either broken hardware or a cheap nasty spike/lower voltage than shown. a 700w decent PSU will outdo a 1000w cheap PSU.
That costs more than 600 euros :)
It is decent CPU btw, I know a guy who has new PC, similar specs and has +60FPS in BF3
Not really :P, I purchased my PC including 2TB HDD's & all other components (minus monitor) for around £600, and that was when the 2500K was quite expensive.

2500K, never go for an underperformer, you want something that you can clock higher :P, the 2500 which has a locked multiplyer can only get a few mhz out of it and it's like £10 cheaper than the 2500k so why would you go for the locked version?:D.
700w?!! :DD welcome to 2012

i guess stray isnt a oc freak. this is also not that good for a stable system for a longer time :S
oc e-penis kids ;D (no offence to you danje ofc ;D )
I just didn't seem the point in paying £400 for an i7 with 2 more threads when I got my 2500K for £160 and overclocked it to 4.8GHz which outperforms the i7 and less than half the price :).

Been running stable for over a year now running @ 45c right now and only hits 60-65c when on full load on a hot day.
ye sure but here in germany you pay already +20 € more for the sandy so better use the ivy 3450 eventhough you cant oc this cpu that hard/good because its no k model, but as i said i doubt that stRay wants to oc :P
Overclocking is a standard feature now, the boards all come with pre-made overclocking profiles. The whole point is, spend less get more, which is what any 'gamer' wants.

Pay an extra £20 for a what, 40% performance increase?:D, it's basic common sense :D.

If you need, I can get free delivery on most UK web based stores such as Aria & ebuyer.
you dont get my point :X

40%? dream on sir :)

every common sandy/ivy cpu at default clock is able to fire up the listed gpu so why oc to death?
Have you ever tried compiling or archiving a file on a standard clock:D? Games use more GPU power nowadays than they did in the Q3 days but still, you need a decent clocked CPU.

Go for a chip with overclocking abilities, it's a basic human right :D.
i only talk about the cpu for stRays pc ;)
That selection is far away from being perfect for that money...
oK guru
i just picked atleast a bit better components not the cheapest :D
and its only a fast selection/ never said its perfect...

show me your skills
As I don't want to help stray (because he acts retarded towards me) I won't list a better selection.

You can get better RAM for the same money (some companies celebrate anniversaries).
The CPU is imo not the best choice. The GPU is too weak.
I would take another CPU cooler.
The case is quite nice, but why does he need such an expensive one? A cheap ass ugly normal case would do the same (there is a quite good for 29 €, I have used it for friends that wanted a cheap PC).
A bit more Watt can't hurt. (Maybe he wants to overclock like crazy and/or buys another GPU some day or so).


I did not want to offend you. Maybe the '...' indicated that. Sorry about that
show me a gpu for under 200€ that is faster?
show me a cpu for under 200€ that is 5-10% faster in games?
1600mhz ram will increase the speed maybe for around 1% but most of the cheaper 1600mhz ram is bullsh..
so its the question pay +20€ more for 1% performance (max:P)
you dont need a stringer psu for a single gpu system eventhough you will oc
sorry.. i prefer atleast a bit decent case :)


np, you are welcome ;D
I don't have to pick a GPU under 200€, because I save money elsewhere. I just said that you get RAM that costs almost the same (+5 €), which is faster (better clock timings). He does not need a stronger PSU (atm), but if he upgrades his GPU some day he might need it.
It depends, if you buy a high end GPU it will always use a lot of power.
But mid-range gpu's are getting faster and less power hungry each year.

I wouldn't pick a cougar PSU anyway XFX 450W/Seasonic 520W ( both seasonic ) are superior.
XFX 450W

Samsung M378B5273DH0-CH This is the best memory available ( price/performance ratio ) new Samsung 35nm should do at atleast 1866MHz on 1,5 or 2000MHz 1,55~1,6v
Mine do 1600MHz 7-8-8-23 on 1,42 ( less than stock 1,5 ) because my memory controller isn't that good like sandy bridge or ivy bridge x2
does he needs a new case?

this build isn't realy Bad but i would take ddr3-1600 and a synthec mugen v2, i have this cooler on my cpu, ok it's Not that easy to put him alone on the cpu if u get help for a few minutes than it's easy and go fast but alone it works as well.
He probably got a bad case, because we assume that he bought a PC from MediaMarkt or co.
ok lancool k7 is a realy nice looking case and has a good cooling flow with 2x120mm Fan at the front and One at the back. with this case u don't get any probs with temps. if i play bf3 (ultra settings) the temp goes up to 75/76°C.
i just did my last pc at like 4 yrs ago.. it was good back then... but a friend did help me.. now hes far away from here and too busy to help me .. thats why im askin here!!

and no its not from mediamarkt or so, cause i know i can get it cheaper by building it by my (your!!) own!
frag germanghettos im grp forum?xD
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