bb ireland bb croatia

2 best groups of fans next to us going home :( huge respect for irish players/fans, 2 bad croatia didn't score since spain is incredibly weak (no puyol no win)
Busquets is an assclown. Well doesn't matter what happens next, Ireland won this cup allready.
I dont think you understand what this game is about.
I dont think you understand what he meant
He is talking like the Irish cheering is the best thing that happened and will happen to this EC.
kk see u later m8
good offside goal
it wasn't offside mate, pass to iniesta was the right one
Modric's outside-foot cross was amazing, too bad they didnt score :(
The Irish fans >>>>>>> Polish "fans"
Who the fuck allowed russians to start this thing lol. I still don't get it. like 30 people attacked them, and like 30 milions other watched game in peaceful atmosphere :-) Croatian fans also attacked police and noone talks about it, ireland fans attacked english people and they are "the best" ? : ) Don't judge the 30 idiots, while other 30 milions are great :)
"Who the fuck allowed russians to start this thing lol."

I heard people are free to do what they want (even in 3rd world countries).
On a side note: The police (or Government of the city, not sure atm) allowed the russions to do their march.

It matters to me that Poland is/was the host of the EC, therefore people shall be greatful, not aggresiv.
And its always the 30 ppl you use to judge over millions (on a side note: 97 arrests)
3rd group match of Russia, Polish and Russian fans were hugging each other in peace. I was in Wroclaw after Cze vs Pol, there were thousands of Czech fans, noone was agressive to them. I'm in the middle of this show and I don't think Poland is unprepared. Polish people are very kind to everyone :) These were just some drunk morons
I have no doubt that there were great moments with people hugging each other, also, I have no doubts about polish people being nice and stuff.

But still, those were the only "big" fights which made it into TV/news (beside small reports of Russians and Croatians).
And you still failed to ellaborate your first sentence in your second reply to me.
Mostly because I don't want to change your mind or anything, I'm just trying to show you that it's like 99% good things and 1% bad, which was always like this. Polish fans are agressive, but not this time.
Hope you will enjoy the rest of Euro, have a nice day :)
oh wow 9gag must be such a funny website
fuck 9fag ,i found that pic @ 4chan
it says 9gag at the bottom
Atleast we showed the World that we can handle EC and WC winners
shame we wont go trough but we were only one deserve to pass to 1/8
so many things lost for a way too used mistakes of referee
yeah you're pretty strong team on every tournament
too bad for us
stark 1 - 0 Croatia
sad but true
This video proofs how retards football fans are.
MOdric played fantastic.
Ole Ole Ole !!!!
I really hoped for Croatia to go through and Spain to go home :(
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