Flyer / logo / advertisement software

Hello crossfire, I'm in need of some relatively easy to use software to create different forms of advertisements & a link to the software itself if possible!

image: ali-sonoma1
gotte catch 'em all
not good enough motivation :P
mhh there's a known software out there... can't remember the name tho

something like pictureshop?
I'm a noob with photo editing software, doesn't photoshop take a bit of experience? I'm trying to get these done within the next 2-3 days.
i hate advertisement
if you're shit at pic editing softwares, better create advertisement only including text or google a cool pic and add the text. text-only ads are not my personal favorite but they can still be very good.
its called typography ;D
image: uspm-cobra
its not. typography is the style of a letter and not necessarily a text which creates a picture. a text ad e.g. image: textad
just wanted to show you that even type can create pictures. and my example IS idd typography, but maybe more the wild-style sort of it.

Quoteis the art and technique of arranging type
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