Good keyboard for gaming?

Yesterday, my 10 years old Dell keyboard finally died so I had to quickly get a new one. Since the key clicks seemed to feel alright, I went with a cheap Logitech one ("Logitech Classic" -> ). As it turns out, you can't press Capslock+W/S+Shift at the same time, Capslock won't register then. Which is pretty shit because I have bound all of these keys and need to press them at the same time sometimes. I remember having read about a technical feature which describes how many (and which?) keys you can press at the same time, but can't find that again. What makes it worse, the keyboard just feels less precise than my old one. I can't really describe it. :(

There have been tons of gaming mice reviews, but was there ever one for keyboards? Can someone recommend me a good keyboard from his own experience? I'm looking for a reasonably priced one, don't need extra keys for the email client etc. As long as I can press all the keys I need at the same time and it gives me a precise feeling. :)
G15 is very good because world best BF2 player (motata) use it
The generic beige types always seem to work best:P
keytronic KT series!
image: kbrd
this one works fine for me
image: DEA36052

Logitech Media Keyboard , all you need =)
idd nice one
Logitech G15 FTW xD
plz a gaming keyboard... thats like so useless
standard dell ftw
ps2 cable w00t
Default wireless HP keyboard ftw. The one i got with my comp :D
g15 ofc
Steelkeys 6G
G15 gogo
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