Recent Movies That I Watched

I try to rate them, so you can decide which one worth to watch (based on my good taste ok?).

Intouchables 7.5 (pretty good movie)
Man.on.a.Ledge 6 (once you can watch nothing special)
Safe.House 5.5 (i dont like action movies, and this is a typical action movie)
Contraband 5.6 (action movie, just slightly better than safe House)
Sherlock.Holmes.A.Game.of.Shadows 6 (good effects but couldnt finish yet cause i fall to sleep twice)
Chronicle 7.5 (weird movie so i liked)
Mission.Impossible.Ghost.Protocol 4 (watched 20 minutes and canceled)
50.50 7.5 (this is a really good movie, must watch)
The.Descendants 5 (boring George Clooney)
The.Change.Up 6 (watch with ur gf)
Tucker.and.Dale.vs.Evil 6 (weird and funny, once u can watch)
Hugo 7 (quality movie but boring for me)
Drive 9 (one of the best movies from recent years, some ppl meight not like ti tho)
The.Vow 7 (watch with gf)
Moneyball 7 (liked cause of Brad Pitt)
Unthinkable 7 (better than avg. action movie, once u can watch)
50.50 was pretty great
jeah i expected some bs american comedy movie
drive fucking sucks dont understand the hype
Intouchables 7 (laughed couple of times)
Man.on.a.Ledge 4 (just bad)
Safe.House 6 (boring)
Contraband 7 (solid action movie)
Sherlock.Holmes.A.Game.of.Shadows 5 (fall asleep 3 times)
Chronicle 4 (shit teenager movie)
Mission.Impossible.Ghost.Protocol 1 (bullshit)
50.50 9 (vgood)
The.Descendants 6.5 (solid)
The.Change.Up (havent watched)
Tucker.and.Dale.vs.Evil (wtf is this?)
Hugo 7 (agree)
Drive 9.5 (must watch)
The.Vow (havent seen)
Moneyball 8 (good brad pitt)
Unthinkable 7 (not bad)
based on ur taste can u recommend good recent movie(s) ?
sure, Im watching shitload of movies since im bored at work, so I might not remember all of them, but I can name a few i've watched lately :

Ides of march 9 (great political movie if u like these, + big ryan gosling)
Project X 5 (nice party there, but especially in the end they made this movie a bullshit)
War horse 6 (some nice views and its still Spielberg, but overally boring)
Even the rain 7 (solid spanish movie, some important problems mentioned in interesting perspective, still not innaritu so its not that good)
Get the gringo 7.5 (good action one with Gibson, he didnt have to make so badass of himself tho)
Black gold 7 (nice story about arabian oil war begginings)
The devils double 9 (great movie about Saddam Hussein son, Udai, must watch)
Begginers 8 (love story for intelligent people with Evan Mcgregor)
Wrath of the titans 4 (how come ralph fiennes played in this one)
Coriolanus 6 (I could ask the same question as above, he directed this one tho, still nice idea)
Iron sky 3 (I was expecting something more tbh)
The rum diary 6.5 (I was counting on smth like Fear and loathing in las vegas, still not bad tho)
In the land of blood and honey 4 (Angelina, go back to ur kids pls)
Welcome to the raileys 7 (good movie with tony soprano:P he's in complete different role than we know him)
The grey 6 (its not Taken, not bad action movie tho)
We bought a zoo 7.5 (nice movie to watch if u want to relax:) )
Another earth 4 (I heard its pretty good sci-fi movie, didnt like)
cool, i've been in need of a few new movies :>
movies that I've seen from your list:

Sherlock.Holmes.A.Game.of.Shadows 8 (fun to watch)
Chronicle 4 (boring, I prefer movies with storyline)
50.50 8 (good movie, Seth Rogen!)
Drive 9 (just watch it!)
The Raid (Jap version) is good
Very interesting rating system with .5 and .6 behind numbers
Ghost Recon 2012
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a pretty funny movie - I liked the angle :p I also like Tyler Labine he cracks me up.

Drive is one of the best movies in recent times indeed, I preordered the BluRay I enjoyed it that much. :)
Drive the most overrated film ever made. I can't believe ppl are saying it's even near awesome. yes, the first half was superb and I was really impressed because the atmosphere was just something unique, but the other half ruined the whole movie. I've prolly never been as disappointed and mad after a movie.
Agreed! But although they really fucked up the second half, it's still worth watching imo. I loved the intro :)
the intro was superb! I still rly liked the whole movie tho
sup with prometheus?
the fact that u dont finish movies tells me that u dont have a good taste in movies already
why should i finish a movie like mission impossible ? waste of time
well if u start it, you should finish it :p
otherwise u cant rate it and cant say if u like it or not
21 jump street(10, fucking beast of a movie)
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