Lebron James finnishing with a26points and a triple-double. MVP from the finals!

Best player all times finally got his ring! yayayyayayaya what are the haters gonna say now ??
faggot finally got his ring haha, would of been funnier if he never got one tho :D
He would've won 5 already if he hadn't stayed 7 years @ cleveland. Carrying this team in top 4 for 7 years in a row. Leaving cleveland and cleveland finishes in low5...
sorry but i care too little about him and your opinion to write anything back about "best players of all times"
probably beceause you can't be objective when comparing him to others. You hate beceause people hate.
You probably are one of these who find michael jordan or kobe briant better then him. There's no point arguing with people like that.
i dont like discussions with stupid people
That's why i won't discuss this further with you. beceause you're an idiot. You can't handle the fact tyhat your arguments are sucky and you can't be objective.
i didnt even give you any arguments retard :D
that's just the whole point... idiot

Hating or saying someone is bad / sucks/ ... without arguments is low and retarded.
I will say why I didnt want to argue with you. Because if somebody writes "best player of all time got his ring" after Lebron James got his first ring I can already see that he is a bit stupid and blind fan. Lebron James is far from being the best of all time, because I know players who won numerous titles with the team they started with and involved in plus players who didnt even get ring but atleast they had their fans trust, didnt jump in the same team with other superstars and were not ego as hell, always wanted to take last shots etc. Its funny how you edited your last comment to be more offensive towards me, you look so silly but I hope you are happy with their victory and get smarter as you grow, maybe one day I will even reply you with all honestness from the start
Lebron stayed 7 years at cleveland and carried this team for 7 years. There's no trust or whatever to have/give if the players the manager keeps promising never come to help him out.

So what you're saying is that the level/class of a player is mesured @ titles?
Lebron james got his ring 1 year before MJ and has more MVP awards at the same age than MJ. He's also the youngest player to have scored to have scored 2000 points. (way before Kobe briant, karl malone and MJ) he's also the youngest player to have done a triple-double and has the overall record of triple-doubles in the history of the nba. He's also the youngest player to earn the MVP allstar award and is the first player in history to receive the MVP-week award 3 times in a row. He's the player with the best overall stats in a year and is the first player to atleast score 40 points, do 15 passes and get 13 rebonds.

Now you can say whatever you want but facts/stats are here. I never said miami was the best team, eventho they're this year. But Lebron james is according to many analysts the best NBA-player the game has ever known. He's more complete than MJ and Karl Malone.
He also has numerous and various records on his name which nobody has still been able to approach.

NOW THIS ARE FACTS. Waiting on you to give me players who are better players than him.
ps: Rings are another matter. You don't win rings by yourself. So in a player-discussion, rings do not count.
crazy weekend behind, wont read your story anyway but listen to this with nice bass
QuoteBest player all times finally got his ring!

nooooooooooooooooooooooo :((
i wanted thunder to win :(
oh well, i guess they finaly deserve it, lebron is fkin baws
Best player all times finally got his ring!

Made me smile :)
Wtf is dat game
no michael jordan no win
plz basketball
Pfft hè wouldn't even be the best player ever in then WNBA
hi, i dont care. bye.
shit sport dont give a fuq
lebron le carier
good that he won, kid got his toy and glory hunters are happy
good end
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