HB Swanidius <3333

Today is a very special day for certain delightful person in our
beloved community of nerds and homos.

The best player of all time Swanidius is turning 23 today!!!1111

How cool is it to have birthday and juhannus @ same day!!! OMGOMG

HB m8 <3 u will always be my #1 idol <3


image: 5wl829
happy happpy birthday =)
HB Swanim8

Hope you grow up and stop playing this dead game :D
Looks like so:D i have been quite inactive past 2 month!

diablo stole my heart!
I'm happy for you man! Still a nerd, but it's ok! :D
ESL admin failing to keep his section clean and calling ET dead... great
I haven't been an ESL ET Admin from April.

I guess you're mad :D
ty spugedius <3!
Onneks olkoo swani
that picture is a bit strange
hb darth vader!
Happy Birthday!
:DD Happy Birthday Mr.deep voice <3
Hyvää syntymäpäivää :))
Happy Birthday!
omg i have the same birthday as the swanidius
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