My rig

For the ones who asked.
(Need relfex cam to take better pics tho)

Watercooling :

- Rad 360 MagiCool XTREME push/pull (top)
- Rad 240 Phobya G-Changer push (bottom)
- Laing D5 + top Alphacool HF
- Reservoir Alphacool Repack-cooling Slot-In
- MIPS mobo waterblock
- EK Supreme HF
- EK block GTX580 + Nickel backplate
- Reservoir EK Multioption X2 250 advanced
- Tygon 16/10 3603
- Fittings 1/4
- Mayhems Pastel Ice White
- 8x 120mm Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000
- 2x 140mm Fractal Design Silent Series
- Lamptron FC6


i7 2600K @ 4800Mhz
G-Skill Ripjaws @ 1067Mhz 9-11-10-28 2T
Asus GTX 580 @ 950/2200Mhz

image: 1

image: 2

image: 3

image: 4

image: 7
looks nice, im jelly. get a white dvd/blu ray drive!
Black optical drive & fan controller kinda ruin it for me, the rest looks image: me-gusta

Care to share the total cost :P?
Ordered a bd-rom white hide. For the fan controller i need to customize it manually (btw the screen is white, not red. blame cam)

~ 3000€
wow thats really sweet

but still, fix that colour issue
I bet you still can't get stable 125fps in ET
im sure he can run 125 et's @ 125fps : D
All that to play ET???
That case looks sick.
NZXT Switch 810
how much did you spend on it?
around 3000€ (but prices are lower now)
Looks cool, but I'll never waste that much money on a fucking computer. Once spend 2500k and it was worth half of that after slightly less than a year, its simply not worth it.

str8 up G pc
Oh you zekxa!

Looks good :)
it looks so awesome...

but so expensive also :p

tbh if i had to overclock like u did, i wouldn't waste so much money like you did
Why is the memory so slow? 1066mhz? DDR2? Thats kinda outdated, ddr3 go around 1800 or higher
you probably a bit noob with hardware tbh..
1067Mhz, not MT/s

and yes its DDR3
My DDR3 runs at 1666Mhz, cant explain that. Timings might be worse tho, I'm no real pro in timings.

and im not 'that noob' eventho i havn't built anything over 2k€
Sorry but you wrong and still a nub, your ram is runing @ 833Mhz.
DDR=double date rate. Your speed is always half of the labeled clock.
image: 3

naked much?
Is that a semen tank?
Yes! And this man is doing mine next week! (Will post pictures too, won't be as impressive tho :D)
proper nerd journal
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