You & your "Name"

What is your real life name and what does it mean?
Where does it come from?

Same for your gaming name, how long you use it, origin etc.

I'll show and share mine if you show me yours

image: Herbert

Conor - From the Celtic meaning 'dog lover' or 'high desire'.
Fragma - Heard it on the background on tv years ago when needing to think of a name, about ~ 7/8yrs
Tim, making God proud.
Timbolina, have that nickname for over 10 years :-P
Marcus: Mars, God of War :D
Msh100 is just initials and 100, no idea why 100 ... leave me alone :'(
rofl never noticed msh were the initials of your name :XDDDDDDDDD
it's a magical day :D
Eldar, I've no idea what it means and it's not exactly an usual name in Norway..

Zodiac.. Used it since I joined the first ET pub back in 04. Had this old phone which had Zodiac written on it, so that's the origin I guess. :p
According to Dr. Adolf Google it's hebrew and means something like 'god resides'.
lol what im jew?

cu syrian border matan
You better protect your foreskin from now on.
Norwegian names are so freaking awesome :{
It's a Swedish name and means something like 'father of peace'. The meaning couldn't match less, but okay.
u r not peaceful?
Mmh, no idea. But it sounds fucking gay.
Kamil - the perfect
fanatic, from 2007 dunno B)
saskia - as a girl's name is of Danish and Old German origin, and the meaning of Saskia is "the Saxon people". From "sachs". Also possibly "valley of light". Name of the wife of the 17th century Dutch painter Rembrandt. Use of her name in the Netherlands can be traced to her; however, the derivation of Saskia from the name of the Saxon people is uncertain. The name could also possibly be of Slavic origin, and related to Sasha, a short form of Alexandra.
I better should not have read that. The meaning & history really fucks up the, apart from that, nice name.
i dont like my name :(
It's a nice name ;)
urs is jani =)
Juho, old finnish name. Dont know why they gave that to me.

kotz, used to be kotzamo but it was too hard and long for polaks to pronounce.
Bas, dunno.

Woooooo, have had in all games since I was like 2 months old or so I guess, had a creative mind back then.
QuoteWoooooo, have had in all games since I was like 2 months old or so I guess, had a creative mind back then.

:D It's so cheap that it's even funny.
Manuel - god be with us or something...

wsk short for wohlstandskind
wohlstandskinder used to be a german pop-punk-ska band I used to like and I thought it would be funny to use that as email adress. first thing to pop up in my mind when I started to play ET so I used it and shortened it to wsk later on. there is no real translation for it to english cause I think there is no similar word/term.
Quotewohlstandskinder used to be a german pop-punk-ska band

I always 'hoped' you picked it because of the band, among to other things. One of the best nicknames on crossfire.

they were great band, had the pleasure to see them live once. great lyrics and even though the name looks like a joke there is actually some meaning behind it and can stand for a few things and if you try to translate it eg. english language, it takes 5 minutes to explain. thats one of the reasons why I like it x)
Name: Kazuya - The meaning of the name Kazuya is 'Peaceful one'.

Pseudonym: MAJE57Y - Self explanatory.
Alexander, means "defending men" or something.

VanillA, started using it a few years ago.
Name Michael:

From the Hebrew name (Mikha'el) meaning "who is like God?". This is a rhetorical question, implying no person is like God. Saint Michael is one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition and the only one identified as an archangel in the Bible. In the Book of Revelation in the New Testament he is portrayed as the leader of heaven's armies, and thus is considered the patron saint of soldiers.
The popularity of the saint led to the name being used by nine Byzantine emperors, including Michael VIII Palaeologus who restored the empire in the 13th century. It has been common in Western Europe since the Middle Ages, and in England since the 12th century. It has been borne (in various spellings) by rulers of Russia , Romania (Mihai), Poland and Portugal (Miguel). Other more modern bearers of this name include the British chemist/physicist Michael Faraday (1791-1867) and basketball player Michael Jordan (1963-).

image: michael

Nickname miQi: some nick my friends call me so =D
beAsty, coming from Austria v1ech's cat.
Real name is Matias. It is spanish version of Matthew. It means a gift from God
I've used name blackwolf 4.5 years now. Dunno where did it come from. Older names are Matu, mazuuu and wolf.
When started et went through loads of names but had 'Junior' but seen someone else with it so tried 'Junioo' then someone called Pino i seen so i stole the ino and made 'Jino' then saw sta at end of someones name then made 'Jinosta'
bahaha wtf Sean :D
Please add ioly to your name... Jinostioly!
Niko = No clue, just original finnish name

mAhla = Comes from "Lemmen mahla" = "sap of the love" :D Read some story where some dude was banging some chick, and he talked about sap of the love, quess u can quess what he meant with that (No its not sperm, its the wet thingy from da chick!) ;d So after that we created clan "Huaran <insert nickname here>" = "Whore's <insert nickname here>" So I was Huaran mAhla, other guy was Huaran Vibrator, etc..

So in PEANUT: mAhla = sap
So your name means pussy juice. Squirting bitches and shit. Naiz.
in fucking deed ;)
Real name Jesse, cba googling right now.
I actually have no idea what zaNc came from :S
Oxy, short for Oxymoron.. Figure it out yourself.
Sup? No Lol4you?
LoL's too easy! Why you suddenly canadian? :P
I like maple syrup
And no mentioning of bacon, hell of a candian you are! Shame on you!
That was implied, who the hell do you think I am?
Tom ~ Means the twin(brother), which is funny, cuz my star sign is Gemini :) Its a Hebrew name, appearently it also means Honesty; innocence.

ironic ~ I have no idea actually, my old nick was Cheezeij, but it looked gay as fuark, so I was trying out some other names, I probably heard it in some song or something.
Been spammed with that song yeh haha :p Been using it a bit after I started ETpro, which was at the same time I made an account here, so I guess for like 3 years now or something :) But Ive been playing with some other nicks aswell since then and this is the one I've been using the most:

Tizzay ~ One of my favorite dutch rappers is called R.Kay, and he always calls himself Kizzay, and since my real name begins with a T, I changed it to Tizzay.
It's not coincidence, your parents probably knew the meaning of it :P
Don;t know :p Never said its toeval tho
Name - The word is derived from the Greek: aner/andros, meaning "manly" and, as consequence, "strong", "courageous", and "warrior".

Nickname - Was something given to me when I started school when I was 4 and not from drinking image: tumblr_loizliUiAN1qelavpo1_400 or giving people black eyes. Some people said it could have been derived from my first name.

Panda pops... thanks for making me feel old at the ripe age of 20!
Ayoub. King of kings, messenger of God. Earth angel!

Infernal - Nerd pds gave me this name, thought it sounded cool until i discovered it's from that paris to berlin song fucking pds
"hey infernal, vanavond moeten we praccen he"

Ik ging kapot toen je vertelde dat Shkar dat n keer riep toen je buiten met je homies was XD
ja dat vertelde hij op lan ^^
Ja inderdaad haha x]

BelgiumAEF, goude oude tijden :)
Kevin: \k(e)-vin\ as a boy's name is pronounced KEV-in. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Kevin is "handsome beloved".

PHOTO(SYNTHESIS): heard it on TV when i was kinda searching for a (new) nickname

: D
David, means "beloved".

Nickname, came from my old nick "Holger". nevertheless I thought also about fat russian mothers when I gave me this nick. And then i found out that some highskiller had really similar name.

Last lan I found out that we both have one thing in common: We both couldn't give a fuck about the similarity of our names.

But it still was a nice target for mad kids ingame :D
Bart comes from Bartholomaios
Meaning & History
From &#914;&#945;&#961;&#952;&#959;&#955;&#959;&#956;&#945;&#953;&#959;&#962; (Bartholomaios), which was the Greek form of an Aramaic name meaning "son of TALMAI". In the New Testament Bartholomew is the byname of an apostle also known as Nathaniel. Due to the popularity of this saint the name became common in England during the Middle Ages.

My friends call me Bartman, alias/email bartman wasnt available so set it to Bartmen
"Tommi", something about jesus & thomas and what not originally.

"Thomm", just adaptation from my real name, was originally "Thom", but had to extend with one m, it was taken at some forum or smth. From 2001-2002 I think.
schnee means snow and has a lot of meaning for me
i may be a bastard, but I'm not a fucking bastard
its a movie quote u know from which one? :)
From dusk till dawn
=) did u listen to? :o
still listening
Real name: Tomáš ( Thomas is a masculine given name. It is based on the Biblical Greek, which is itself a transcription of the Aramaic te'oma "twin".
"Tom" or "Thom" are abbreviations of Thomas, and "Tommy" is a common variant; "Tam" is a common abbreviation used in Scotland. The name is sometimes abbreviated as "Thos" in signatures.
Nickname: my original nick was Tommy, but in community were too many players with this nick, so i decided to make newone, when i was joining vent it wasnt sayin tommy or so but smth like tamj, so i thought to make nick of it, and it was time when t4Mj was born.
Some of you will be disappointed but Francis isn't my real name (orly?). I'm François also known as François le français king of France and old novelist.
Friends call me Francis, never really knew why maybe because I'm not super tall and there was a basketball player called Francis... I guess they were making fun of me during all the time :s
Sami, means elevated, sublime, or supreme. Origins from middle-east.

Sinfulsebastian, 2007 onwards
Luc -> means 'Light'

Thunder -> when i started playing ET my name was just Luc or Lucje, but i joined some clan back at 2.55 where they said i needed a new name and i couldnt come up with a name, so i looked outside and there i saw a lightning! so i thought oh what the hell i'll just name myself Thunder (now that i say this, it's pretty weird that i didn't choose the nick Lightning, but well)
Flemming, no clue - some danish common Name.

Ghana, my rl nickname for > 10 years or so.. (cant really remember why tho)
Joe, dunno where it comes from, common name tbh

started playing ET as 'Zurgy', had that one for years :D played on a few pubs as 'shaLLoTs!', which came from a question on the impossible quiz (Q:Onions?! A:SHALLOTS!), the moved to niSmO when i started playing competetive, dunno why again, random selection
cotton-eye Joe
my eyes are made of steel
Steven: Variant of Stephen
Stephen: It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Stephen is "crown, garland"

Predje: Diminutive for predator
Stefan - derived from the Greek name (Stephanos) meaning "crown, garland", literally "that which surrounds or encompasses".

hellkn1ght - Hell Knights are monsters in DOOM. Saw one in the leaked DIII alpha. Scared the shit out of me, so I decided to use it as my nickname.
daniel - means something like "god is my judge"

danlango is my original internet nickname (combination of name and familyname) but since its a bit long and some guys had problems to pronounce it(?) i only use lango since a few years now :)
good to know, but i shit on god :(
Bas - Bad Ass Soldier.
L4mpje - dunno
je mag best zeggen dat je lampje uit donald duck leuk vind hoor, we zullen niet haten
Name - It's of Old German origin and means "free man"

Nickname - Originally Parzival but shortened it to PaRzi cuz people kept calling me that. My first and only nickname, been using it since I started playing ET.
Why? "Parzival is a major medieval German romance by the poet Wolfram von Eschenbach, in the Middle High German language." but also "Parzival Pechvogel - der kleine Papagei", one of my favorite childhood books.
You are confusing me. I tried to guess your real name, but I failed miserably. Furthermore I always thought you are from Wales, but according to crossfire, you are in Germany. In addition a German name... German Books... mmh?!?
I am German and been living in Germany my entire life :D Would much rather be Welsh tho :(
Ah okay. Well, for someone whose English skills are 'under all pig' your english looks so pro that it appeared to be believable.
'under all pig' :DDDD I think I spider!
There the dog in the pan is getting crazy!
I understand just train-station
Carefulness is the mother of the porcelain box!

You won't be able to win that contest, I got a phrase book, containg 1500 pages! :P
Real Name: I'll never tell

I have no idea. :(
Name: Edi, for of Eduard/Edward.

Means "rich guard", derived from the Old English elements ead "rich, blessed" and weard "guard". Saint Edward the Confessor was the king of England shortly before the Norman conquest. He was known as a just ruler, and because of his popularity this name remained in use after the conquest when most other Old English names were replaced by Norman ones. The 13th-century king Henry III named his son and successor after the saint, and seven subsequent kings of England were also named Edward. This is one of the few Old English names to be used throughout Europe (in various spellings).

Nickname - Stary from "Star" using Stary since there are other people with name "Star"
hehe I'm Eduard and my childhood nickname was Edi :P
Eduard with edi as one of my irl nicknames reporting in!
Antti, very common finnish name and it origins are in Greek (Andreas).
After some googleing i found this: "The manliness this name refers to is about the duties of a male in the patriarchal society of ancient Greece. The first duty of a man was to protect his home, and this name is sometimes translated as "warrior"."

At first i used the name Slender, then added 'i' but everyone kept calling me slendu so i settled with that. The name comes from an old 8-bit classic "Pro Wrestling" where there is this wrestler "King Slender".
Tore - comes from Thor, Norwegian god of thunder, lightning and that kind of stuff. Bow down!

urtier - Means really old or even first animal. Got called urtier by a friend when I was a kid. Guess because I was fat and looked like a dinosaur or some other animal from that time :-)
You're so eesti!
"(...)"and looked like a dinosaur or some other animal from that time :-)"

wtf... :D
The name Robert is a Germanic given name, from hrod "fame" and beraht "bright".
Jasper. It is of Greek origin. Variant of Caspar or Gaspar. Also possibly (Persian) "treasure holder". Jasper is also a semiprecious gemstone, harder than glass, and red or reddish brown. Jasper has 4 variant forms: Gaspar, Gasper, Jaspar and Jesper.

Nick: my first nickname was MeleeBro which I used on the SSBM GameFAQs forums back in 2002. Name speaks for itself, I'm a bro and I played Melee, so MeleeBro. After using that name on public servers in ET for a little while I decided that MeleeBro just didn't quite cut it for ET, so while getting repeatedly mown down by someone on a crew-served MG (perforated by) I decided I'd rename to perforator, added some c00l numbers to my name and p3rf0r4t0r was born :D Everyone called me perfo though because perforator is too long, so I just renamed myself to perfo in 2004 but I registered on here as perforator (I don't know why).

I remember Netherlands BuLL sent me a pm once saying my name was not cool enough the way it was (simply perfo) so he suggested I renamed myself to p3RfO, so I used that for a little while in 2008 :D
My name irl and online is Shuki and it means dog, the Mandarin translation equates to scrub of all games.

Hi Shitkey
It's Canto actually and fuck you.
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, doesn't mean i'm in love tonight.
Harder than glass, you badass
Jasper : Old guy off the Simpsons.
Origin : occasional instances of games being suggested on ventrilo and being met with the response, "nah it's almost 10PM I better go to bed."
Other aliases : "Old Man", or "Old Man P3Rf0"

image: Jasper

The best
Rick : Powerful leader ''Strong power; hardy power;brave power''

jinx : i dont know it just popped up in my head ages ago
sazkee: name of the opponent in naruto with a different spelling obviously
my real life name means Air Wind wich means i own u all
More like a indian-name for a person who masturbates too often x)

Pfff pfff.
obv u never heard about the last airbender :D
Torsten 2 parts=Tor/thunder,thunder god/ sten/stone

Torte=nickname of Torsten
Thijs: derived from Matthias which means "Gift from God"

Henk: Common dutch name which I used because of
You will always be Cowboy Henk for me.
haha sweet Cowboy Henk so cool :)
quebra-tolas - FOREHEAD-BREAKER/SMASHER - i invented it, wanted something ..portuguese + simple + funny + serious at same time

miguel -
Tieme: the man of the crowd

Azeem - The nigger from robinhood, means the greatest
Later i changed my name to Xzz because i got banned from the SH!TSTORM servers, for insulting an admin.
Xzz - From Xzibit, X to the Z. Used to watch pimp my ride alot.
Ionut = St. John the Baptist

garf= using it since 2004 when i start ET and saw the 1st Garfield the Movie :)
Nico - Greek - Victory of the people

Rayzed: Dunno, came to my mind when searching for a new nick years ago.
Dr.3v1l -> Dr. Evil from the Austin Power movies
Mott4 -> Thiago Motta
Laurens - Laurierblad/The gelauwerde image: lauwerkrans

Loekino - came up with this name when i was a kid and needed a name for a play. The name always stuck around and went to be my email and later my nickname
Niko is a variant of Nikos, which originates from the Greek Nikolaos which means 'victory of the people'. It is sometimes a nickname for the name Nicholas.

Hampuusi translates roughly to vagabond/bum/hobo also used as of pothead.
Thomas, means Twin and its from the bible. :)
joey - because i loved friends and especially joey :)
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