Outrageous behavior admin 2

Hi all,
I have a problem with the admin ESL. foamea banned my friend for no reason. He already had a ban for cheating 2 years ago - the time the penalty was 6months - has long since passed. I and others have asked the admin to show cause. The fact that the admin does not like someone does not mean he can abuse their rights. I cannot put screen shots, but I can send it into your mIRC if u want.
<fumble> Getting kicked from an ET server hurts me more than getting kicked in real life
Give this man justice , fomameo or something !
QQ bout a dead gayme
It is not a secret that ET admins , they be from ESL or CB, are all retarded and stupid..
You got any arguments/proofs to sustain your accusations, son?
For the last 8 years, while I was Head of ESL, ET was the cleanest game there.
Link to banned account plz. If no evidence is included, then it's obviously just an abusive ban and Foamea has gone full retard.
never go full retard
I'm really sad that you can think that about me... :(
I'm keeping the scene clean of retarded poltards that now use dynamic IP but the same name to cheat...
pics or it never happened...

+wot Van the man said.
oh look other got deleted

problem Marcus?
he banned a cheater. nothing wrong with that
Yeah sure HugTheSub, but his penalty passed 2 years ago. After this 2 years he got banned again without the reason.
if you get to stay enough time with foamea on teamspeak, you will get to know that foamea is never wrong.

he is something like a guru
Haha, coz He's Administrator. Whether is it a reply to all questions?
Use the reply button, please. ---------------------------->
if there is a problem you/your friend better get in contact with me because opening such a thread will not solve the problem
My friend wrote for the help in support ESL et, but all messages found their way into Foamea mail box. He warned him that matter will direct to CF . I can send you screenshots from their conversation. You will see what is it
He didn't warn me, he threatened me. That's not a nice behavior for a multiple busted cheater.

Anyway, the ban will stay.
FoAmea has always mistreated people, hackers or not. If he don't like you. He will fuck with you.
I'm sorry, who are you?

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lol. website member for 1 year, 10 months and 15 days.
don't mean shit bitch nigga
It means something when you talk about me without knowing shit :)
Or when you talk about shit without knowing shit.

I never mistreat clean players... ;)
how ever long i've had an account here, makes no difference if i know you or not.
This topic needs some Krosan
Why should I unban a cheater that will always be a cheater and that always gave me headaches to ban him by creating more and more accounts on ESL to keep on cheating?

Why don't you say who's this about?
It's about Abso aka Absolwent, multiple busted, a cheater scum. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He's now even using dynamic IP's so I can't track him that easily, but luckily he's so stupid to use the same name all the time.

You should thank me for this, you can now enjoy real life!
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