heavy thoughts

Doing my USA-Israel relations presentation for ages now and after all this f*cked up research i can't find another conclusion than....

without United States of America USA

Israel Israel would be absolutely... eh nothing??

Is that somehow racist or anti-zionist? I mean, just read through the facts..

It's getting me somehow depressed knowing about 2 out of 200 states vote against a palestinean state, and one of those 2 is USvetoA
israel exists, not because its some strategic point in middle east for the usa, it exists because the usa are controlled by the zionists and thats why they protect them without questioning any of their actions.

the jews are owning the media companies and half of hollywood to keep the people stupid. Thats the reason none of the americans even question us-isr-connections.
everyone who even tries to speak against israel gets destroyed instantly by the zionists and is marked as a nazi for his whole life.

yes im german and no im not a nazi
The Jew plot has come true!
I fine man whose writings Ive been reading once found a solution to this issue but his methods were questioned and he was forced to shut down his work
Quite obvious.
posting cause I saw United States of America
nice opinion
Israel only friends in the ARABSSSSS so le usa want to keep helping them and fuck le palestinians + israel was created by ONU cause jews didnt all die from le Hitler
don't think that is true, think of how resourceful jews are, do you really think they wouldn't exist without US? When they settled there they didn't have support, moved into a barren desert and were almost immediately attacked from all sides by arabs but fought them off and turned the barren desert into a place of value. The relationship with israel for them is highly valuable in terms of technology and information trade as well as a valuable strategical point in that part of the world.
afaik they had great support as in someone issued the land to them without asking the people that used to live there at that time :/
"... to be known as the State of Israel, a state independent from the British Mandate for Palestine.[9][10][11] Neighboring Arab states invaded the next day in support of the Palestinian Arabs."


They invaded the day after moving there, 100 disorganized jews vs 10,000 arabs and they won..
hmmm 100 vs 2.500 it says, but thats not the total war, just one battle. somehow impressive but not the total story :P

just wondering where they had the money from at that time to stock up so heavily on weaponry and men at that time, though they just all survived a war and moved there
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