Bye bye germany :)


your predictions?

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Let's hope so, by goodness!
Reus will deliver.
i make a bet with every nerd on crossfire that germany will win .i m not sure if they win in 90 minuts or after,but i m sure they will play the final.

what is my bet for:if i loose ,i go out cf

if i win:the entire cf,and specially admins will get the fuck out of my back.

deal?i want admin to answer this.
Quotedeal?i want admin to answer this.

u aint no admin
I'm part of entire CF
Quotedeal?i want admin to answer this.

but u aint admin as i requested.admins represent u,animals.but you animals got no power alone.admins does.and when u animals attack the last man standing here,admins interfere.and most of the times they are doing it that s why i said i want admin to answer this
Learn to speak proper English, not even going to read that gypsy. Have fun in life which I doubt you will with this kind of shit
like i said:animals
Ok, whatever. I'd say this will include you also. There's a reason why people are on your back
why reading your replies make me feel like dr doolitle?
Why reading your comments makes me think im in primary school
cause u are there when u not reading my comments as well
I'd rather make a papercuts all over my body than read your comments, reading them is hard as fuck
Don't cause moral conflicts, please.
where is the moral conflict here?moral is for humans,animals got no morals.
We dont do this bullshit, bet for something else, you will stay anyway even if they wont reach the final, which is NP cuz it's not like we all want you gone or something :p
i m a man of my word.obvioussly u are not
Lol, you're just saying what you want, you want everyone to have you gone.

Or, because of so many ppl that want you gone, you must've started to think that EVERYONE wants you gone.
and isnt that true?tell me 5 ppl that like me the way i am ,and would talk normal with me without trolling and flaming(giving excuses for the biggest flamers and trollers who happends to be some of the admins) to make me gone from here anyway
I cant name 5 people but I don't "WANT" you gone, I sometimes wonder why you behave like you sometimes do though. Is it the ":p" behind my sentence that made you think I was trolling or?
My behaviour...i stopped reading
Now see, that's exactly what I mean :)
a) not everyone here is represented by admins, we're just somewhat being governed by them.
b) if you wern't always complaining about everyone and yet give them a reason to make you complain again i wouldn't want you 'gone' either. i'd tolerate you just like i tolerate everyone else. doesn't mean i'll be your biggest fan, but i wouldn't care so much as to want you to leave.

so that would make two with h3ll and me already, 3 to go, try convice a few to not care enough to dislike you and your request has been served
I don t complain.i react or i have dif opin.soon this happen they start barkin like puppies
i mean complaining about them being mean and yet being mean again. this is never going to stop if everyone keeps "reacting", and i'd appreciate you being the first to stop since all that hatred is focused on and around you, so you stop they will eventually too, it's in everyones and even your interest i guess
Thing with him is that he's exactly like Pepe, he wants to punch everyone but as soon as someone hits him back he's crying, check his reply on my comment above this for example.
who are you? oO
1:0 balotelli
<reserved for hahahaha-comments after match>
1:0 for Italy
Balotelli won´t score
1-3 for Germany, easy bash.
I dunno, we got such a bad history vs. Italy and I think they made a few very good games so far.
will depend on how we're able to take pirlo out of the game... and if we're able to score with only 2, 3 chances during the game.
I am hoping for a 1:0 for germany!
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Ready to roll the macaronis.
germany will win.
schweini the lil raptor will do it all
Italy easy win.
TBH Italy is so lucky they might even win this. OFC hoping for yermany!
hope they fail like a boss :D
No totti, No Del Piero, No Zola, No G. De Rossi = NO WIN


di walschn fohrn huam, izi
muas nix mehr sogen ;D
italy gonna win i think

germany is overrated in this tournament imo.not because they are bad,but özil & schweinsteiger are nowhere their normal form
Rly where is del piero ????? Inactive ?
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