beggin man :)

hello beggin, please don't be sad :((, play ET with men then you will be happy :)
hello beggin, please don't be sad :((, play ET with men then you will be happy :)
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
thats so sad to read :/
omg....go own BIO raull

In the near future, most of my family will probably be dead. I don't have any friends, just yesterday was my 21st birthday and I stayed at home and ordered pizza. I have no self esteem, lack complete confidence, shy, awkward, terrible anxiety - the list goes on. I've had this for the past few years, and it's ruined my life so far. I've failed all my exams, didn't go to university and I don't have a job. I want to change , but whenever I try to learn or do something, there is simply no motivation whatsoever, just pure negative thoughts. I want to lie in my bed all day and never move. The thought of going outside scares me, it is pretty normal for me to spend 3 weeks indoors without stepping outside my house.

However, there are a few rare days where I randomly feel happy and confident, and I can see a good future in my life. The feeling doesn't last long though, and I'm back to my own self the next day.

I know this is fucking pathetic, and there are millions of people in the world who die because they can't access clean water, and live terrible short lives, and here I am whining like a fucking pathetic first world spoilt cunt who probably doesn't deserve what he has. I wish I could just change the way I am, I know it sounds so easy, even sometimes on one of my positive days it sounds doable, but come the next day it simply isn't.

I don't even know what the point of this post is. Am I even posting this in the right section? Maybe I'm hoping somehow someone will recognise my account and help me. I know I don't have many years left. Something needs to change. Am I just lazy? Wtf is wrong with me?
drama of our century, there are dozens of people like this
i have same always too but when i drink alcohol its all fine :PP

for this man:
After listening to that song the only thing I want to do is get drunk, probably a good option since I'm enjoying my hangover at the moment :')
gettin drunk is always good option if no better one
gettin drunk is always good option, if no better one Period.

thats really sad :(
thought this journal is connected with Romania unforgiven
QuoteAm I just lazy?

He should probably visit his nearest shrink.
his post is deleted ;<
just go with the drugs you won't miss
sounds like someone has gotten borderline as present!
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