Friday 29th June (skk!)

Days are becoming bleak in the city of Elektrozadosk. We travelled for four hours to an old military base on the outskirts of the town, in search for food and ammunition, but alas we were too late, some other survivors must have jumped us to the goods.

Here me and Noodle wait together for a group of zombies to pass, I still haven't gotten used to the horrible smell they seep.

image: rXwuZ

An expedition to the Island of Drakon has revealed nothing, and another day in the rapture has been wasted. Time is running out and I'm losing energy by the minute, food and water are scarce and ammunition even more so. I never thought it would get this bad.

Contact with Keith and Shuki has been limited to short radio conversations. Keith seems to have made a nice haven for himself, where we will try to travel to once we become better equipped for the journey. Last we heard from Shuki he had come under fire from a survivor in the town of Stary Sobor, that was two days ago. I hope it's not the worst. Plans to move to Keith have been made two weeks from now, but I fear they may be slowed with the recent events, the sooner we are all together and able to take a stand, the better.

skk! Fucking your dog2k13 dickielickie.
arcade taking a small break to breathe in the fresh sea air on our swim to Drakon Island

image: Hj3Md
are you a friend of arcade or everytime i see a new game ( new to me ) you are also playing it
Me and Nudski, best emates 2k11.

I'm going to the pound bakery and asking how much the sausage rolls are.
You better get two for a pound or that's a shit deal.
Cherno - Elektro - Airfield for goods, people gather up in those places to kill each other off with high-end kits so you're bound to find lots of sniper/assault rifles NVGs tents backpacks etc
already camping in the forest for like 2 days
Holed up in the hidden basement in the south-east, too bad all the supplies and powerful weapons make it too easy.
what game is this?
Sounds pretty goot
wicked thx bro. See if i can round up the lads to play this :D
people should mention that you need arma2 and one DLC to play it.
Playing on tunngle?
Did you buy ARMA 2: Operation Arrowpoint to play DayZ?
arma2+OA on steam combined for like 30e or something, both required to play it afaik
yeah but i thought about downloading it, but heard you could get banned from servers if you had an illegal copy.
i know it's £24.99 but i guessed it was like 30 euros, dunno though
ARMA II: Combined Operations costs 24.99 € on steam for me.
downloading it now, only need some people to survive with :D
waiting for better netcode and teamplay mechanics.
afaik those will be the dev's next priority anyway.

wouldnt recommend to buy it yet. i expect a steam sale when the alpha goes beta.
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