cheaters / country.

We are over 200 comments, probably first journal in the year reaching such amounts, thank me.


Is there any player who you think was cheating but have never been caught? If so, give the names!
I'll start :)

Sweden jONAS - He was such an obvious aimbot user, came from nowhere. Too bad he had 10/30 stats after every single pb update for a day.

Sweden wizzel - same story as jONAS

Belgium mAus - I am not really sure when he did stop cheating, but he was using aimbot when he was playing for A+R.

Italy danone - Well I am not sure about this guy, but he had such wierd actions with his ultra high sens.

Czech Republic mArv - Came from nowhere such as the others, disapperaring before every lan and coming back after!

edit: I am not going to start look for videos, but there are a lot. "jonas.avi" which I don't know where to find, it's about 2 minutes long. mAus tracking myLegend players on adlernest is on google vidoes as far as I can remember. And go on to watch hunderds of demos if you feel so!
thats it :))
really?? maus..:ppppppp
rofl pls stop
image: 4696956_460s

biggest hacker that is still not busted and still playing
NetherlandsTw1zZt, not known but I'm sure he cheated at some point when I played with him
United KingdomhsTE, he was just too good of a aimer at some point + he dodged way too many lans
hste did get caught tho :D
Finland ensam donka blind_storm mInd crosby scarce
well actually there was some guy named Finland smokeninja , he was an obvious one, I think he used wallhack, atleast on that matches I played againts him :D
didnt he got busted?!
I don't know, if he was then I was right!
yep he was :D
oh yes him too just didn't remember because I'm not nerd and not play for long time...

and these I know for 100%
he got busted
never cheated during hes competive career with mASCULINE_MANS, can say that 100%.

Cheated on public pretty much after done with ET / doing drugs / being drunk only and shit like that. Also got banned by esl due having "hitler hitler hitle" in the profile, did that when on drugs.
maybe its a stupid question, but re there any bond between mM and Identical?
morin and co
no really apart from some players like vanhaomena playing for both teams
morin played with KRP for years. i played in identical for some time. sample and vanhaomena originally from ident.
you changed nicknames, right? i mean they weren't using these nicks in identical, somehow i saw the bonds between those teams, but wasent sure... mM come from the out of nowhere for me, i only had some kind of feeling i met them before, but coudlnt explain, only "maybes" with identical :p
Vanhaomena and Sample where the only ident players in mM if you dont count me (i played for ident for like 1-2 months). I dont think anyone has changed nicknames.
yet he himself confessed he used that thingie that makes your xhair not to bob, dunno if he used it in mm, probably did
never used cheats on wars, 100%. And ive never heard of any thing that makes ur crosshair not to bob? what does that even mean?
dmg feedback removal or whatever, and smokeninja's cheater mates who cheated/played with him also confirmed him using cheats in matches
Quotedmg feedback removal or whatever, and smokeninja's cheater mates who cheated/played with him also confirmed him using cheats in matches

name some of those mates, eh?
names dont matter but a few guys have told the same story he cheated with them and also smokeninja himself said he has used cheats in matches, what more proof you want? D: yeah and he also got busted in random public
hell, he basicly didnt even play with anyone else than krp after 2007, and he was known for not cheating even though he would've easily get some. Did u even play ET back then anywhere?

names matter when everything u say is pretty much bullshit.

mind finding me quite of him saying that, huh? As u say there is one.

ps. u sure u dont mistake using rivaturner on matches as a cheat now? Since he used it, but not in a illegal way.
i have the irc logs but cba digging in those and dunno about accurate dates when he cheated, but he did. how are you so sure he didn't? because he told u so? 8D and krp used to be like the most filthy clan in ET anyway so (D
sick suprise u cba. He cheated on public ya, thats what got him banned after he was done with ET. And i played with the guy for years, so i bet i actually know a little what im talking about him unlike u who prolly didnt even know the guy.

We all know what krp used to be, that was years ago though when we all were kids :)
What makes you think he didn't use cheats in matches? You don't even give real proof of that, just saying bullshit like "I know it because they told me", rofl.
i played with the guy for years? that maybe?
So what? We saw the same thing you did. The fact you played with them only changes your opinion about them. You start defending them like everyone else does his cheating mates. I was playing with cheaters back in 2006-2007 (ask any hungairan guys, they were really mad), many of them got busted ,yet I defended them that they only used it on publics and only once and blablabla. But how could I have known? I said what they said, "believed" in them because I had good relationship with those guys.
No, it doesnt change my opinion really, i wouldnt have single problem to say that he cheated on wars if he did. We all know he cheated on public after he was done with ET, dont really have to defend him on that.

What makes the difference is that i know the guy for years, i pretty much can take hes word anytime for it since i know he wouldnt have any reason to lie about it, since he knows i wouldnt care about it at the end of the day.

I've played with many cheaters in my past and never had any problem to say to anyone that "ye they obviously cheated" after being asked about it, many ppl know this who've asked those questions from me

And specially when it comes to sMOKENINJA, i truly wonder when u guys say he cheated on wars, what cheat did he use? Since it was the time there was like two or 3 cheats used mainly (private once) that not many ppl had acces to, how did he get hes hands into them while sometimes not even i was able to do so? Neither was he on any list (etx/etb0t/netcoders ones - the 3 different onces used mainly that were private )

All those 3 users were pretty much all outed on, he wasnt there, so what cheat he might have used then?
All I said he was suspecious and me and my clanmates said he was using wallhack.
Don't know if it was netcoders/etx or whatever. And the topic is about "never been caught but I think they cheated".
First of all I was maybe "highskilled" only for a 2-3months during a period when we used to prac almost daily with Masculine_mans. Some people tend to remember I was always playing good and that's just stupid. I had my run and it lasted only few months, other than that I was pretty average player at best.
During that time I was playing really good and my skills have went only downfall after that ( Because of inactivity ) I later tried to make comeback with Feuersturm by reforming Saevus but that didn't work out either.

We had a really good teamplay with mASCULINE back then and even though I wasn't the smartest player around I could pretty much dominate with my aim and rambo my way through pretty freely.

I never did cheat during an official game, nor even during any prac, I used some Donka's old widely distributed and available public cheat on some random polish server long after I had stopped playing officials/seriously and even then I did not use aimbot, it was some shitty wallhack that didn't even work properly.
how can he be obvious if you only 'think' he used wallhack?
sorry, was looking for the word "suspecious"
smokeninja maaaster, only cheated on publics


amazing journal
Fumble - Dodged too many LANs and is the sickest player online
those japanese guys :*D
katakana & pninja imo
UK: Well UK gamers are always arrogantly confident, but they lack individual skills and lean heavily on training and teamwork. However they are also heroically lazy and never actually do any training or work on teamwork, which is why they epically fail. English people also abuse for no reason more than any other nationality, yeah Germans abuse when you whoop them but English people abuse for no reason whatsoever. I also think English kids are less mature, Dutch 15 year olds keep a low profile, English 15 year olds hit Z, opening fucking in game mic chat and abuse you with there 3 octaves above middle C voices.

Dutch: Dutchies moan, a lot. They also seem the most naturally talented, but they moan, they also take smoking breaks all the time its well annoying, one sec they are on a supermachine with 12 ping the next they "crashed" and need to "hold" for exactly the time it takes for there key sniper to puff four sigs if he drags on two and a time in his mouth with one in each nostril. Luckily this means they don't last too long. I always find it ironic that dutch people use "Kanker" so much when its mostly them affected by it, but the truth is they moan too much. "I have 25 ping how I am supposed to snipe, I need a hooker and some joints now dude, get me a hooker, DUDE, this is taking too long, fucking ping slowing down my hooker"

Germans: They pretty much all hack, all abuse, all moan and the average age is 14 with average mental age 5, luckily none of the German gaming population actually speak English so they won't read this, which suits me cause I would probably get spammed with 30,000 fucking binds which were all different varieties of "WRESISTANCE, LUL DAT IZ FUTILEZ"

French: The French have a refreshing laid back attitude to gaming, they pretty much sit there smoking and eating cheese while getting dominated and have an amazing attitude about it. I tend to get low pings on their servers to no real complaints there. What bugs me though is they always without fail overrate themselves, "nouse sommes med-high", no you are not med-high your, vous etes pathetic.....

Belgians: Belgians are just wanna be dutchies in every way, but nowhere near as good. Its an epic fail for Belgium, its funny cause in both world wars Germany just stomped all over them, and Holland, its seems in gaming Holland caught up but Belgium is still happy to just get stomped all over. They even try to use the same insults as dutchies and try to speak their langauge, but they just fail because they are basically a French speaking extension of Germany..

Scandinavians: Tbh they are all obsessive, I think they play 24/7 in the winter cause its dark outside, and then they lose track of time and because they never actually go outside they play through summer as well because they think its still winter. They also never talk.... They use there phsycodelic connection to one another to telepathically transmit where you are, then jump around the fucking corner prefiring like bitches, and its impossible to distinguish between them, Fins, Swedes and Norwegians are all the same, they might all be the same person, who would want to live that far north anyway. And I am suspicious of Sweden's 8 mb broadband in the artic circle, surely a country were the girls are that hot doesn't need porn, was all that just so everyone could pirate MamaMia ?

Americans: Americans always fail, they are all gun enthusiasts and when you own them you get the same response "I have fired an m4 its not the accurate" this is bollox, am I to believe every single one of there fucking 400million population has fired an m4. Then they all start moaning about how overpowered the AK is, Just because your fucking country can't make anything better than that 61 (62 when most of you read this) year old piece of shit. And they are all awful and have the most annoying voices, and fucking overrate everything "Ohhhh Myyy GAWWWD I JUST GOT 2 HEADSHOTS IN LIKE ONE MAP" its pisses me right off.

Eastern Europeans: People dislike Eastern Europeans because they take your jobs, I find it funny that you all slag them about been uneducated but they dominate you when it comes to getting employment, shows how valuable your education was mate. In my opinions they are heros of the modern world, always playing on UK servers even though it anals their pings. They are pretty good considering most of them made their pcs themselves....out of wood... Which is heroic. I honestly love them all.

Asians: They all hack.......

Spain and Portugal: I don't think the internet has got to Spain and Portugal yet, like I never see them anywhere, is anyone sure those countries exist, someone prove it....

So lastly the Irish hero's, I find general Irish gamers to be pretty average players but great buzz, seriously go on an Irish ts during a match and you will find they are not concentrating at all, "oh boy, down the pub last night......." gives a real long story that eventually ends with an argument about whether or not David Beckham could beat Kylie Minogue in an arm wrestle. This is why I love Ireland.
You are so stupid im portuguese and im here, Portugal just stopped play ET --'
written by a mad CS player I guess
Yes, im pretty sure portugal and spain exist :)
Germans: They pretty much all hack, all abuse, all moan and the average age is 14 with average mental age 5.

okay boss
we will stay kids till end of our liiiiiiiiiiiiife =)
Scandinavians: Tbh they are all obsessive, I think they play 24/7 in the winter cause its dark outside, and then they lose track of time and because they never actually go outside they play through summer as well because they think its still winter. They also never talk.

what pls? :o

its not valid and u made a point there which proofs that there is no need for cheats...

"I think they play 24/7 in the winter"
old copy pasta
throughout this comment you managed to consistently show how little you know about anything. xD
even i know that this is one of the most replied to CB threads of all time. Its just a copy paste, not his own insights.
Russia: When Napolean went into Russia, he got owned. When Hitler went into Russia he got owned and now when I go into Russia I get owned. I have discovered the problem. Fucking PINGS. 60 years ago Hitler had no idea what a ping was, he went in there probably lagging like a pornaholic with Utorrent open and got dominated. Russians of all nationalities seem least able to comprehend what difference pings make, they just assume your going to play on their servers (which they made themselves while in a Siberian Gulag). As for skillz pretty average as far as I can tell.

Italy: Italians are so laid back you would be forgiven for thinking they are absent. Honestly in the first clan I was ever in (4 year later I am still here lol) the guy who joined at the same time as me was Italian, he played for a week then fell asleep. He's gone now. Italy is famous for hot cars, chic women and good food, but lets face it, a Ferrari can't even make it 53 laps around Hungaroring without blowing up, (F1 joke, I am sad), Pasta and Pizza are the two easiest things in the world to cook and the last decent Italian babe is now married to the fucking president of France.....

Israel: As most of you do not know (because gamers tend to live in holes) Israel recently attacked Palestine (Lebanon), meaning most Israeli gamers are doing the real thing at the moment Which is good, cause they can't hack in the real thing. In fact I am fairly tempted to go out there and get my own back right now. Israel is home to many of the worlds biggest religions, Jerusalem is there along with the heads of Judaism and Bahai. So why are all Israeli players such dickheads? Surely they should be pious to at least one faith!!

Poland: Many people were annoyed I didn't specifically delve into Eastern Europeans last time out, here it is. Polish players seem to be the best of that slightly dodge group coming from your right hand side. It can be sometimes hard to tell the difference but if you want my opinion Poles are much more up for buying UK than most of their close neighbours. Probably cause most of them live in the UK.

Hungarians: Contrary to Poles, Hungarians tend to screw you over with shit servers all the time. There skills are however in some way acceptable, like they train a lot. According to the British Embassy Association Hungarian is the hardest language in the world to learn, so they should find English a piece of piss, but for someone unknown reason when you ask "where is server" they seem to have forgotten they were fluent a minute ago......

Canada: When I joined this clan back in the absolute Dee Ayy Why Eee it was led by an Englishman and three Canadians. I put myself in a pretty good place to say what every Canadian in the world is like based on these three. Firstly they are incapable of training, possibly because an 8 pm session was 3pm over there... Owned. Secondly they were incapable of turning up for matches.... I was an clueless gamer and figured any ping between 50 and 300 was acceptable to play on, but I had been gaming for like a month. They should have known better.
like the part about huns. we just miss a leader, otherwise hun would be glorious :D
Teh fuq,Palestine isnt Lebanon..those are two different points on the map Oo
And atm,we are not fighting anyone,we fight terror daily that's what.
LOL I love you man,an hero!!
haha nice read :)
Poland sw1ruz when he was playing with Micha$ and those faggots, now hes fucking awful
This is bullshit :D

marv wasn't cheater :'(
Danone was obviously a cheater
marv = legend plx
vjto has been caught as far as i know a lot of time ago. with a different nick though.
everybody above 60k tzac acc playing ET is cheater
paaaaaaaaaaaaanzer!!!!!!! :)
but yes seeems logic ;)
wizzel maybe but the rest you're just dumb

and i agree that maus came from nowhere and started to be godlike back then but now i guess its "normal"
QuotejONAS - He was such an obvious aimbot user, came from nowhere. Too bad he had 10/30 stats after every single pb update for a day.

Came out from nowhere? u serious?

Pretty sure the guy was just talented, seen him aim sicko like that on other games too.

Quotewizzel - same story as jONAS

Same as jonas, very talented overall gamer, just a cunt as a guy.

QuotemAus - I am not really sure when he did stop cheating, but he was using aimbot when he was playing for A+R.

Doubt he ever used any cheats on serious gaming but has admitted to try cheats on pub

Quotedanone - Well I am not sure about this guy, but he had such wierd actions with his ultra high sens.

Started to cheat after playing with alot cheats, not befre that, italianferrari.avi u could see that he cheated in wars aswell.

QuotemArv - Came from nowhere such as the others, disapperaring before every lan and coming back after!

Solid proof.

Ps. you are fucking retarded and talk about things u do know nothing of
Oh really? Just because you keep calling them talented means that you have some knowlegde of this and I don't?
That's what I call logic, sir.
QuoteOh really? Just because you keep calling them talented means that you have some knowlegde of this and I don't?
That's what I call logic, sir.

i'd say i pretty much have good knowledge about most of the guys that have cheated and who havent unlike u who just accuses someone cause they once did something weird or owned while being "unknown"
i'd say i pretty much have good knowledge about most of the guys that have cheated

cause u saw their names in the right corner? :DDDDDDDdddddd

Quote'd say i pretty much have good knowledge about most of the guys that have cheated and who havent

Tell me where you did get that knowledge, please master. What you are actually coming up againts me with is bullshit, sorry for that.

I am only giving away my thoughts anyway.
by being part of that community. All ur talk pretty much imply that u dont know what u talking about and just throw up accusation for no reason behind it
So next time I say something to you you believe it, ok?
wasn't wizzel that guy that went to that danish lan, and played with ultra super low sens?
Funny how no one mentions the elusive Netherlands Azatej.
Aza clean :S
aza is god of et
Netherlands joshua
not sure if been busted but 100% sure he cheated
joshua = jua?
no, different people
JOSHUA = sAntje
thx. and jua is jua than :D?
joshua aka santje ( or something like), got busted years ago
Ja, toen ie nog santje heette, zoals mind net zei :)
I dont believe that theres much unbusted cheaters worth mentioning around if any, there's been guys like senti, sup3r or kenta trying and it didnt take too long for them to get busted. Its almost impossible that someone would've had longer "cheating" career in a game where theres nothing to gain, it just does not seem to be worth of all effort. From those you mentioned I'd give danone the highest chances of using cheats regularly but again it might be just an illusion of very high sens. mAus is a very extraordinary player but someone gotta be the best. jonas and wizzel were just random 3v3 owners and never had success in any serious game format. marv was okey but absolutely nothing special and his LAN dodges probably have entirely different reasons.
probably some of these have been busted but they were heavily defended while accused.

Finland smokeninja
Belgium xAv
Netherlands pds
Poland wssquad
Poland naga
Poland hunter
Germany bLing
Don't think pds ever been busted, people have been making bustavis of him tho. Agree with the rest (those who I've played against :p)
Pds ip matched on nc account, it never got posted tho.
no no me and wss only wallhacked sometimes, never used aimbot
I don't recall saying he used an aimbot
What about the butchji supply etc videos :)))

Didn't really think he cheated or cared though.
Scotland jinosta

THIS on uk public was weird
When I played actively, I was almost one hundred percent sure that Sinfulsebastian was a cheater. Same for some dutch players but I honestly cant remember their names anymore, they all blend together now.

I rather thought that I was playing versus skilled players than cheaters. Mostly people are accusing others of cheating just to defend their fragile egos and tend wounds of insecurity. In other words, taking gaming way too seriously.
danone never cheated :D
Italian Ferrari was an ET god : ))
wrooooooom wrooooooooooom :Ddd
ehehh, these old theories were kinda awesome back then. I remember thinking Joonas cheated, or even mAus at A+R time as you said.

But they are not guilty until someone prove otherwise ...
I played many times against the most of the best teams and I ve never seen anything like jONAS. I 100% agree with adze about him. Not even RELOAd, mAus, Squall or people's choice zeto performed like him... I remember playing vs jonas and he shot 100 hs after the 1st round of delivery, at the end it was 200, in 3on3. bot :)

Not like me & friends were superb players, but that amout is too much. I met many insane players who were really strong and always performed well, but they were not even close to jonas. He is fake. Nobody could explain me hows that fag better than someone like RELOAd or any better aimer...
and i was always jelly ahahaha ;P
This part is not important, I was heroic! :D Never fucking giving up :D
never ever i would!!!!! =)
Hungary adze :)
Belgium mAus
Germany kresti with his old nick, katakana?
e: jonas ofcourse
e2: I rly like estonian community, but i belive luda, ince, jyrkz, subbi were all cheating, atleast once : )

all of the other ve been caught like MOTiF

all of these became fine players though, that kind isnt irritating 'much", only those division 5 noobs with their 13 years. sosi
but adze was smart enough to use it in a way that nobody can ever prove it or use it againts him!
what a clever boy this adze guy :D
You are not the first one saying* this!
lilbro dexter's yawn was an "almost" ,D
What can I say, there is only one who can come into legacy with such talent per family.

Anyways, his yawn actually got red, mine didn't :)
yea yea yea, always the same ending. can't do shit, though i wouldnt

fear > * anyway
fear was such a sweet guy. He never cared about ET, we were having so much fun together. Love that guy. He tried many cheats, never played for more than a week witch cheats tho. Neither any of xsize members, besides scoob :DDD
legend scoob
pretty sure all of those players you named are lan proven

i dont even know who danone is
You can learn very fast if you are playing with aimbot. So there is mAus's lanproof. He simply used aimbot for x time, played againts highskillers and learnt how to play.

wizzel had very very very poor lanproof. He wasn't brave enough to play smg on the lan (not like I would had been after cheating for a long time)
so there is that.

marv and jonas never been on lan afaik, not sure tho

danone is an oldschool italian player, he used ULTRA SUPER high sens, and I mean it
like 360° on 5cm or smth :D
how can u learn with aimbot to track if its tracking alone? :o
Expensive bots like mAus's one are not working like a free one. It actually depends on the player how good it works, so you still have to aim, it''s just does the smaller "job". It's like you still have to try to keep the crosshair on the enemy. It's just gonna be harder to miss. Sorry but I can't explain it simplier in english.
Also he played againts(and with) highskillers from the time he started cheating, which is the way to improve.
lol never knew this fact. thought aimbot is always tracking the head or however u put the settings about the acc on it
it's not about expensive bot or not, I think pretty much every cheat had an option to set aim value or human value or whatever it's called , if set low enough it just enhances your aim and is not very obvious, gives great results though!
Humanaimvalue it is, but I disagree on the "not very obvious" part, because especially etBot was kinda easy to spot by its 'unique' aiming style (in a bad way). You just feel that theres something wrong, if recoil seems to have no influence on the aim, also rather unsmooth, abrupt aiming. keNta got caught because he used a etBot. Of course there also were some better ones, which still wouldn't be busted cause they seem so natural.
then he had his values set too high, even 0.02 or something would help you greatly once you're on the target.
Its not about the values here, Its about the aiming style of the etBot itself, which wasn't coded very naturally. Also the bot automatically adjusts aiming height once u got hit (spread adjustment), which will always make you look odd to your opp, no matter how low the settings were. In other words etbots aimbot was crap. Might help you to aim, but it also gets you busted. :b
ask Future how was that when mAus holded one4one all by himself with a Lugger @ the Goldrush bank. :D
oh yeyeye he used like DaNoNe or something like that. just looked up a few games that marv and jonas played in, can't find any lan games so i guess you're right about that. i liked watching marv play though, can't say he ever looked like he was cheating
Germany keNta
kenta and jan was busted afaik
So its pitty and i think Luda has been aswell? Not sure bout Luda tho :p
Portugal punky / basty !

E: Finlandsmokeninja
saeba removed you as a buddy!
how did you know? :S
you told me :s
Germanygr0ss probably, cuz he seemed a lot better before tzac :'D
NetherlandsNoHead He's a nice guy, but I do think he was cheating at some point
Swedenslajdan I hate that guy, cheated his ass off during some cup final + owning gnajda although having etBot, yeah right.
I've many times wondered, if a cheater gets rolled by a player, does he think "LOLOLOL that guys obvious cheater"
i can say something about gr0ss: he's so skilled! i see him playing on LAN and he is the same as online :) so every idea about cheating is senseless atleast for me :)
half of the players in the past 3 ec's are exies
Polandzerohour hunter
Swedenswedish house mafia apart from nugget and especialy slajdan
Francekarnaj during early dESIRE
Germanyhunter/hunta? - wdka - heya - bl4d3 aow period
NetherlandsL4mpje - nohead - azatej? - xperia(network wise)
Finlandensam mind
Austriajan scorch
agree on l4mpje
i'm always got raped
XD you got some serious issues if you still think I used something to get high ping rofl, why would I stop using it now then? idiot
ensam and mind both been busted
Someone told me slajdan used to cheat.
Only person I was actually positive was cheating was Poland gnajda.

Don't think jonas ever cheated against me, he's just a talented aimer and, I know it's harsh, he's not the best aimer ET has seen imo. I bet he's jacking off right now though.
You buy cigarettes, I bought bot
perfos brother
maus and perfo (oh wait brothers!!!)


So many quotes on my profile
Always thought maus was cheating until i saw him performing on lan
United KingdomSuiy
thought the same
I was pretty sure that Russiamirror cheated a few years ago when I played with him. Dunno if he's still owning like he did back then.
ask retsev when he's back..
about what???
lol he thinks he cheat too?
most obvious guy i gotta say is Poland ska , got a few more names but cba to make them feel good about themselves :D
like crod? :D
crod is busted, thank god
ska? haha you fucking clueless fat nerd
bullshit sir
I don't know man, everyone kept saying he is cheating or he has amazing aim, but when I played againts him he was just good, I mean avarage good.
Needs more mentions of ludA. He was obvious at one point. Pretty sure Netherlands Nohead cheated on pub, doubt he did at wars.
gnajda and his buddies + the notorious french etx gang
The notorious french etx gang was still so bad with those hacks.
oh I forgot the french hacker crew


I think pretty much this entire team was cheating when they played together:

de seNti
gb Manix
se uniX
de myth6s
se Fuchs
ee deadeye
gb jkzz
Highly doubt that deadeye cheated
Then I wonder how he ended up in a team that recruited eachother on etbot buddylists
Netherlands Creaji, busting myself
most obv player idd!
Really, I don't give a shit ET is already death.
Malta Killerboy had 2 accounts @ netcoders before he started to bust others.
bl4d3 before he lanproofed so was just paranoid:P
The french mirage right? he was obv indeed haha!
He got busted too. It was on a french forum which is now offline.
Poland hassaN
Poland Jadol
never actually expected them to cheat, they just played shitty maps all the time and didn't even win those every time
except raziel i hope :(
especially raziel
!!! :((( im disappoint
haha nah i wouldnt know :p
90% of the community has been cheating and probably like +90% of those who cheated haven't got caught. I, for example know nobody that hasn't cheated except for myself. [/FACT]
or that's what u say =)
:( im so proud that i never fell into the hole of cheating and u destroy me like that. ure cold man
good4you then =)
if guidspoofing counts then im in this 90% group :(
im afraid it counts, sort of 8( you're so mainstream!
Never cheated, never will. Why bother? Your only fooling yourself.
me, wssquad, jesse, squAze, alexL, xAee, Fishtank, okko tamasuki
Fishtank was always cheating ha
United States of America wesker.

+1 No way anybody could be that bad, unless they were using kind of reverse aimbot arrangement.
still got demos when he used aimbot
pretty much everyone from Poland

Finlandhevimies/keqe had his moments
Estoniaestonias keqe aka luda
Estoniafreeze with his ping - just priceless.
HEVI has been busted
Finland keqe has been busted several times.
haha cant see myself back to 2008-9 :D
Poland hunter
Germany hunta
Switzerland Aquila
Netherlands rezhni
Finland crod

don't actually know who of them got busted or not
totally forgot about aquila!
We can't forget the almighty Switzerland T-bone!
T-boy/arrow/jUIF, rostropovitch
rezhni did cheat and got busted, clean now tho but yea he noob :DDDD
T4Ce crew
Don't have anything against mystic but im curious to know if he cheated?
were cheats even invented back then?
Yes, invoke for example.
rubish! especially Czech Republic marv
tbh it would have been easier to name the players which never touched a cheat.
ok you start
flR, saKen :~D
e: ur turn now
you already messed up at the first attempt, gg wp!
pittysku, nameway, xperia, mirror
im sure nonix was using lagscript
don't forget your spawntimerscripts
omg that was real tbh :D
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