Trading gamezzz!

I would like to get rid of my DotA2 steam account since I don't play it. But since it comes with games like Brink and CS:S, I don't just want to give it away.

If you have something trade worthy, let me know.

FIFA 12 FUT PC coins are the best trade for me atm!
It comes with Brink? Give me two bottles of 80% Vergi, then I can take it.
Trade it to my cod4 key : ddd
Add something and we have a deal.
got nothing, want my ET ? I can upload it somewhere : I
cod4 & my cfg :D
want Medal of Honor 2010 ? :D
can u trade game in steam now or have i been dreaming
You can't, they are all on one steam account.
I have three Smite keys wohoo!
does that require a lot of time?
What you mean?

Game length is about 20-50 mins.
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