Greatest et player/clan of all time?

After watching a 30 yr old roger federer beat djokovic and murray, who are both in their prime, i thought, this has to be the greatest tennis player of all time.

Then my thoughts bent to et, who is the greatest et player/clan of all time? clan wise, i think there was an idle team that had a 10 month winning streak but i don't think they had much competition at the time. Player wise....that's a tough one.
I prefer strategist and teamplayers to aimers, so I say Estonia Night.
URTIER chocomel ownerer
this is a first
idle & night
Aza, ask butchji.
look at nights stats, he has won everything so its not a tough choice is it?
There might be a better player, who didn't play as long as night or with worse teammates.
if he were any good the better teams would have picked him up.. So no
No idealists left? :( Still the other point remains.
Polandwassabi ofc :o
All time? Estonia Night of course. Best clan was probably idle (teKoa, Night, Holz, urtier, senji, DeadMeat, feruS).

My favourite clan is parodia though (jafo, saintt, mystic, Raveneye, Xpaz, jauhis, Drc, and more).
Estonia Night but United Kingdom sqzz is getting there aswell, he's the most complete player at the moment
Idle and Night obviously!
BelgiummAx & Swedene*star
England Mayday or ARNy clearly clan TEAMKEEN one and only :P
mAus or sqzz

best clan : TLR or Anexis
EstoniaNigh no doubt... Or WalessqZz

and clan? TLR
Night <3
Night & sqzz

idle is probably the best, my oldschool favourite: DSky
na not this gay
night achieved the most but the greatest player of all time is mAx, no doubts
lepari sqzz maus - owners
night - experience, comms, just amazing in all aspects
you still bought the bike
except for aim and consistent decision making
heh some classic oldschool clans mentioned here. :( the good ol' days

Sqzz great player for many years :) even in his RTCW days, been a lot of great teams that come and go, not easy to pick one tbh.....
really hard to say, maybe like reload
reload/night & idle/parodia

how is this even a question
Night &, parodia being my all-time favourite though
Can you stop being me please?!
Night/RELOAd - idle/parodia

Player: SoD
Clan: iNfensus

had to think about old clans that i watched back in the day...

Junk52 , Helix , GoQ , RoR , instant-defeat , u96d , saevus , check6 , H4U , Marauders , negative image ,

dem times. random squadname jumping. quakecon.


United States of Americahouse collective
Definitely Estonia Night
then United States of America dT and Europe idle
United States of America Descent Gaming
and United States of America kARDON

Quote i think there was an idle team that had a 10 month winning streak but i don't think they had much competition at the time

Descent Gaming
and kARDON

I'm surprised that no one voted mystic for best player.

well anyhow, the crown goes to mr. et in my opinion.
bc he isn't
along with time things get lost 8]
mystic is the best aimer ET has ever seen and also the smartest 1on1 player but he stopped playing seriously ages ago. Plus a lot of people don't appreciate how good he actually was I think. :(
He was ahead of his time in terms of aiming
Lost soldiers, playing active since 2003!
urtier was rolling back in ages, dunno how he do perform atm
et wise ? night with his multi gamesens and sqzz for the astonishing performance he did last important events
egoboosting journal

x3nja and glitz
For me parodia with all-Finnish lineup was the best. Only team that could fight versus idle (and win btw).

Can't really say who is the BEST player. There are so many different aspects in this game that you cant possibly pick just ONE player who dominates the scene.

Aimers: Finland mystic // Belgium mAus // Sweden Ferus // Netherlands teKoa ...the first ones to mention.
Rifles: Switzerland Gifty // Italy XyLoS // Netherlands Lightning // Finland Raveneye
brainwise: Estonia Night // Estonia Revers // Germany drago
multiclass: Finland Xpaz // Finland Saintt
Medics: Wales sqzz // Wales syk // Belgium dAv1d

And so many more. just too lazy to type 'em hier.
you missed THE german in your aimers section ;)
and who from Germany would that be?
come on mate. butchji!
like i said "the first ones to mention"

I dont remember seeing him aiming as good as the guys i mentioned above. Maybe you can link me a gtv match or something where he aims like a BEAST. I think he is more of a teamplayer who can give nice hs in hard situations.
acozz? probably the best rifler in ET. and Finlandsaintt surely is a very good joke.
"And so many more. just too lazy to type 'em hier."

surely there are plenty of rifles to mention.

Saintt was never afraid to use a big gun!
yeah must've been extremely hard to multiclass and shoot shit panzers 24/7 when your team is easily the best in the world :p
:) Yet i find them very entertaining. But again I just mentioned some players that I think are good.
saintt entertaining? that you got absolutely right :>
hehe. Gotta mention Saintt more often in the future to get a good talk with other people :>
why a joke? saintt was easily one of the most intelligent players around ever imo
idle, parodia, infensus
night, urtier, tekoa

Night :-)
Yeah, u96d /

But for me who left most fear in me when i started to play ET were definitely Roistot / DSky !!

Those guys were insane on CB ladder :)
mish :D
u96d most fun to watch
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