Dublin what a great place..

So Saturday, there was a concert on in a huge park in Dublin City Centre with these playing :

Swedish House Mafia
Snoop Dogg
Tinnie Tempah
Calvin Harris
Original Rude Boys

40,000 people there.. and there was 9 people stabbed, 1 dead from an overdose, another 2 in hospital from possible overdoses, 7 people robbed at knife point after the concert was over, numerous assults, 30 mostly alcohol related arrests by police, and a young girl is now missing..

Great city to live in.

Links for people that care :


I guess that's why loads of UK people come over to Belgium for the summer festivals here.. They can never believe that there's hardly (if) any violence/fights
hopefully those violent dogs stay at the other side of the channel
saw calvin harris on friday night at wakestock festival, he was pretty good to be fair!
e: mud at wakestock :D
image: 577289_3657338104318_513319528_n
The mud just like on "polish" Woodstock or even Open'er. That's quite epic, the way it feels on such events is really incredible

I'm doing a 4-day festival with 2 just campingdays next week and they're predicting rain every single day :/

last year after 1 day of heavy rain:

image: 268062_230711693626589_3822799_n
pretty fucked as soon as it starts raining at any festival :D was still good fun tho
wheres that, germany? looks pretty mental
germany yep just 2012 was last weekend but wasnt there :( gonna attend next year for sure
festivals are the best things in the world!
Is that the same place as Nature One is being held??? can't remember the name
nope totally different place =)
ok similar imo :D
what the fuck.........? :O

in berlin all love eachother well not all but at least at the festivals im attending =)
If everyone is on pills there is 0 trouble, this gig was full of coked up 18 your old scum.
i dont take drugs mkay but i got ur point. tbh i love to have stoned ppl around me than drunken
happens when Rude boys and Mafia are at the same place
with some violent doggs :)
Me and mate are planning to go to Dublin for 9 days, so I guess it aint worth it? :p
ha, just dont go to any concerts I guess, this one was just really badly organised with a low amount of security who didn't search people going in. I think Rhand could answer your question a lot better since he moved here
"a low amount of security who didn't search people going in"

Seems to be the case with a lot of events here in Dublin. Was the same on the quays with the Euros with that big screen. Heard a lot of bad stuff about that on boards.

And also depends what kinds of concerts you visit, haven't heard anything bad about the one last thursday or yesterday evening!
That's where I live! My roommate was at the corner of the street :-)
primitives volk :-)
Went to Rock Werchter and Sensation white the last two weeks. Haven't seen a single fight.
not in the UK :D big difference it seems.. I've heard some awful awful stories about Glastonbury etc aswell
I don't get it. You're there to enjoy your time...
Been to Glastonbury twice, never seen any trouble. Lots of drugs & plenty people smashed but it's still got a very hippy vibe.
heard lots of stories of people just going to fight/steal.. but that's probably just a few retards :)
There has been problems with theft but there is at most festivals... (specially nowadays when we've all so much crap on us!) but I've never seen it. Can honestly say I didn't say one fight whilst there. Plently people obliterated & off their heads on various stuff but we all were... not in a violent way, just dancing as the sun comes up.
There is something wrong with Irish (Dublin?) society. Sorry.
there are something wrong with both islands over there
its caused by 320 days rain per year
hiphop acts tend to attract retarded wannab thugs, its a shame cause i love hiphop but its kinda true.
A year ago snoopdogg was coming over here but they cancelled because of possible "gang violence"or stmn.
Wasn't really a hip hop crowd at it - it was more a dance/techno crowd which in Ireland is mostly like by scum..
people cant behave these days :(
The stabbings happened during SHM performance I heard.
And thats why I never go out..

Way too dangerous out there
Since Rhand lives there, numerous criminal records have been broken. No coincidence!
Dublin must be zeh Shit :8
This is a bad journal. It give us a bad name as well as the scum that were at that gig. What were they thinking? Two big acts that play sham music in the capital is bound to bring scum from all parts. What do you think would happen if they had a rap and jungle festival in london? It would be fucking carnage. Electric picnic and forbidden fruits( now Irelands two biggest festivals) are virtually trouble free, bar the odd arrest for a fight or a drug charge.

This shouldnt put anyone off visiting Ireland. Everywhere has its problems. Just avoid gigs like this where there is bound to be trouble. its all down to the lineup and location.

Rhand mate you live in a shit hole, and the majority of the places you go to are shitholes.
Like this kind of journals don't happen every now and then about different countries. It's easy to despise other nationalities, Ireland deserves some too.
Yes, I should go live in the suburbs and don't visit anything in the centre and base my opinion of Dublin upon how I experience it then.

Regardless of the fact that I think something is wrong with Irish (Dublin?) society, with youths not drinking to enjoy themselves but just drinking as much as possible to get smashed topping the list, Dublin is still one of the safest cities I've ever been too.

But how a lot of youth behave themselves? Not healthy.
Fact of it is, this happened, and these people are out there, You think this would happen in say middle of Berlin with a similar lineup?

Heard today on the radio that 5 people were hospitalised and 2 are now dead..
Before flushje goes back on about how I live in shitplaces and how this shit happens everywhere in the world:

I lived in a waaaaay worse neighboorhoud in Belgium, and this still would not have happened there.
As I said before, on some fundamental level, there is something wrong with Irish youth.
I would like visit Dublin some day
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