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Looking for people to play Dota2 with.

I'm horrible.

/q ehamo

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God of DotA, and a good teacher, called mr.Hennessy can offer lessons, recommended by EstoniaballSAC and Canada monkey

i lied, leave dota for real pros
If you are horrible, solo queue until you are at a decent level, if you play with friends at a dimage: KilEncent level they will just resent you for being awful.
I'm horrible because I come from LoL, but thanks for the advice.
Coming from LoL you will be 100 percent better than Dota noobs who quit because they can't work out how to buy their items (actually happened in one of my friend's games).
I think playing with friends is a good idea, because solo queue will not teach you alot, friends will. The problem I have with friends is they don't want to learn or just can't really improve, but if someone is eager to learn, playing with friends is the better option.
I hate playing with new friends unless they are really good learners. You can't really tell someone what to do, they have to learn it themselves.

Sure you can tell them what items to buy, but bombarding someone in game with what their skills do won't actually help them that much. Only from playing or watching someone play and trying to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it will help them improve.

Things like playing cautiously if you can't see anyone on the map is something you actually need to play the game to learn, at the start perhaps 100 percent of your concentration will go to just thinking about your lane and last hitting rather than looking at your minimap. Much less actually having to make decisions of when to push towers and when it's worth defending them. I still play in games where people have to get every item in recommended before they will even consider crossing the river.

If i think of how bad I was for the 1st 100 games, I for sure wouldn't want to teach me how to play.
I think what you're saying makes alot of sense, but I think we both aren't really teaching types either. (I for one usually rage every single moment they do something really stupid, which isn't helping them of course) Now I think about it you're probably right that a person needs to play alone for a bit to get some sense of map awareness and decision making, but the problem I usually encounter with friends is they rather play with other friends or not play at all. The mentor/tutor thing they are gonna implement is gonna help probably, and I usually redirect my friends to guides from heroes and DotA in general. I don't feel like the guides help them and neither do I, but I just keep playing with them just for fun. (on a smurf to avoid instaloses)
The other problem in dota is if you play with someone new and you have lots of wins, it still seems to queue you at the same bracket as though you had solo queued. What usually happens is the other team shamelessly feed off the new player.

In hon if you queue with a 1500 it will bring the average mmr of the other team down, but I don't think that really happens in dota2.
I have to say, I notice it slightly. When I play solo queue I think I'm in the highest bracket, playing watched games and such, but when I play with my friends the opponents aren't as good as normal but still pretty good. (still very high bracket) It depends partially on wins and hidden mmr. If you queue with one noob friend, you will get almost the same match as solo, but slightly worse. I'm pretty sure that the highest mmr in the group is the priority in the search. This applies for 2/3 stack
playing in 4/5 man stacks is probably different, because when I play with my average/ good friends, I know I'm a bit better than them, but I get matched with their skill lvl usually, which means commencing the rape. xD You usually play 4/5 man stack to i think? what do you think?
I don't know how it works and can't see the hidden mmr of myself nor my friends, maybe it's just common autobalancing, and I just think my friends are way worse than their mmr says.
Hope Valve implements MMR, but only so people can see their own and not others.
I think the mmr/queuing is random as fuck, I've been queued against people who max the second skill first on morphling, and professional players in consecutive games.

I play in some games where people actually ward to runes and lanes, and I've played other games in complete darkness with Void + QoP lanes roaming round the map (and winning). Kind of hard to take those kind of games seriously.

The worst feeling in dota that makes me rage, is when some shitty noob has fed off an even worse player and ends up destroying me with awful play due to his item advantage. If the person he has fed off is your friend, you don't even get to vent your frustration by insulting him.
haha thank god I don't get those rage moments, I usually actually get pretty good teams when playing solo MM, but it's just boring playing solo. :(
Once when I played with friends I encountered a morphling who maxed 1st and 2nd skill first, his name is fucking morphling, which means he needs his best skill first, morph.....
I think we actually won that game, which is fucked up, but yeah these days everyone picks morphling and wins, it's kinda the new am.
Yeh morph is so annoying, and necrolyte is so boring no one will play him to counter morph.

Although whenever i pick someone with an invis (even invoker) someone will insta pick slardar or bounty on the other team guaranteed.
I remember when I played morph against you guys, lol. Beastmaster is a pretty good counter and any carrier of sheepsticks xD I did go first item eblade instead of linkins sphere. (because its fun and i aint no pussy)

you mind if i add you on steam? :)
Whenever we play vs morph we are like 100 burst away from being able to kill him, then it gets awkward.

Pmmed you my steam.
np if u get me a key :D
steam survey
would teach you but i'm afraid to be betrayed once you're good
give me a dota2 key, i can trade with smite or shootmania!
ill give you my dota 2 account that comes with brink and cs:s if you give me smite and shootmania!
i myself got brink and cs:s, i can give you one key, you have to choose wich game
well my dota 2 comes with brink and cs:s and i won't give it out for one key, so i'll wait :p
If you've never played DotA or HoN you should practice against bots first so you don't ruin games for everyone. With friends, preferably. You'll just end up feeding in matchmaking otherwise.
I wonder why most of them ET players never managed to stick to a single game again, like they once did with ET... Everyone's permanently switching nowadays...
If you can provide any dota expierence, np, otherwise it's hard.
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