Sooooo... after a lot of fail logins (thought i was going mad and forgot my password, but after a few tries it suddenly logged on :D), i was checking out the new CF 4.0. I noticed that on my profile page, I was already following a shitload of people. What is this about? I mean, why am i following these people? I can't remember pressing any button or whatsoever. Just wanted to share this very interresting fact. One love!
yes going for 1337th division golden pocal
You go boy!
Simple , u added them as a buddy on previous cf , and they didnt add u also , now u following them
I see. Thanks for the info now I start sending hate mails to those people 0/
now they can see who u are fanboing xd
I have 200 followers :)))))))))))
sqzz & vanhaomena fanboing u :D
only cos u deleted ur buddies like a dickhead!! im gonna unfollow u :(
follow is for lovers only
Possible to turn that shit of? its useless imo... for more follows than any other follower
what does the follow thing mean anyway? I added a couple of follows just cause I thought I'd get some notification if they post some journal or topic.

if it isn't so, it is quite confusing as you can follow a buddy of yours.
so do we get any notificiation actually :p? cause else it's kinda useless and ugly on the profiles..
yeah indeed. not sure about that. i hoped someone would've known...
i wannabe jesus, follow me
What does that "follows" mean. I have no idea about it:S?

Does it mean somebody is following me?
nobody follows me :(
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