Razer Deathadder & Sensitivity

I have Razer DA and I've been using it for 5 years. Recently I have occurred some random sensitivity changes. Every couple of weeks I "feel" like my sensitivity goes higher. My normal sensitivity was 1.5, but now I had to change to 1.35(big difference for me) to do some aiming at all. I've tried other USB, but nothing. What might cause this sensitivity rise? Cable or sensor problems or I'm just paranoid!?

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change back to old driver
Haven't changed my drivers!
heard the new have issues dunno i stay with my old razer drivers did read this in some forums
Hmmmm, I changed my drivers last year and this sensitivity bug started few weeks later I think, ill give it a try with old drivers!
Installed drivers I got with my mouse, feels slower in windows, gonna try in ET!
keep me updated pls =)
Pff, in-game it's still same.
then try accelfix thought u have it lol :D
I'll give a try, got mousefix.reg atm
which one drivers do you use?
i use copperhead so doesnt matter. but ive read that some having issues with the latest driver version and they installed the one before.
its your mousepad, less/more friction cause its wearing out. thank you
Dunno, it feels same, all over mousepad!
This is a common symptom of cancer. Sorry cNz mate.
is that a mohawk?
have the same problem but its connected with suddenly launching neagtive acceleration so the only way for me is to disable it with accelfix.exe :(
Link to accelfix.exe?
Look at my comment below. Do you have Cheesefix, CPL_mousefix or MarkC fix installed on your computer?
If not, what operation system you have?
I have mousereg.fix applied and I have Windows XP!
If you've setup it properly it shouldn't be the problem.
Try things what I wrote up below, I really suggest you to try another mouse on your computer since it will instantly tell you if it is just your mouse breaking.
I uninstalled drivers and rebooted, installed drivers I got with my mouse and still feels same, though slower in Windows. Gonna try newest drivers too!
Remember to check if there is some 'in-game' mode in drivers and try to disable it.
You could also try without drivers.

You do not have any other mouse to test if the problem is occurs on it too?
I have old Trust Gamer Mouse, might try it tomorrow!

I assume you have mouse fix installed (Cheese, CPL or MarkC).

Try un-installing the drivers, reboot and try if it works. Download latest drivers, reboot and try if it works.
If the problem isn't fixed try to go around your driver settings (I am not familiar with Razer control panel) and try to find setting about 'game detection' or 'in-game' things. If it is possible disable them.
Also try changing USB-ports.

If these trick aren't working try another mouse and see if the problem occurs on that mouse too.
If it doesn't it is just your DA breaking, 5 years is a long time for a mouse.

I had this problem on my MX518, it was little different tho. I had cable problem with it (it constantly un-plugged) and always after unplug the sensitivity would go really low and I had to click DPI buttons couple of times in order to raise it back to the normal
make a ticket on the razer site

they will help you.
I'm sure it's paranoid. When i start playing and im not warmed up i always feel my sens is higher than usual or too high, with some minutes of pub or 1st map of war i get used to it again and everything gets normal again ;p
You're not the only one with this issue, my deathadder is also around 5 - 6 years old and I too get issues with the 'feel' of the mouse. I'm tempted to think it's down to the mousepad though!

Let me know how you get on and good luck!
i get the same some days, it just gets lower/higher and i dont feel it the same

it usually goes back to normal but dunno how can it last
need help with aim? /q /!\ zAAba
got the same, had my first sensitivity at 1.8, going to 1,43 now
Using same sens atm :D
It also happens to me after I played FIFA. Dunno why though. I'd advise to activate your X/Y sensitivity. It can be pretty useful and it affects settings that won't be modified ingame.
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