Coldfusion issues (Web Scripting)

Hi all,

I know alot of you are good with various areas of computing so I thought I might give this a bash...

Any of you good with coldfusion?

I'm creating a website using coldfusion, however I don't have access to the system to create a database.... Do any of you know any Coldfusion application files that can create a database and its fields using SQL?


I am no Coldfusion guy, but looking at this:
it does not make sense. If you don't have access to the db, then the CF system will probably not magically have permission to create a db...
I'd say contact the admin ;)
The problem is, I don't have physical access to the database server from abroad, only local connection and there's no VPN access.. Therefore I can't upload my database. However, I do have physical access to the webserver which runs ColdFusion. Therefore I can create a script with coldfusion that loads SQL commands which in turn builds an SQL database.

Understand what I mean now? :D
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