v1ech - Stille Wasser sind Deep

Here is my latest studiomix.


Its mainly Deep House and some really awesome chillout Housebeats.
I hope you guys enjoy :>
I know it's kind of supposed to be that way, but having the same rhythm/beat for 90 minutes just kills me.
Then you prolly feel music in a different way than me...
the variation of the beat doesnt play a role for me, but the feeling, that music gives me when listening to it in the right mood is absolutely huge.
Anyways, too bad i couldnt reach you with it but otherwise i m thankful tastes are different :)
Well, this type of house is definitely more interesting than the rest (although it simply reminds me of another type of relaxed, loungy semi-electronical music with a house-ish beat slapped on top of it). My biggest issue with some electronical music is the fact it's mostly the same BPM range to accommodate mixing and all that stuff. It's just too tedious on the long term for me.
gerade mit meiner neuen anlage reingehört und kann nur eins sagen: me gusta!

wie bist du auf den namen gekommen? :p
Is mir beim Spazierengehen eingefallen :>
So bourgeois!
was about time!
e: and i made 40k points o~D
wonderful track, know it for a while already and it would perfectly fit into the mix :D
yea indeed. What kind of Controller, Mixer & Stuff have you got for DJing?

I really like the track around ~34 minutes, could you give me the trackname please?

Else, kinda nice mix, enjoyed it!
Its the Hannes Fischer remix of Alicia Keys - Rock Wit U :)
Sehr guter Mix!!
Yo echt gutes Ding! Erinnert mich bisschen an so Lounge-Musik die als Hintergrunduntermalung dient...gefällt mir echt gut! :)
Just started listening. Second track is beautiful. <3

Will you post a tracklist? And a sort of stupid question: did you edit those tracks in any way or did you just add them together?
to all guys asking for tracklisting, i m out for tonight but i promise, tracklist will be up tomorrow in that journal!

Else i can just say thanks for these positive comments :)
herst eh ur chillig.
Not the music i usually listen to but it perfectly fits my current mood cheers for that
wicked time aswell since it's storming outside
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