Back from Olympics!

I've just got home from a fantastic day out in Manchester (took ages to get home, spent over 2 hours in traffic cause the motorway was reduced to 1 lane for roadworks :|). I went to see the men's football semi-final - Brazil vs South Korea at Old Trafford, the best stadium ever apart from Wembley <3

Originally I wasn't supposed to be seeing anything live cause we couldn't get tickets, but my sister said she had 2 spare so I went :-)

Plus we had pretty good seats tbh! Almost right behind the goal and not too far away, which was really good (see pic below). Neymar had hardly any possession though which was sorta disappointing. Still, it was a good game to watch even though South Korea got dominated (despite them having more chances/overall possession) :<

image: B2A7q

cF still enjoying the Olympics? Do you think the UK/London have been a good host this year?

Cycling cheating scums :P
Je sais pas pourquoi mais j'étais sur de voir ça au moins une fois sur cf :D
lold :D ggs brazil! :o)

I should have come and mugged you hste! manchester umad
Football should be removed from the Olympic Games list imo..
best opinion i've ever read
You mean all collective sports. It has nothing to do with the Olympics!
Disons que les jeux permettent de mettre en valeur certaines disciplines comme le hockey/handball et même le basket qui sont rarement diffusées sur les télévisions publiques.
N'étant pas fan de sport il ne me viendrait jamais à l'esprit de payer pour des chaines sportives et les JOs me permettent, une fois tout les quatre ans, de les redécouvrir.

Le football quant à lui est diffusé à longueur de soirée et occupe la moitié de nos 20h.. (19h ou 19h30 en Belgique mais ça revient au même).
the left part of the stadium looks like they lacked money to build a second floor. looks utterly shit.
let the shitstorm begin...
They have more than enough money to build it, the problem is that they cannot obtain planning permission. That side of the stadium backs onto houses and a canal so they aren't allowed to go any higher.
lol wtf o_O
well following it a little bit, not much tbh. german team is kinda disappointing anyways this time.

but yes i would say from what i see and hear, UK does a good job. espacially the opening was amazing ^^
Since when do you have an interest in football you lil faglet
Considering I played in goal for the best team in my region for 7 years of my life, erm since when i was about 9
in goal coz fat ad block net
In goal cause I was good :S Got scouted for numerous teams like Stoke/Wolves but didn't want to go + an average of 12 goals conceded per season compared to 30+ for other teams. Yeahhh fat
trials for blackburn bite me ;)
Harder for keepers to attract the attention of scouts tbh ;)
Japan > UK
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