Crossfire 4.0

Do you still visit this site as much as you used to before the new version? I don't :/
Of course not, it was 2nd worst decision after making this game 5on5
funny that the guy who wanted 5on5 is also in charge of CF
Krosan as far as I know
I still visit it as much, I just find myself bored much faster. though it's getting better as users learn how to actually create journals n shit.. D:
no,its even laggin :(
hell no, the new site sux. the new site aint even worth my posts
Yup, I do. But CF is getting more and more boring :{ Not enuf content thats worth reading.

Have been discussing this a lot with Excite, who is helping out coding stuff or so for CF, we very much agree on most of the designstuff that should be changed or whatever, but it seems that the people in charge have 1 opinion and stick to it sadly.

That is their right, of course, but fact is that still people whining about a lot of things and nothing is changed still :P

There's a lot of stuff that could(should) have been done differently, now I too do not browse this as much as I did ;p
it is so boring because the top contributers (dunzy and me) and maybe some others left CF or went inactive
im sure its because of me, got tired of amusing cf :/
Still visiting as much as before, but getting bored fast.
i like the "recent" feature :D
Nope idk why they dont make a poll about this...
There's just no content worth reading anymore
less journals are being posted
less comments are being posted

trying to be all inovative but failed hard
not at all, it's disgusting
Ive been busy lately but i'm not annoyed by the new lay-out at all
did the background etc and font has just changed? :D looks way better
:) i felt like on cf3 again
yes seems better but the font is... weird... dunno
I like it! I like it a lot! D:

reminds me of the CF3 font (Verdana?) could even be the same one!
It does indeed look a lot better! Still way to go, but it is a step in the right direction.
finally a good change, looks more like cf3 now :)

-Kinda tired of ET. I only play some pub in my bed from time to time in the morning. Boring..
-Less content. Summer break probably.
-Takes ages to load pages
-A lot of functions still do not work with Chrome. The reply button is probably the most annoying of them.
just look at the amount of posts u see here now compared to old version :9
hey admins, this new font and font size made it even worse! can't even read the orange stuff now also it's very ugly!
Barely any content worth reading, journals taking more than an hour to get a reply..
Probably because there ain't people who are willing to contribute to crossfire. Sadly enough...
Crossfire has been dead for years. People saying that CF3 were the fun days are fucking newschoolers.
xfire 2 was best son
Yeah, but CF3 still was way more active than this right here, it's just plain boring in here and most of the people (including myself) cba surfing on this site for more than 5 minutes. As a sidenote: What did the coders expect from the new crossfire?
dead for years. xD
now it got weird corners, but they're better than full white eye cancer
No! Thnx for the effort to change smth, but it looks and moves like shit.
the day im postin some provoking stuff and nobody is replying is the day you can officially declare this site dead

...and it happened twice already...
I don't mind the new design (it's pretty decent with a script), but there is next to none decent content anymore :(
I find it to be slow and laggy...rather not use it :x
this cf4 will gib et
i prefer the older version
nope i open the site every day but its not the same like back in the days i miss a gtv feed and the design isnt attractive at all i get bored after 5 mins and close it.
well im just wondering smthing..

everybody thinks the site is lookin shit and then it receives less visits. I agree, but why admins don't decide to just get back at what it looked like before ?
It looks great, it's just doesnt attract anymore like it did before. I get rather bored in a minute or less and just leave the site... dunno.
its just not the same without dunzm8
i serously can't see the problem. It seems okey to me.. apart from some minor tweaks that could be done, i don't see the problem here
No problems with the site apart from login (My mozzillas fault) and few functions missing. It is just that there isn't as many journals etc than before and their quality has decreased:S
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