colt45 mpg :D


Quote by miNdWell tbh we changed lineup since last time we lost to them in upper bracket and they didn't even have ross and sqzz :/ Had to make some big changes. I think Baggiez always trying to prove he is better than Kamz and only playing for damage and not teamplay so we kick him out and now perfo engy. Last time razz was very stoned and did not play. You know there is some serious problem when razz misses offi xD

Quote by KamzNo matter how many changes they make, we will beat them again. That miNd cannot defeat me. Knocked him out of EC twice in a row and almost a third time when colt45 played Fintastic5. I sneaked tank and gold and we almost beat almighty fin 24/7 team just because of miNd :D He is awful player =D

Will Kamz defeat miNd again? Will razz be sober? Who is more hairy, toxic or Kamz? Will perfo be playing or brother? Does Kevin even care? Does sqzz even know what day it is today? Who would win in a fight between anim and razz?

Tune in to find out. When? Dunno yet lolz

Other statements from respected gamers:

Quote by unforgivenkamz will smash the nerd mind with empty pakistanez hands and mind will cry like a little fintard biaci that she is.

Quote by johNny_why the fuck you keep posting about you and your shit team? NOONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU NIGGER when you will finally get it

edit - razz got kicked from mpg for squall

Quote by KamzI see your Squall, and I raise you olbaa

edit - olbaa becomes a zigzag

Fucking rofl. Good job kamz made my day
i dont care.
why the fuck you keep posting about you and your shit team? NOONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU NIGGER when you will finally get it
you're such a fucking moron. why dont you sut the fuck up...
best journal in a while
Have fun rollin' mind , Kamz :-)
Did you correct unforgivens statement? :D

Master not Doctor :P

Master Manj :D
QuoteDoes sqzz even know what day it is today?
celine dion
lol those lineups look so random
you are random
nope, I'm Robert
dat robert <3
Sorry, but i guess you just mistake the whole community for, people who cares? if so... we're out fucks-
Ah oke my bad. Voice of ET community has spoken.

Oh wait
Voice of ET community has spoken.

Oh wait
Can't decide who I want to lose more.

On a further note, I think mind was only a ringer in that game, Sample being their main rifle.
yes sample was playing.. I'd hate to be so blatantly obvious but olbaa was missing, no?

and well I see this game as the clash between e-retards, not that I hate you as persons, met mind on lan and he was pretty normal besides being drunk.
why we are e-retard :(
its good for ET that some people find time to make posts like this on fridays :)
let's not pretend you leave your house now
owned you xD mad much?
no but seriously.. let's stop pretending you aren't in every friday and saturday xD

you know it's truth that's why you can't reply

weak. always thought more of you
point remains, and we both know it's true. but maybe one day things will get better.
you talk alot foreign kid
awww mind must be scared aleady :< watching teletubbies in a corner XDD
why the fuck bn even playing? this one and only canadian retard
Not gonna watch
You guessed it
Still causing shit I see :P
Like always. I just have a care-free approach nowadays and everybody knows it so I don't get the stick I used to get since trolling and joking around online is so common nowadays :P
Nothing beats the old days though, even if you did do my head in pretending to be me all the time in RTCW! :)
Hehe. Looking back on it, it's all kind of funny I suppose :D
lucky you got the better fin
quote me from the gtv comments
I was only quoting them guys since they are jokes of the community that people laugh at xD

You don't belong there bro.
I see.
Finish off this faggot.
omg kamz , squali , mind , olba , sqzz , ross , imo maus & xylos are missing in this match ;xD
johnny eat the shit polish shit go milk ur cow fucking farmer asshole noob

what a comment!
i would smash your face with one punch
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