What do so many Poles hack?

Would it be fair to say that the country in Europe with the most caught cheaters in ET is Poland?

Before I came to ET there were only a handful of hackers from Poland that I had seen being caught, Quake 3 wasn't so bad as far as I can remember... So why is ET so bad for Polish gamers?

I'm not a racist or anything I just found it interesting to know what other people though!

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To be fair, most of the ET community is polish so it seems normal that most of the cheaters are polish I suppose.
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Well, by denoting n as the total population and c as the number of cheaters, we derive at p where p is the probability of cheating = c/n. c will be far greater than any other c for any other country but the proportion p will be similar. This is of course a very crude approach and in the modern day, we utilise maximum likelihood procedures to derive a more accurate estimate of p.

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Maybe because there are so many polish players, the competition is greater, resulting a higher likelihood of an individual to cheat to be able to compete.
But most of the polaks suck tbh.
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because poland has the biggest et community worldwide?! :D
and its izi to get a bot :)
Hmm, whos second behind Poland in terms of ET gamers? Germany? Holland?
I guess

Imo the biggest "community" of hackers was .pt.
Even a few years back they were just a small group of players and a lot of them got busted (iirc) so imo they are the "biggest group of hackers" seen by the aspect of "hackerpercentage per total amount of players"
Now that a good reply!
Can't even remember a single portuguese player getting busted after the whole kMt crew got caught, they are such a minority in ET that your reply seems weird to me
Imo .pt never had more than 100 active players.
Iirc, around 40 (maybe the number is to high, not sure) of them got caught cheating.

Because of that, they have the highest cheater rate in ET, imo.
where did you get these numbers?
Belgium, as I recall. KillerBoy ran the numbers on CB ET bans a few years ago, and if I'm remembering correctly, Belgium was second.

I'm sure somebody can dig up the link with a little searching.
you should simply have a look at % of players that cheats. Polish community is simply the biggest one so you find more cheaters there.
because they are years behind in everything they feel like they gotta make u for something.
i can give you tzac proof cheat just pm
polaks forever
its not because their polish, but because of numbers, there are more polish players then there are beltards and dutchtards together, so statisticly, ofc proland gonna be where the most players get busted..

and its not in et only, cod,cs... poland is dominating @ numbers in everygame, busted cheaters or online players... polland takes it home in gold
In CSS it is Germans :P
I took a break from compeitive gaming, since when has Poland invaded the gaming scene in these numbers? Not sure why there would be so many more Polaks in games than other countries...
more interesting question is why all polaks play delivery?
Great map for wall hacking!
that's just bullshit mate!
im from Poland, and tbh i hate playing delivery
tbh, the majority of the polaks play goldrush
Who cares man ...Biggest community + free game = many KIDS. Simple.
prolly because they are poor and feel worthless

with cheats they wanna lie to themselves that they are good and believe it :$
ya but u are stupid kid know u this ? or not because u are too stupid. Internet gay hero.
seems like i found out the truth :]]
because 99% of polaks are faggots who can't take a challenge and buy hacks from 5 year saved money from school breakfasts to play on mid skill

afaik last time I checked NL had the largest playerbase of ET on CB, then poland and germany.

For the amount of cheaters it was: #1 PL, #2 NL #3 DE
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