Day Z or War Z

So, which one is going to be better do we reckon? I have yet to see anything from The War Z but a friend at work told me about it and i thought he was being a retard and getting it confused with Day Z...turns out he was right :D
War Z looks promising. Maybe in the future, I'll try it...
money on war z for gameplay quality, money on day z for amount of players thanks to early release and price
Can't really say I'm giving much hope in WarZ after terrifying experience with War Inc. which was utterly horrible. Cluncky movement, badly optimized engine, no existence of animations...
DayZ as standalone on other hand could be finally the zombie game it should have been. The main problem why DayZ was so buggy and cluncky was because ArmA 2 wasn't developed for this type of game. Now it will most likely have ArmA 3 engine and it will be much better optimized. But as Rocket said "DayZ is two or three hours away from complete disaster at any time" so who knows.
day z is full of fucking cheaters atm, im afraid to join servers with my AS50
Day Z as a standalone game I'd say
DayZ all the way.

Playing it for 2 weeks now, it's absolutely epic.
the dayz devs have yet to work on a better anticheat system.. it's really annoying sometimes
I think Warz will be better.
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