Dubstep the 2nd.

Good morning crossis!

After driving ~ 3hrs everyday with train to work and back home i need some new tracks :)
I found some nice shit in my first journal ! Thx4that guys :)

1st: Journal : http://www.crossfire.nu/journals/141821/dubstep-music-pls
Randompic: image: lucy-pinder-white-bikini-wet-in-pool
random vid again coz its funny! :D : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cLoLIibGFLc
Which kind of dubstep do you like? http://youtube.com/inspectordubplate has some great different stuff on it.
Kinda the normal stuff :P

Nero , Netsky and Delta Heavy - Demons ^^
Mainstream is so boring. :/
pls tell me more how netsky is mainly dubstep :>

no seriously, stop listening to the "normal" stuff. Explore deeper in the genre & find the roots. Have a listen on a decent soundsystem or headphones. I must admit you'll probably think it will sound boring cause it is different than the dubstep that you listen. I had the same around 2 years ago, but when you keep hearing the deeper stuff in dubstep you'll probably appreciate it on long term way more than the generic wobble lyrics drop tunes that skrillex, nero, datsik (brostep in other words).

when you're in a real dubstep rave, i'll tell you, you'll feel the energy way more in the crowd with low sub dubstep ("deep dubstep") than the skrillex stuff (also more mature crowd in general).

Try these:
no offense but thats the most boring dubstep I've listened to, how is this supposed to give you energy xD
you either feel it or you don't feel it. Nothing wrong with you not feeling it sir
your saying you just need to listen long enough to get brainwashed to like shitty music
Ik krijg dus veel meer energie van een flinke DMZ set dan een random brostep set :(
echt é :D al die mannen weten echt nie wa dubstep is zolang je nie keer zo'n setje echt gehoord ebt imo. mja iedereen is ook zo mainstream op cf -_-
Voor mij is het ooit ook begonnen met mainstream shizzle, maar toen ik voor het eerst op een echt dubstepfeest kwam was ik verkocht. Klein donker zaaltje, maar dat soundsystem en de gehele sfeer : D heerlijk
Nice stuff you got here. :)
so if thats real dubstep, and the "mainstream" stuff is brostep,im happily staying with the bros.
your stuff is so slow,boring,lethargic...btw that "i dont like anything thats mainstream,eventhough its good,just because its mainstream" is getting retarded
then stay with the bro's :D

i'm not listening to the more underground dubstep because it's supposed to be cool, i just enjoy the deeper sound more. Not that i don't listen to the mainstream dubstep (brostep) (check about me: http://www.last.fm/user/h0miee). But there are some deeper tunes i know i will always love forever in time, unlike the more mainstream sounds like nero, rusko etc.

For example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MWTnVgq2tU

this tune by mala, i still get goosebumps everytime I hear the sax coming in at 1min18. I will never get bored of the track. I probably heard it 300 times or so. This tune means so much to me personally really (feelings, soul), i would never be able to describe it. It's just something you have to feel. And if ppl don't feel it, thats no problem. That's why music is so diverse. To each his own :)

one love
fair enough.i listened to a few of the songs you posted here and damn they shit..err i mean i dont feel them.i dont know how you could like them so much because they are soooo repetitive..always the same stuff.im mean i agree when you say to each his own,but still i wont understand it.shit needs to have heavy basses,drops,highs etc and not only monotonous beats :D but whatever floats your boat man ;)
you should know how much these old dubstep vinyls are worth since they aren't being repressed (and no digital release such as mp3 or cd or so)


yeah i can completely understand what you mean when you describe the songs i like :D I don't know a lot of people/friends who like em anyways. They describe it just the same way you do.

but I am happy we agree with the whole listen to what you feel kinda thing ;)
Wish I had a train to drive to work
Anything from the likes of Compa, Benton, Phaelah, TMSV, Biome, Demon, Thelem
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