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Hi everyone,

summer is ending and its time to start playing again, but recently my mouse died and i have to buy newone. I'm deciding between g400 and DeathAdder but dunno what to take. Can you post your experience with those mouses ? Or if you have any other idea for mouse ? As mousepad im usin QCK+.
Thanks in advance !

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G400 cord problems.
DA bad quality, breaks easily.
how can you say that ?
How the fuck do you know he sat while typing? Got a secret webcam? He old have been standing dude.
how can you say that* :D!
having the same DA for almost 5 years, still does the job perfectly :)
Of course there are expections. Generally you see many people complaining about bad build quality of the Razer mouses. Two of my friends have had DA and both of those broke down, scroll wasn't working or the mouse double-clicked all the time. Just search from the internet. These problems are very common in Razer mouses.
mouse journal #10000000000000000000000000000000

fyi: g500
G400 cheap and good plus I heard that Death Adders break easily, basicly what HIRVI said but I haven't had any cord problems with my G400 so far.
and what about SteelSeries Sensei ? i saw the cord is a bit different atm
Well the SteelSeries Sensei is from a whole other price range of course it's a good mouse with some fancy features but I think it's a bit more marketing than needed you should ask R0SS about it he played with a Sensei at LAN
Wasnt ROSS using a Zowie mouse?
Sensei: Great mouse, high price due to shit you dont need (little screen on the bottom), SteelSeries Engine is the best software around, tho
no he wasn't he used the Sensei with 3 different colors :'D
I've got mine DA for like 3 or 4 years, it's holding up well.
I heard a lot of other stories about it.
well, maybe it's about that new DA with 3.5G sensor, i'm using the oldschool DA with 1800dpi
A solid mouse with a nice driver, its a little light tho.
Imo it dies really fast and mouse1 has close to no "resistance"

Never had one, only tried one on LANs.
Solid but like every Logitech "gamingmouse" not state-of-the-art, logitech is way behind SS, Razer, Qpad, Roccat and Zowie, imo.
What are you missing in the g400? it has 2 side buttons and the drivers are user friendly and of course the sensor that proved it self for years.
Its just a feeling, the mice are hard to break and of good quality but I think the software is poor (that may have changed over the last year) and sensor is "good" but imo the SS-Sensei sensor (and the razer sensor) outplay the Logitech one easily.
there are apparently a lot of bugs with the sensei sensor (you can see that at esreality, expert on mice)

positive and negative accel (it appear randomly and when you move the mouse to fast)
The acceleration can be fixed and as for the sensor bugs, I've heard about them but never had one myself.
Deathadder - I've got mine for 3 or 4 years, it's working perfectly, no idea what guys above did with it :D Really great mouse.
you just got a good quality one, most razer mice break so fast, mouse1 button usually breaks after few months/year old hardcore gaming. had a razer copperhead as well once, it lasted 3 years, bought another one after that which broke after a month, so as i said. you were lucky with your mouse.
guess im a lucky guy :)
Taky samozrejme jde o to,co od ni chces.. Jestli jen browsing,hrani,grafika atd..

Taky podle penez,jestli jednu z tehlech dvou tak DA..

Jinak osobne mam SS-Sensei (half-price get in son!) a ta mys je super,kdyz kouknes na YT tak vypada celkem mala,ale je to takova mid mys co se tyce velikosti.. Chvili si zvykat na trosku jemnejsi tlacitko na mysi (LB)..

O sensoru se nemusim ani zminovat,ten je proste bezkonkurencni.. :)
Na hraní, předešlá odešla po asi dvou letech takže teď mám kancelářskou dokud nehraju. Potřebuju ale něco spolehlivýho co mi vydrží zase taky nějakou dobu, cenu mám na háku, to pro mě nehraje roli. Už mám ale zkušenosti s pár značkama takže jsem něco už vyřadil předem a Razer má pro mě chybu s nálepkou u senzoru, takže proto jsem se víc přiklonil k logitech protože mx518 byla prej hodně dobrá. Jinak už mám objednanou g400 :) Ale díky.
eclipse gaming mouse
i dont have any problems with it , a lot of headshots tho
roccat kone + since over 1year
it might be i am the only one person who has no problem with that mouse because many got problem with the wheel :D
The only mouse I'd consider buying for myself currently seems to be the Zowie AM. That's mostly because of its plug&play and driverless usage, the not to mess with dpi settings, the (according to reviews and abort) great sensor and its shape without useless crap on it. However, even though it's so basic, it's incredibly expensive still.

From those two you mentioned, it doesn't really matter which you buy. Get the one with the better shape for YOU. You won't notice any difference in the sensors or performance.

And yet I have no idea how everyone seems to break their mice that easily. I have smashed mine (ancient Microsoft mouse) onto tables (ask Owzo about an earthquake at LAN) and tossed it around several times and it still works perfectly. And also in the time I have used Logitech and Razer mice, I have never experienced broken cables.
heard roccat savu is better than am
Could be. As I said, I wouldn't be looking into mouses that come with tons of features, useless lightning and personally I don't like ergonimcal (left/right) shaped mice that force the user into a certain grip style.
However I also haven't really checked the market again for a couple of months, so the AM might indeed be outdated already. :)
G400 is plug and play too
Does it also save/change the DPI/Hz settings without the need for a driver?
Zowie EC1 is also cool : )
mx518+qpad ct large
steelseries XAI/Sensei + puretrak talent
mx518, cheap and all u need
theyre not sellin 'em anymore. ordered g400, read some reviews atm
I'm using QcK+ too & the G400 is working perfect on it :)
mx518 some shops still selling
when i bought mine i had to make the same decision...and went for the razer
mx518 kthx
steelseries sensei
must be hard for a gamer to pick a mouse.
im not gamer, just casual player
I bought both and I use the deathadder 99% of the time
Apple trackpad
i would go for kone/+ though
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