120Hz Monitor

Looking for a 120hz monitor that I can order in BE or can be delivered to BE
Been looking for several hours now and only found Samsung LS23A700D
Budget ~200 euro

Thanks in advance
got that monitor, crystal clear view bro.
Currently hanging back and looking for multiple options, don't really like this one cause it has no tilt or height adjustment,
but then again with my budget I'm not sure I could get one with those options :p
2233rz here
im fine with it
Can't find it in any shops in BE :(
I think it is discontinued not sure tho.
Afaik thats the best choice for that money
LG from shscomputer at "liège" (200eur)

EDIT if you like LED screens, its the perfect choice
My French is terribad :p
Read both and been looking for monitors that were recommended in the teamliquid post, just couldn't find many in BE
I'll trade a 120hz monitor for 20kg of those

image: gaufre-liege

Definitely worth it xD
I got Samsung LS23A700D and been happy with it
120hz possible with every resolution? How's the input lag?
Tempted to buy the LG W2363D, but apparently the image quality/color of the 23A700D is far more superior, although the W2363D can have 0ms input lag.
yup, 120hz at every resolution (up to 1920x1080 @ 120hz)

not quite sure about the input lag, but I wouldn't think that there's much of a difference between 0ms and 2ms
aight, I guess I know what to get!
Just read the manual. According to the manual there is only 120hz on the native resolution.
I am not expert in monitors but I've heard in such a cheap monitors input times like 2ms are usually not correct.
Bad image quality!
Kunt ge da wa onderbouwen? Kzou eventueel ook ne 120Hz willen aanschaffen daarmee :p
Kheb vrij veel zitten rondkijken op esreality, en iedereen vond dat i.e. de color range etc echt kut is. Ook zou de overdrive ghosting enorm aanwezig zijn, en nog wat andere dingen:


Het zijn natuurlijk maar opinies van een paar mensen, dus ge kent zelf ook wel nog verder lezen!
Is er nen andere da ge kunt aanraden? Dieen BenQ XL2420T mss?
Last time I checked you can get a decent one for 250-300. If I were you, I would just go for it if you can miss the money. I was a cheapskate and got one with 75hz, sucks for fast games.
Hey Predje,

fijne journal! ik zou mij ook zo'n scherm willen aanschaffen :). Zout ge mss zo vriendelijk wille zijn van samen te vatten wa ge al hebt gevonden opt internet, wa zoal nen top 5 is ofzo da betaalbaar en en topkwaliteit?

Ohja, naar hoeveel inch bent ge aant zien? Want 23" lijkt mij echt al pokke groot.. Ik zit atm me nen 21.5" en da is al huge :)
Ben al een paar dagen rond aant kijken en tot nu toe heb ik maar 1 scherm die betaalbaar en fatsoenlijk is


Top 3:
Benq 2420t
Benq 2410t
Samsung 23A*****

Ben aant zien voor een 23"/24" omdat ik al jaren een 23" heb, en bij het rondkijken ben ik wel een paar 21" tegengekomen maar die zaten dan weer aan de € 300/€ 350
spiROZE - BenQ XL2420T - echt waar, al het geld waard :/
stop playing ET and get an IPS monitor...it's also cheaper. and better.
Samsung S23A700D
I have this monitor: s23a700d. well the no ghosting part is totally bullshit. this monitor is just as blurry as any other cheap lcd/tft monitor. not sure about other 120hz monitors but i guess all of them are blurry. ofc the 120hz is nice and fluid but a CRT is much better... also i tested input lag... a really cheap benq monitor seemed ~20 ms faster than this... at this point my brain was fucked and i stopped caring with it. still using the monitor btw, doesnt feel like it has that huge input lag, so i have no idea how i could measure shits like that.
asus vg236h is very good for me
100hz is enough for games, check our Eizo, they make the best gamingscreens available and dont have 120hz.

If you want a great screen for gaming, go and get an Eizo
- budget ~200 euro
- Eizo

Budget 200e
Decent 120hz


Either invest some money in something decent or keep saving up untill you have enough before buying shit only cuz its cheap.
You can get pretty good CRT's for that money and even some decent other screens
Have urtier buy you iiyama Vision Master Pro 514 22" from ebay.de, make him pick it up from some city and ship it to your home.
120hz @ 1280x1024,
cost ~70 euros.

Well, at least it worked for me.. (if you don't count the missing piece in the stand) :D
shipping an oldschool crt
are you out of your fucking mind :p

Bought my iiyama vision master 454 second handed for 2 euros via a dutch version of ebay
There weren't any available around and urtier just happened to find one from ebay.de but seller refused to ship abroad so urtier got it for me. It was well worth it, I wanted a gaming monitor and this was really cheap, I couldn't afford TFT and still can't, not that I really need one but Finland has high prices.
how much was shipping :P
I dont remember exact details but

monitor ~50e
shipping ~30e
rest ~20-40e

maybe something like that.
BenQ XL2420T - really best monitor I've ever seen :)
LG w2363d

i know its LG but it works damn nice and has an input delay remove function

and cause of that delay i never swapped to tft/lcd/led
Alienware OptX AW2310 best monitor i have ever used :)
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