suggest me a smartphone!

time for a new phone, been having this ancient one too long.

- it has to be great to listen to music on with earphones(interface, quality etc).
- small / not to big in size!
besides that i just wanna use internet, nothing too serious.

I was thinkin about andriod phone , like HTC One V.

price is not really an issue but ofc dont wanna pay too much for something i dont need.

your suggestions?
Wacht gewoon op de nieuwe Iphone :Z
nah fuck wachten sowieso, en iphone is denk niks voor mij.
Dan ga je voor een Android phone Galaxy S3
hoezo niet...lekkere phone hoor....
Naah Ik hou zelf ook niet van Iphone's.
overpriced apple products, compatibility , betalen voor apps
jailbreak die shit!
New samsung
- small / not to big in size!
Samsung Galaxy note, te fucking baas tellie
new iphone coming the next few days..
I dont think it will bring anything new xd
new phone
wait for iphone 5, end of speach
neem gewoon een simpel android ding, uit je post valt wel op te maken dat het niet echt boeit hoeveel fucking megapixels je camera heeft en dat soort shit. daar betaal je ook voor.

ik heb nogsteeds een htc desire, ding doet het nog prima en kan ook alle apps prima runnen.

moraal van het verhaal: mensen die je dure telefoons als de galaxy s3 aanraden zijn retards die je post blijkbaar niet gelezen hebben

P.S. die htc one is wel nice
ja eigenlijk moest ik deze post niet eens maken joh. Moet eigenlijk ff me eigen research doen, maar ben lui atm.
en qua abbonement dan , waar is beetje relaxed/cheap.
Iphone 5 12 sept.
HTC event 19 sept.

Current cool devices: Nokia Lumia 920, HTC One X, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note II, iPhone 4S but those are probably too large for you.

I'm using a Sony Xperia S and I'm statisfied, with 4.3" probably too big for you but Sony has some cool smaller devices such as the Xperia P you might also want to look into HTC one v :)
Whats your budget?

- Samsung Galaxy S3 or S2
- Google Galaxy Nexus
- HTC One X

If you want something cheaper, any android phone that pleases you will serve :P
- Samsung Galaxy Ace
- Some motorola or Sony.. check some supported CyanogenMod devices

If you are not into Android thing, perhaps a Nokia Lumia with Windows Mobile OS
as i dont need a high end smartphone i dont think i need to pay alot imo. so that being said i have a lowbudget.
galaxy s2
lumia 800/710/610
Promoting nokia?:)
ofc, it's better than its reputation!
Galaxy S2 is really awesome. It has a 16Go internal memory but you can put a SD memory card up to 82 Go afaik.
It should be way cheaper than before since the release of the Galaxy S3.

Otherwise, i'd wait for the iPhone 5 if i'd be you.

gl in your search ;)
Samsung Galaxy Note, dat ding is gigantisch, kan je meteen je armen trainen
lumia 800 :)
Samsung Galaxy S1,S2,S3 i have the S1 since it came out and its still awesome
iPhone ... but .. ahh fuck just get it
image: Samsung-E390-1

still got this one (5 years old) STILL WORKS PERFECT,

using HTC Sensation. might be too large but in my opinion it's perfect for freetime/music concerns
Samsung Galaxy s+
Any Blackberry that fits your budget.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250
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