iPhone 5 stream?

No im not a hipster apple homosexual.
Anyone has a Sopcast id for a great quality stream for the presentation?

Coverage ive found myself:

hipster apple homosexual !!!
why would you like to watch presentation of overpriced and totally useless apple piece of crap?
apple is indeed overpriced but you cant say they sell shit. it just makes you sound biased and unreliable as critic.
I want to see what their adaptations are to the current market (screen size etc, wireless charing etc).
its not neccessarily overpriced, comparing seeds to apples will make everything seem more expensive. However if you do a decent compare of a home built PC ( with all the components + screen + windows-that-is-not-from-thepiratebay-but-actually-legal ) the PC is actually more expensive.

However, an iMac does not offer any way of removing parts or 'not' buying any parts (bluetooth, screen you might already have, mouse, keyboard etc. ), thus a PC will always be cheaper if you have a set purpose for your computer, say, gaming and parts you can recycle. I built a 600,- gaming PC just for that, simple hardware ( i5-3570k + 6870) but with a good GPU so I can play anything I want. + On top of that OS X is just not all that great for gaming, not only because it has less titles available, but adding that it has mouse acceleration that you can't turn off without knowledge of the command line or 3rd party apps ( steelseries provides one.. which is great! ).

Also I believe that choice and belief is holy, thus therefore pick the fuck whatever you love and like!

Weren't you a windows phone user, and if so what do you think of the new lumia's?
are you really sure a homebuilt pc is more expensive than mac?
I have actually carried out a test, whihc indicated that a home built PC basically was 100-150 cheaper than an equally specced/featured iMac. However, this excluded a windows license which seriously drove up the cost another 100 ( and more if you actually want some features ). Should note that this was about a year ago and now the iMacs are not loaded with 3rd generation intel core cpu's so iMacs are currently not a good deal at all.

But as I said, if you know what you are doing and/or you have the option to recycle parts you can always save a lot of money.. but that goes for a lot of things in life anyways.
I have done the same, I took some iMac models (those All-in-one solutions) and then just went to eshop with PC parts to build PC with same computing power. There was always a big price difference.

btw, I have done the same right now, for 1400e iMac I was able to built similar PC for just about 550e (with stronger CPU and decent mobo). That leaves me with 800e to get monitor, windows licence and if I need to match that iMac exactly, some Wifi card, Blue-tooth, keyboard and mouse. Even if I ended up with paying the same for PC as for iMac, post-buy flexibility is that one thing which gives PC an edge over PC.
Yes I'm here to lie about prices because that is in my advantage.

That post-buy flexibility is awesome for us, but not for everyone ( which I guess, you don't understand ). You are not the 99% of the consumers out there, just because you like tinkering doesn't say that everyone does.

Apart from the price I'd like to see the list of components you got and I'll tell you what you forgot.
we got an apple faggot :S
lol, look at this guy's ego :S:S:S
Did I say ppl need to fiddle around with PC setup? I didnt say that, but if you feel like upgrading your RAM, no problem, from 4GB to 8GB for 20e on PC, same goes for HDD, which is pretty common tbh. With MAC, you gotta buy whole new machine.
About those 99% consumers out there, who does not want to customize their PCs in future, I met heck a lot of them, and many of them could actually afford MAC easily. But neither of them was willing to pay in order to gain virtually nothing, the difference in price is not subtle at all. And in case something goes bye-bye after 2 years warranty is over, you are pretty much screwed with MAC. And don't start with the "MAC lasts much longer than PC" talk, with quality components (which aren't necessarily expensive) PC can go on for many years, easily 4+. And even if something goes wrong, well, you saved enough money to get almost all components replaced in future.

Quote by Exc1teApart from the price I'd like to see the list of components you got and I'll tell you what you forgot.

I built PC with HDD, RAM, CPU, GPU, mobo and optical drive (Bluray) for about 550e. I tried to make it as close to MAC specs I found as possible, but I could not find any i5 2.7GHz CPU so I put there some random i5 3.0GHz. Everything else is what MAC offered in setup I was comparing with - 1000GB hdd (7200rpms), 4GB DDR3 RAM, ATI 6770 and some random Blu-ray drive. I didn't forget about anything, I just didnt include all of it, not everyone needs Wifi, bluetooth and such things in desktop (+ some mobos have those by default). I just said I can built PC with same specs (regarding computing power), very decent quality (not every component was the cheapest I could get) and be left with ~800e to get monitor, sound card, peripherals or whatever I need (btw, that MAC had 21.5'' monitor, mouse and keyboard in it, which should be easily covered by 300e).
QuoteI didn't forget about anything, I just didnt include all of it, not everyone needs Wifi, bluetooth and such things in desktop

Hence my first statement
Quoteand/or you have the option to recycle parts you can always save a lot of money

The big difference is in the whole point of the freedom of being able to cut down on parts you don't necessarily need.

Apart from that, of course you can build an equally specced PC CPU wise if you use a tin can as a computer case and stuff like that. Also a 300,- screen doesn't come close at all to the panel in the iMac, even though there are a lot of cheaper panels, like the 150,- samsung I have on my desk, out there of lesser quality. As I expected you are not comparing it correctly.

http://d.pr/i/FC98 -- this is the config I used for the PC, you will think "yeah but you don't need this and that" and you're right in some cases, but the fact still remains that an iMac is a package, and its the package you pay for. Also note the lacking windows license in this package.

Also Macs are using the same CPU/Chipset which means the same memory which means the same prices. The reason that Macpro memory is more expensive is because its ECC memory which is enterprise class memory and should never be in the hands of a consumer in the first place.
regarding ram upgrade, at least for the imac line, it is as easy as for personal computers to upgrade your ram (just stating).
Quote with all the components + screen + windows-that-is-not-from-thepiratebay-but-actually-legal ) the PC is actually more expensive.

I hope you mean the Mac is more expensive.

I am a WP-user yes :P They seem interesting. WP 7.5 is amazing, so I dont expect WP8 to be shyte.
Though, I think the new screen sizes are a little bit too big. I like 3.7", but I think 4.3" is probably the best size. Havent held one yet and havent seen a review yet, so I cant really judge
their phones dont have even one function that i see as usefull. So for me apple phones are crap.
i will not feed
im not trolling.

iphone is stuff for kids who want to show off
You can use an iPhone to call other people. I'd say thats a pretty useful function in a phone.
my 12 years old nokia 3310 also can do it[call ppl i mean]... also: its cheap and wont break when contact with floor occurs
floor breaks instead xd
wasn't dissapointed when reading this :)
When its starting?

Wanna see that 1200$ shit
19:00 Dutch time (in 30 minutes)
wow that wife is so fucking annoying (from cnet)
basically nothing new that would outperform other devices or has smth that other devices won't have, Except that they still can't focus on normal standards and instead have to invent their own crappy new connector.

they also now have super fast LTE aKa 4G.. yay I got that 1 year ago already.

Same marketing bullbing as with 4S or iPhone 4 (back then they invented a whole new way of calling people.. with face time !!!11 :o note: only available with WiFi and my phone 8 years ago was able to do video calls already. Without WiFi btw :> )

overpriced crap stays overpriced crap
Launch is today in San Francisco, United States. Should arrive in a week here in Canada, and internationally I believe. Also you will not be able to buy iphone 4s.
will buy one as soon as it is out in germany

why? because im rich bitch
Ok Dave Chappelle
obviously you're also dumb
it is the best smartphone on the market + a statussymbol

so why not buy one for some money?

my dear child, dont joke like that... best smartphone ever created is Blackberry, now you just have to pickup model that will suit you the most... the phone of a buisness man :-)

both iphone and galaxy are just toys for boys...

ps. prolly nokia lumia is also better, but cant say, never had one in my hand
THe fuck you after this shit. Buy samsung s3 you nobos !! much better.
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