Old kaMZ

It's been a while now since I have written something serious on here but I think it's time to speaketh teh mind again.

The discussion around ET dying is a never-ending one but the state of the game now is at its worst than it has been ever. Matches hardly get any viewers nowadays and the same feeling just ain't there anymore. People hope for ETLive like they did for X-ReaL but I can only give you kudos for being quite the optimist. For me it's not just because it's an old game and that people move on, there are other reasons such as the actual community we are apart of. I don't mean the CF wannabe trollers who sit around posting negative opinions everywhere, they are bad enough. I'm actually referring here to some others.

I had an interesting conversation today (I say interesting because I was actually surprised which is something that doesn't happen every day) involving a few players who won the recent adroits lan, namely R0SS, chry and razz. They openly bragged in a serious fashion about winning the lan and about their past achievements. What's the point? The game is near enough finished, where the hell are these achievements going to get you in life? You don't see me or others, going around bragging about my degrees which are far more of an achievement and require hard work and effort rather than sitting around all day behind a computer. Generally, if one is saying this as a joke then it's understandable (brb shining bronze medal :D) but they were very proud of this and thought it made them superior, I know this as it was used as a defense mechanism.

QuoteHealthy persons normally use different defences throughout life. An ego defense mechanism becomes pathological only when its persistent use leads to maladaptive behaviour such that the physical and/or mental health of the individual is adversely affected. The purpose of ego defence mechanisms is to protect the mind/self/ego from anxiety and/or social sanctions and/or to provide a refuge from a situation with which one cannot currently cope.

Defence mechanisms are more accurately referred to as ego defence mechanisms, and can thus be categorized as occurring when the id impulses are in conflict with each other, when the id impulses conflict with super-ego values and beliefs, and when an external threat is posed to the ego.

There are many others that fall into this category but since it was this conversation that sparked this journal, it is this I must reference to provide justification for my contribution. I also heard stories about other players such as Night and Clown, acting quite ego at the lan. Ignoring people and thinking they're cool or some shit. The community is full of disloyal and disrespectful arrogant players who think they're above anybody else. Yet it is these people who moan and bitch about ET dying, which of course we all know it is. TZAC is getting dropped and I can't blame chaplja for his reasons. This site is pretty much dead. We've just most likely seen the last lan event. "Top" matches struggle to get 100 viewers, whereas 500 would be disappointing in the days.

I don't understand the mind-set of these players. How can you have such a huge ego and display such arrogance for something that means so little? There are people in the world who are great at sports, selling millions of albums in music, making box office hit movies, yet the majority of them remain humble and modest, and are inspirational individuals.

These same players ask who is killing ET? It's you my friends. Let's be honest, the only reason half of these "top" players play is because they've spent so long trying to be good and can't succeed in proper games that require real teamwork and team unity. Take a look at Winghaven and reload, as soon as they realised they didn't need ET anymore, they were out of here quicker than a sqzz flag cap. But these guys do not play for the love of the game, if they did then why would they care so much for prizes and money?

Think what impression this gives on the lower skilled and new players, it's not good. There are probably loads of these "lower" skilled players right now reading and agreeing but never had the courage or platform to express their opinion, well I am the voice of these people, because I see the bigger picture.

This one is sure to develop controversy but it's something that needs to be said. You are the reason for ET dying.

P.S. Wrote this in liike a couple of minutes so will most likely be editing hehe :)

tl;dr go play in traffic.

Serious note I completely agree with it all ive seen a lot of arrogant players I have been inactive for 7 months. But when I was playing I was trying so hard to push for the top and actually try playing for a decent team, I had decent aim and brains however I never really got the chance some people should get.

All I ever really see is BIG old named players flying around even when I return after several months, where are the new talent ? I just believe that maybe some people should have gotten more chances. You may think im trolling but im not last time I played with goku he seemed to have improved quite a fair bit yet I never seen him getting pushed for a team he has skills in quakelive to ( compared to me im shite )

Just think maybe some people deserved a bit more respect and more opportunities and maybe there would be more teams going out there. Instead of same old teams all the time.

Also I completely agree with the tzac situation if I made an anticheat which trust me was really good and secure, I would be pretty pissed not generating any income, there is no anticheat as good as tzac was.
I got even more better lol but quit several months ago brav
The egos of some players (this goes for the Australian community especially) has always been a massive problem and deterrent for people wanting to continue to play (especially when the community reduces in size).

Pansy's article on the "old boys club" is better suited to players rather than other community/gaming roles.
I don't think i could have said better.

In fact, i even feel bad for some of this guys. Without putting names here, neither through any direct offense, well i wanna say that this kind of behavior only show the shit personality they have.
In a future job this won't help, neither all the trophies or the time wasted.

Now the real thing:
- in 10 years, you will be saying you won x/y/z and it will be worth nothing (oh wait.. it's already 0 worthy..), while some other people who wasted less time will keep being proud of their bachelor/master/phd diplomas.
THATS what gives real life status if that's what they are looking for.

But i don't think it is the main problem of ET. We had ego players since ever, some even completely unreachable (/me looks at mystic). Thats gets 0 respect out of me.
Complains about ego:

"colt45 will be dropping from Eurocup and playing ESL Storm Assault only"
Well has a former 'low' skill player I would like to take this opportunity while ET is dying to say thank you to two guys. First of all, Kamz I wanna thank you for bringing me to ALMIGHTY where I got able to learn everything about etpro from players like you miXer potty sqzz razz fumble etc etc. P.s R.I.P Hype. Second one is anim, anim my brother from wait you ain't my brother for shit, thank you for taking me in team canada and having faith in me during those drafts and hopefully if Seanza makes another lan like he promised me we will go together as team ritonim.

Lots of love to the community.

Shoutouts to: Kamz,miXer, potty, R0SS, razz, koop, Goku, fumble, mikeh, Piegie best friend, IceQ china man, Artstar one big prick, loCkheed tj teacher, olbaa hater, Salaneuvos whatever your name is, Element, methoj, Scarzy, ppE, peaches, anim, Jinosta, ag0n, setup, Brisk, ant1y, CoCo, Cupra, casek, hsTE, ipod, Icecrust, torm, Scatman,phyzic and many others I forgot by typing this troll post. <3<3
In terms of "top" players getting involved/willing to include new/inexperienced players, anim is one of the nicest guys in ET.
agreed haha
+1 If more there were more communities like #ALMIGHTY.ET <3 then this game would be so much better. I remember back in 2k10 being a complete noob but almighty didn't refuse to play with me. Apart from that boorito kid he was too ego, I guess that's why he used to always spec?
well almighty is one of the reasons im still around, so thanks to you guys tbh!
Teamkeen is/was like that, sqzz flop ross etc played with noobs like me and i learned alot from it
Sqzz is a fine example of a person that has achieved so much and yet remains incredibly modest. I think other players could learn from him. R0SS on the other hand ... I don't know. Would R0SS be playing with team keen if sqzz was not apart of it?

He is the one that confuses me the most. You see him at lan and he is a nice guy, quite timid but that's fine. Can't say a bad word about him. But online, he can act really strange sometimes. Maybe it's his passion for the game or maybe it's his ego or maybe even both. I dunno. Maybe it's because he is constantly accused of getting carried by his teams so he always feels like he has something to prove, which maybe even I can relate to a certain extent.
u see big egos everywhere in life, especially in competitive things. i fail to see how few people (allegedly) being arrogant is killing ET
It is more about being willing to mix with the broader community as it becomes smaller. The smaller the community gets, the more noticeable and effecting the insular players become.
you never seen the cry for help coming from a newbie being smashed by ego tards?:>

you seen nothing :D
lol kamz mad he neveer win anyting in et despite he spend the last 10 years 24/7 infront of PClol xddd :dd
Everything must come to an end sometime in this life.
Every game dies eventually , 1.6 will die in a few years and hell even sc2 will die in sum years when something new and better comes out .
thats just the evolution of life

Atleast we´ve been lucky enough to enjoy many good years of et :)

This is true but when those players move on to new games in groups, they maintain the same mentality.

Keep I mind I completely understanding only wanting to play with people you know/have played with previously but there is a difference between that and at least being open to the community for other activities/involvement.
you are such a hypocrite kamz altho i must agree on some points that are also quite obvious and nothing new. You can blame that on killing the game but i rather blame time, people want new things and wont stick with the same game for over 7/8 years.
Yea man.. 3on3 | low+ | no unhit polak/no skill fake = best moments on this game
You're missing the bigger picture, it is hardly their "achievements" or "egos" that turns them away from most of the community, but much rather the fact that this site and community turns you into a misanthropist. For good reason.
So if it isn't their achievements. Why is it that the guys with less achievements tend to be the more friendly and well, normal? Of course there are many exceptions.
It's the other way around from what I've observed. Quite possibly has something to do with the intelligence of your average user too. I'm certain you've seen the behavior yourself, those at the top of the game are far more likely not to be your average crossfire user with the mental capacity of a half eaten toast. Perhaps it's just me, but I much prefer playing with people I've known for years and have played with before numerous times instead of playing with some 14 year old polish dude that barely even understands what you're saying on comms. There will always be exceptions one way or another, but why take chances if you can just enjoy a little get-together of people you like and enjoy being around instead of playing against the odds.
I didn't mean your average crossfire user or some 14 year old polish dude. That is completely different since most of this site is full of idiots. Maybe I'm subconsciously referring to the people playing mixes with almighty. But from my experiences, these less skilled guys have more of a personality and are a lot more friendly and easier to talk to than these selective bunch of "top" players. But we all have different perspectives.
This game isnt dead, its still alive.

Check the etpro servers, people are still playing this old game, the problem is that they arent playing this game on a competitive way. I think many of them havent heard about tzac and the way we play this game.

Create a group of people and recruit those 2 maybe 300 players.

Have a nice day loekino
you too frits!
If I am honest, you have kinda bragged a lot about your degree and that you are going to get paid a lot and shit.
I dont think theres something wrong with the community, if this community was much bigger, much more things could of happened because there are pretty smart guys who have been doing shit for this community, however we have to face the fact that ET was never most popular game among gamers, cs,quakelive,lol,dota,cod,bf and other games beat the crap out of it and wolfenstein was a failure, which would of been the game where most of the players could of moved on for bigger challenges and prizes
I think we should leave this shit alone and let ET go to the RIP mode... start playing other games and sometimes have fun in publics, no point to whine about chaplja and other guys who atleast did something for this community
gg wp ET
That was trolling. There is a difference.
Shoutout Wikipedia :)
Few years ago, I would have shared your point about top players being arrogant, but I can also imagine how this impression occur. As it is on all the skill levels, players tend to play with players they know which is understandable. So this scheme doesn't allow new players to enter such circles. One way to get into these circles is to get known by getting better. Another way is to merc in those circles to show them how good you really are.
I had a talk with gifty the last lan half a year ago and we had a talk about skill levels compared to years ago. So many ppl call themselves med, descent or even higher. But this lies totally in their way to get into higher skilled teams.
If I search a merc and he claims to be med, I don't want to lose because he gets stupid fulls because he either is stupid or he goes full rambo. So why should I ever play with him again if I want a challenging game?


There is a thin line between overrating and underrating and most of the players tend to overrate.

Also the 'trolling' on this site here resembles to arrogance for a new user.
can you do me a favor and write:

I am olgas fanboy :D

e: will be revenued with beer on the next lan!
I am olgas fanboy <3
lol you are my first fanboy <3
aaaaaawww <3

very nice searching skills :)
Why is that quote not referenced..............
To be honest, the draft cups were an awesome way to get to know players that are higher skill than u are. I was probably the lowest of our team (team mental), and nobody ever whined about somebody failing to do something. The matches were a great joy to play, too bad there werent more of them :(
I don't quite see the point behind this journal. That may be because I have never had an urge to be someones fanboy or care about what they do on the top-level. Just watching some interesting ETTV-games every now and then, don't really care how the players act behind the scenes nor that I have noticed that arrogance that much, at least in serious manners.
I consider myself a huge ego player and the reason I prefer not to play with new players is I get frustrated by their lack of games sense or bored by the skill of the opponent. Either way, it won't be an enjoyable experience (for them nor for me).

If you have a fix for that, let me know. Saying I should do something I don't enjoy to better the community isn't a solution though.
thats why you were so shit yesterday.
true and understoodable -- but dont forget the presure the not so known players have playing with the so called elite
one mistake and he is out of favor instead of explaining and helping to get better - and when you are under presure you will never play the way you are able too when you are relaxed - you must enjoy the moment while playing and feel safe to play the best you can - so you need to be accepted in the team you are playing with - and this is hard to reach because of so many prejudices
ure new ureself qsdjfhnjqsvbqsjhfvbqskujhfb
high merc avi
this one made me lol :DDDDDDDDDD
need logs so i can lol :_)
ego and arrogance used to create lots of good rivalry which was a good thing. I dont have a problem with that. ppl who are able to talk about the game on similar level probably are on similar level themselves. What annoys me is the allaround bad mannering especially by the new people which results to noone ever taking them serious, and in the end they think top players are "ego" or similar if they dont acknowledge them. Honestly, if you've acted like a prick you probably deserve all the 'hate' you can get.
First of all, you brag quite a lot about your real live achievements (even in this journal there is a subtle "hey, I have masters in statistics or smth"). As I see it, your/mine/her/his real-life achievements have no value in gaming world, however LAN win means something amongst gamers. Maybe you are not going to get employed just because you have golden pocal from computer game, but it's worth mentioning tbh. It's same as I would put in my CV "national bowling champion", maybe not that usefull but certainly interesting (and some employers are actually interested what potentional employees do in their free time).

I don't see how arrogance can be killing this game, and even if so called oldschoolers don't want to play with new guys it doesn't necessarily mean they are being ego/arrogant. I personally don't want to play with people I don't know, I just don't see a fun in that. But there are many, lets say, less skilled players I like to play and chat with. If you want to call such "selective" play an ego, go for it, that's your choice, not mine. Even in real life you have your circle of friends you want to hang out on regular basis, you don't want to meet new ppl every time you go out.
When I was at CiC7 I met a lot of people there, had a really good chats with some peeps (I shared few minutes with Clown and Night as well, didn't catch any arrogance from them tbh). If I were to some other lans (like adroits) I would like to talk to old known faces again without the need to meet ppl I didn't even heard of. And what if they had just a bad day? Shit happens, not every time you go to lan you have to be cheerful and stuff. It's easy to mistake bad mood with arrogant behavior.

Regarding Wing and reload - wise man once said: "when you are good at something, never do it for free". Some people need challenge, thrill to enjoy the game. If it means they have to play for actual money and not just for the fun of it without any benefit whatsoever, who are we to judge them? Afaik they pay their bills with that money (+some online poker or smth). ET is getting into deep "shit" for few years already, there were some efforts to make it a bit more alive (changing formats, new AC, open lans...) but there is not much more to do for an old game, unfortunately noone has magic "bring ET golden age back" button. You won't attract new players and keeping old ones is tougher and tougher.

And even if I was serious, it is something worth bragging about, unlike achievements in a near enough dead game.

This comment was a funny one though. You tried to glorify ET achievements based on the setting that we are in, attempting to inject some value into it. But the fact of the matter is that it is still worth nothing nowadays. Where as real life achievements will get you far in life, make you happy and stay with you for life.

And about you not wanting to meet new people when you go out. That is not even close to a comparison of what is being discussed here. It would be closer to a celebrity not meeting his fans. These lower skilled players want to play with the better players for the experience and to learn from it. From what I have seen over the years is that the lower skilled community has a lot more personality and are more fun to talk to than the others.
I didn't try to glorify ET achievements (or gaming achievements for that matter), I just said it's nothing less nor nothing more of worth than many others "real-life trophies". To me e-sport is same as any other "underdog" sport - requires skill but for most of the ppl it's just freetime killer at best. Bowling is good example - for most, it's just filling activity for friend meetings with beer in pubs, but there is much more into it. I finished 3rd in national bowling cup for teams, it is real-life achievement, but it won't get me anywhere. It has its value in our bowling community but overall, it's worth nothing. Same goes for LAN (major) wins in eSports - it might have a value in gaming community but overall, it's worth of mentioning at best. And if people decide that their online achievements have value to them - good for them, at least they have something to be proud of. However, mentioning it on every possible occasion is too much (but same goes for some valuable achievements, It's just annoying to see in every other comment that you have some sort of degree).
Btw, not every celebrity is kind or pleasant, or wanting to meet their fans. As I said, if you catch someone in bad mood he/she will not make a good impression on you. But I agree that those lower skilled communities are more fun to hang out with, mainly because they are build on different pillars than high skilled groups.
Some good points.
Im captain of the titanic i stay to ET till it decline
We are going to sink together scatty, how romantic is that?
also annoying fucking faggots complaining about cheaters when they see someone with talent or better than them.
u got nice talent?
i wasn't talknig about myself......
sad story, ur sure? :/
ill rape your whole family
fine with that, when u visiting
i sell bananas
have fun learning and stuff
If all the kids from gaymode ,noquarter and other weirdmodes will join ETPRO then it would be pretty much alive again .......
There are always two sides of the story, as well as for this one. I can see why some people feel as if "top" players in this game are arrogant pricks and straight out acting blunt towards not-so-great players. But you can't generalize everyone.

I have often found myself in a situation with skilled players where I was thinking to myself: "What an asshole". A good example for this is playing as a mercenary for these players or teams. There have been times I was completely being ignored by them, not even a polite "Hi" was in order. Or even worse, being replaced by a better player without even being informed and just rudely being kicked for it. It is understandable for you wanting to play with people you know. It is nice to have a chat with these guys after you haven't seen them for a while, and it is also great to play with players of your own skill. But this doesn't mean you can't at least have the decency to inform someone about bringing in a substitute for you.

But on the other hand, there are so many nice players around in the community. My personal - and most noticable - experiences with this was at the ET Masters LAN in June. It is there I was confronted with the fact that not all of them are arrogant players. I met two of the nicest guys there by the names of Finland Salaneuvos and Canada brandoN. Their willingness (especially Finland Sala, as he stepped up to ME ((a hardly known - and probably one of the worst - player in the community)) for a conversation) to interact with people they hardly know, surprised me a lot.

Therefor I say; don't be too quick to judge. I, myself, have made the mistake to accuse players of being arrogant, but for all the wrong reasons. Things aren't always what they seem they are. You have to be open-minded to get to know other players, regardless their skill level. And even though - from the outside - they might look arrogant (or maybe even intimidating) this is not always the case.

Don't judge a book by it's cover.
Read the story to understand what it's about.
Netherlandsjack did the same with me 1 year ago , when we were playing a 6on6 with ib main lu(i was backup) i failed to showoff my skills , he kicked me off the server didnt even say shit, they were laughing; they got smbdy else

i mean even if u are a backup for a team , you still have to play some practices don,t you ? how are you going to omogenize with the rest of the group ? how are you going to be in touch with the tax ?
you can even get a merc to play as a backup

sorry for going a little off the subject
and yea, wanted to say that not only allstars are arrogant, medskilled wannabes are also
Blizzi m8, i wasnt the one who kicked u, i was not in charge of the team
who took the decision then ?
I believe it was jack as he was the in game leader. But certainly wasnt me as i didnt even have ref pass for the server
oh yea , SORRY MATE

now it came back to my mind
that fuckin arrogant
im so sorry for calling you arrogant and wannabe(got mad :D)...
i could hardly believe it was you but now , i got it

sorry again ! :(

post edited :D
i feel bad now :(
Lol, no need to feel bad :D
was nice to meet you at lan ye :)

oh well, but I can't be compared with the old-school players, I've been around for like half a year or so and I'm still quite bad in my opinion :D
Ohw so modest, you are a great player and a awesome guy aswell.
sucked at lan, at least in the final D:
That only feels bad since you know that you can do better... for example if I would have played like you and become second that would have been an achievement while you know your potential and know you can do better... next LAN 1st place? three times is what it takes ;)
ohw and on a side note bring the other Fins with you
there are a lot of known nice guys, sala and sqzz for example, they both are very good players but are still awesome ppl as well, both on and offline! (ps: they are exples but there are more)
they are nice but im nicest boom award
hahahhaa nerds still playing ET and stuff...
mad cos not wanted H4H4

fuck you
23.58-3.28 = a few mins 8D
QuoteYou don't see me or others, going around bragging about my degrees which are far more of an achievement and require hard work and effort rather than sitting around all day behind a computer.

Lovely sentence :D
It is true though. The point was to show people how insignificant these ET achievements are and the only reason people would brag about them is because they don't have any other achievements in real life.
Interesting post, but don't forget ET is not etpro. I know servers full every day on silent and etpub. They just dislike the competition and I must admit this silent mod is pretty cool.
F|A silent forlife
sKy-e.Beginners XPSave

me & olbaa play there sometimes :) I mostly get mad cos them pubbers roll my sorry ass.
Cheers for the suggestion, will check it out sometime, prefer playing Silent than etpro pubs since that's just the same boring camp shit with whiners and same maps all the time.
I play there as well, so awesome server!
sorry for rolling you and olba too much :P
ye nitmod and silent are really cool mods, actually both can be better than etpro and both could be used for competition if configured correctly.
N!trox actually developped a competitive mod for N!tmod but since he only received negative feedback (not to mention the stfu and gtfo replies) he dropped it

WE NEED MORE CROSSFIRE DRAFT TOURNAMENTS with allstar captains and lower players. Raising the skill of the community will lead to more teams taking part at LAN's , which will get better prizes and therefor more players.

Was about to comment about that. CCDT2, if better organized could be quite successful.
I would help with whatever I can.
yea... one reason ppl quit this is because they are still bad and the game is "dieing" ..

so why would u play a dieing game where u suck ?
if ppl could get close to skilled, the shit will get serious
There are enough oppertunities to become a good player if you have the time and dedication for it, do you honestly think most of the top players today got it handed over to them? It's about dedication, time, self reflection and talent.
well , yes and no

if u get skilled by urself

nobody will take you serious or even care you got there

most ppl will take you as a cheater
and it requires too much time and dedication as you said to get known by urself
this game is not worth at the moment spending ur free time to get good at it
i have done this mistake , and i only got to regret it so much :S
I completely disagree, I do not regreting spending time and even money on this game(LAN wise) because I enjoy playing this game and having a chat with people on TS. I don't even regret writing tons of newspost a while ago and running BFB because I enjoyed doing it and learned a lot from it.

If you want to play this game to be good you need dedication and not an attitude like this. You have to ask yourself what do you really want from ET? For my it's having fun and besides that I even practice my English a bit. And getting skilled yourself means you will play a pub or something to learn the basic aim lessons and after that play 3on3/6on6 at low+/med- level till you get game sense and you will meet a shitload of people there. It's not possible to go from low+ to med+ without practice in wars.....

I would have written this more carefully if I would have had more time but I have to leave for work now.
hell no , that doesnt mean for me
i mean not now , but in the past it did

i really asked myself , "what do i really want?" and the answer was: I WANT TO GO TO LAN,meet new people,make douzins of friends there and even showoff my skills /team skills(winning it not mandatory :DDDD) !

Quotespending ur time to get good at it

i've started to make better use of time playing ET than before (no more med- games hi polaks !', rare pubbing, and mostly wars/officials for brain/concentration practice), even wanted to start watching demos to get new tactics. I think this game is a great brain trainer

actually started to write all my ET beliefs but that will result into me getting flamed and stuff like that

tl;dr whenever i play ET , i play only wars against med or above players. we know we wont beat them but make some nice actions which will lead into our gaming style getting better

sorry for my writing style (there might some boring lines :S)
cheers !
blizzi, some play this game for fun(competitively or not)
so , what kind of player do you think i am ?
i do not really know but look it from this point of view:
- if you play football you try to play as good as you can, you try to improve and to win, but you play it for free and because you enjoy it. Same goes for ET, the difference is as kamz said above that some are arrogant.
Host one yourself, you will regret every single minute you put into it (:
I have no idea how to mate. Would obviously need some help.
This reminds me of high school, the place where people would tell there teacher they don't understand there subjects instead of telling the teacher (some what) exactly what they are missing.

Instead of saying this you could have worked out a proper idea, with working out I mean write it down. See what exactly you lack and think where you could obtain this information or service. Contact the people neccesary to get to your end goal. write a draft newspost and ask people who did it before to take a look at it (some might be able to help you out but don't let one person make the difference, what I mean with that if someone says can't be arsed to help you or I don't have time for this there are probably other people who can help you out.

Once you got it all figured out with rules and possible scenarios how your project could get screwed up and make solutions for them already you can make a newspost (a lot of this isn't done by the most but if you want to be succesfull you should have a proper plan with bad scenario solutions)

My message, instead of saying "I can't do it" get of your ass and try it, try it as good as you can.
Ok, then:

How does a draft tournament work?
What kind of people would I have to talk to to provide me with servers etc. (don't even know what's needed).

If I get the first question answered, I'd be so much better prepared to even consider getting into this.
If you can't figure those questions out by yourself don't bother trying to set up a tourney like this.
like twidi above

QuoteYou don't see me or others, going around bragging about my degrees which are far more of an achievement and require hard work and effort rather than sitting around all day behind a computer.

You do go and brag about basically every little thing in your life, even your et achievements. I'm not gonna go any further into that but if I had to rate the top 10 most ego players in this game, you'd get your shining bronze medal, if not more.

Of course everybody can have a bad day and as a result, act ego & so on. I do that myself as well and it's not something I'm proud of.

And on a side note, as I just this year got into the "skilled scene", you were the person being most hostile towards a new player like myself.
Typing "brb shining bronze medal" is not the same as bringing up your achievements to put forward a serious argument, you see that right? I for example play with players no matter what the skill. Some 14 year old pms me to play all the time and he's lowskilled but I played with him a few times. You will not see many of the top players in the game doing that. Just saying.
I didn't say you are serious with that bronze medal thing, I'm not stupid so don't treat me such. But I've never heard you admitting that you played bad in a game, it's always the others (just like you said last night when I asked about why you lost against tMoe).
I remember you arguing how you almost beat fintastic 5 and how mind is shit compared to you.
Before I was a known player you just flamed us (codelust) in game, treated me and the others with nothing but disrespect. Just saying.
I didn't blame others. I said we were shit as a team and didn't play together. I didn't single out anybody. If I had a bad game, I would admit it but I played fine and I'm happy with how I played considering it was annoying trying to lead everything in a game like that, which is normally quite distracting and influences your own performance. Other in game leaders will tell you about that.

Mind is somebody I flamed only because he is an idiot. I'm not really alone in this statement so I don't really need to go further in that one.

I don't remember flaming you neither. But ah well. My apologies. I can admit where I have done something wrong.
every comment I ever got from you (back before 2012) were in the ballpark of:


basically if i haven't heard of you -> you are shit

I just hate your hypocrisy when in my opinion you are the best example of all that is wrong with this community.
retarded comments, flaming, trolling = kamz not caring
journals about et dying because of retarded behaviour in cf = kamz suddenly caring

i rest my case.

I would take this journal seriously if it was written by someone else, someone who's journals I don't read twice just wondering is this guy serious or not.
I can only advise you that if you take my troll comments this seriously, that you need to stop gaming.

Whilst I was flaming retards and trolling gaming websites with harmless trolls, I was also spending time contributing for this game. Yet you don't seem to remember that? Because you only want to bring up what is negative in your eyes ;)
I do respect that you contribute to this game, but at the same time you're ripping off the bottom of your work by random flaming. I understand that you troll and like you said to me once it's because you don't care. I really don't mind, but knowing your attitude towards, well retards as you put it, you cannot expect to be taken seriously.
we all love you sala!
Ciapek mad cos wpierdol
omg guys you dont have to point out that he brags about the real life achievements, that was supposed to be a troll sentence you know?
On a real note, yes its pretty funny how those nerds who played this game since forever consider themselves ultra talented because they are on the top when most ppl dont play the game anymore. Come to sc2 and be a top player like me when there are 1 million other guys playing :D?
u r cornflake?
nothing much, just chillin'
yes, prac hard go pro
hm im really competitive and probably kinda ego in the way that I want to be best in whatever im doing, but im still not shitty towards other players no matter what their skill is :s

that doesnt mean i wouldnt be proud if I won lan though, despite it not being much of an achievement even in the game itself
I'm not saying you shouldn't be proud of it. I'm just saying you shouldn't brag about it and it shouldn't make you feel superior.
Oh God... I just had to reset my password for this shit. Out of all the people that could've made this journal, it's YOU Kamz? YOU? Seriously? If anyone spend huge amount of time behind a pc trying to become good and respected at a game it's you! First you tried it as a cheater, then you became a serious gamer, then you became a troller. However all of those personalities of you spend ALL their time behind a pc playing ET.

So don't come here and tell people ET is not an achievement only because you quit playing half a year ago and are now in college and you think you are awesome because you leave the house more than twice a week. I think we all very well know ET achievements mean nothing when it comes to jobs or friends, however we are on a community site and a LAN IS a gaming spot. So we get to flunk around our e-chievements.

Only a few weeks ago you made a journal how playing at a LAN helped you get a job, that contradicts your bloody journal as well.
That journal was about gaming being useful. It wasn't even referring to ET. It has no link with this discussion about ET dying and the personality traits of some of its players.
It is about that, have you forgotten what you wrote?
Please re-read both journals. Thank you kindly.
I'd suggest you re-read your own journal or re-write it so your reply makes sense. Also only see one journal written by you.
Sigh. I guess I will have to break it down. That journal was about gaming being useful. The comment I made was regarding one of the largest gaming events in the world, this was not ET related. There are other ways that games can be useful, and it's not just about achievements. It could be about other things such as you befriending kiitos and Nils because of this game.

And you compare that with this journal about ET dying? Please note that I said ET achievements here and not achievements of other games. I understand that some people want to portray themselves as smart but you have failed in my eyes here.
Aha I finally understand that you've completely focussed your reply on the last sentence of mine. Do you think the fact you were good at brink (or played brink even) is unrelated to your ET past? Yes ET has given me many good things in my life and I'm grateful for it.

This journal about ET dying is you saying that people shouldn't be acting tough and arrogant because of things they've achieved in ET, however within this community these achievements DO matter. And they did matter to you in the fairly recent past too! However now you act like they are being silly puddings for thinking it all matters. You were one of them though! So you are not in the position to point a finger at anyone.

If you think I was trying to portray myself as smart in my first post and in any other I made after it..... Well... I don't even know what to say to that.
I didn't say they don't matter. I just said you shouldn't brag about it and they shouldn't make you feel superior :p
The pot calling the kettle black. That's all I was saying.
Spot on baby
kamz keeping cf alive 2k12
Thanks for the good laugh
QuoteThe community is full of disloyal and disrespectful arrogant players who think they're above anybody else.

This is so true! Thanks for stating this. It's actually pretty funny, that this is coming from someone like you.

If someone has been disrespectful towards a game and it's community, it is you.
I'm only disrespectful to those that show disrespect.
C'mon, you have done some bad things. At least in the past... I would have no idea about your recent years.
Those actions did upset and annoy a lot of people that didn't even know you and so therefor never showed you any disrespect.

Perhaps your interpretation of disrespect is that nobody bows down before you =D
The past is the past. My contributions for the community in recent years completely outweigh crashing some servers and taking over some irc channels back in 2005 that was fixed within an hour.
Some extreme examples you posted here though. Chry for example, I had fun with chry, but he can get a bit wound up over nothing. He's still a great guy mostly :P

Thing is though, I think a lot of competition players here had to have some sort of ego to keep playing competitions. Some part of you has to believe you have what it takes, even if it's just for some silly game. The problem some people have, is that they can't put their talents or accomplishments into perspective. And then you get arrogant pricks who think it makes them better than others. It's indeed true that those truely respected, know how to be humble yet honest.
g5 player
there are still many players playin 2.55 and even more playin jaymod noquarter and that shit... et wouldnt be dead if all of these people would join etpro for competitions, tho i guess theyre not interested in it and theyre playin this to get 200k xp cuz they think theyre good then... kill the other mods and keep etpro alive! :D
about the tzac problem: bring pb back! better than nothing
No way that this is a serious journal, decent troll with getting so much replies.
I think you have a point but imo it isn't the "high"-players but the et-community in general.

Seriously, WHY THE FUCK do you have to be "known" to get into a team or to play with someone? every single guy who is better than low+ is thinking he has to know everyone he's going to play with i mean come on... i wrote to 4 or 5 lan teams for the Adroits Lan and every single one (except MYs) was saying "nah, no one knows you, no point in playing with you", eventhough i send an ettv-matchlink in which i played against that team.
It's totally okay if you don't want to play with a total random if you are mixing with 4 of your friends and dont want to ruin the fun with a "random-polish-no-english-bad-comms"-guy (you can swap polish with whatever country you dislike the most) but i dont see the point not playing with someone in a team just because he is "unknown". (unknown in the sens of YOU dont know that person)

I for myself am playing since 2005 and every single year since 2007 nearly everyone i played during the year quit meaning everyone that i was "known" to was gone. Getting to know new players wasn't a problem till about 2010 when everyone was riding on the "known"-train and since then everytime i searched for a new team i had to get in touch with the few people i knew and ask them "is there anyone you know that is searching for a 6th, can you vouch for me bla bla bla".

One way would have been playing 3on3 24/7 which i didnt have the time for or sucking asses like specula is doing everywhere on cf and gtv... so please, just because you dont know someone, give him a chance, play with him. you can still kick him afterwards if he's really that much of a sucker.
To be fair, most of the time people would respond with "sorry I do not know you" or context much alike it is because they already have someone else in mind or know for a fact that they can gather a person or two they already know and are merely trying to poke out a little bit and see who else might bite.
Yet, none of that teams I wrote to made it to the LAN.

I can see that teams want to see who might be open for playing with them eventhough they someone in mind - totally fair. but there are still way to many guys just looking at names w/o thinking and that is the point i hate the most.
From my experience, every time I've searched for a 5th or 6th to complete a line-up, I've always already had 2 or 3 guys picked I could resort to, as in know they'd play for us if I asked them, which is great. But still more than often you want to perhaps see who else would be interested, maybe someone you're more comfortable with. Problem with teams is, unless the harmony is there, there's no team. We've tried so many times to just put together a random mix here and then every half a year for whatever cup whenever we got bored enough to give ET a try again, most of the time we succeed doing so, but overtime everyone just loses motivation and its almost always tied to another, if I was to play again - say with Iron, he'd get bored of the game even after we've established a team and 4 more players for a line up? I wouldn't keep playing either. The last few years have been mostly "friendships" that have been holding the players together, people play because it's a fun game, but they wouldn't play without those they've already known for years. I obviously can't speak for the teams you've applied to but in all fairness, if I look for a 6th and someone I've never heard of or know for a fact that he wouldn't compete with my "back up picks" I would just give him a No as well. Perhaps they've just lost motivation, maybe they overrated themselves and thought they could get player X and Y to complete their line up, there's tons of reasons as to why teams fold or have folded in the past, but merely because they've denied a person a spot/try out, is hardly ever something to get mad about.
I can totally understand your argumentation but still. seeing a team breaking up (for whatever reasons they may have in the end) while telling you "f/o unknown" (in a sense) is definitely frustrating, especially if you have like 2 or 3 active "friends" that already have a team.
"Yet, none of that teams I wrote to made it to the LAN."

probably a good thing you didn't join any of them then right? :D
Judging from this point i was lucky, yeah ^^
Noone in this community is killing ET, that's just nonsense. There are people who are annoying but they wouldn't achieve to kill a game. As any product ET has a product life circle. It's a miracle it lasted for this long concidering how insanely hard it is to install. Without innovations and improvements ET will sooner or later die.
My impression is that ET's users are turning older and older (but not more mature). I remember many 13,14,15,16 & 17 year old players back in the days. ET has nothing to offer them anymore. You don't fall in love with ET on first sight. It's ugly and hard to install.
It's just a matter of time until our "old users" jump of gaming because other values become more important, such as carrier, girlfriend, wife, kids, other interests etc.
kjamzer keeping cf alive with his crap.

People make kamz mad/offended -> You can be sure a wall of text comes out.

I had to log in once again to comment in this nonsense. Cant take anything serious when it comes out of ur mouth kamz :D (And im sure you know why as most of people have stated it, past is past we all know that but it stays in everyones mind what sort of kid u used to be or are still.) You keep re-re-re-re-re-repeating that its all trolling in the end when you get more and more flamed :D thats just bleeh :D
fullbaa always so rude
hahaha :D Im so nice <3 btw wtf fullbaa? :D
minigolfloserbaa perhaps more suited? :P
yeah dont mind, nice games still :D
I would hardly call it being mad. Nothing makes me mad online.
i just feel sorry for you kamz... you must have had a shit youth and a shit life....
you been bragging about every little thing in your life ( real life and pc life )
allways acting like you dont give a fuck but still you do so hard your best and still you suck....
keep on making a fool out of yourself

and btw kamz mad cause they didnt pick him in the team... then making comments on gamestv like if i was engi we would have the tank instantly... coming online and saying that the 1st place is nothing to be proud off.. so we started laughing with him about his achievements and shit kamz mad kamz making a post like a little attention whore.......
I'm not the only one talking about your arrogance by the way. It's like that game we played yesterday, you were ruining the atmosphere. I knew it from the start that I had a team full of laid back players and then there was you there as a kind of "outsider" but I thought we would win so it wouldn't be a problem, but you started flaming phyzic and anim too.

You just got mad because I didn't bow down to you for winning the lan. Because it means fuck all for most of us but it means a lot for you it seems :/

And now you're making stuff up about me being mad I was selected in your team, because you feel threatened.
why the fuck should i be mad about a paki that doesnt bow down for me what do i care about it :D
i was mad we lost the game cause everyone playing like a rambo then i also prefer to play another class then engi and please kamz... you have bow down your whole life allready and trying to asslick your way up and allways talking like i'm the best engi i'm the best teamplayer i'm the best aimer and shit like that :D
Yes, I am known as quite the asslicker.

You are just mad that I mentioned your name there that you don't even know what you're saying right now.
kamz the day i feel threatened by you will never ever happen :D every comment you do on gamestv or somewhere else is like ow if i was engi ow if i was this ow if i was that you would have won :D thats pathetic... but hey kamz you can only say IF I WAS.... cause you will never be....
Not everybody gives a damn about achieving things in this game. The only reason it means so much for you is because you got nothing in real life to brag about so ET comforts you and you like to brag about it online.

I'm sure in a few years you will be cleaning toilets and telling everybody that comes to take a piss how you won adroits :D
sure kamz i'm sure my wife will be hot and i'm sure that i will take a shit in your wife face because she is so ugly
how can u support your wife, with your lan prizepot?
ow yeah kamz its true you can only support your wife if you got a really high degree :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid fuck i'm sure there will be a wife waiting for you in india so you can support her
Asslicking faggot

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:D:D:D asslicker
You're funny man not my fault: ((:(:((
good journal. but i think the main reason ET is dying is simply cos its been out for so long, people get bored.
Not a single other game i tryd gave me the feeling like ET has :/ ... about shooter its still the best game ! :x and they wont come out any other shooter in future which could get me the same feeling like ET ! :X
yh but not everyone feels the same way as u lol
Kamz is the reason ET is dying, thats not trolling, thats called being a retard
190 comments lol brb in 2 hours
197 now u mad? let's make it 200?
Nah lol let's not :P
lol 202 now
CTRL+F Kamz 1/60

gg lol :da:d:/:DDDDDDDDDD

Only 30 comments by me fu
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