Need help with translation

Quote by brAhiroba is the stupidest form of the Polish scene

He produced that statement and it seems perfectly understandable even if untrue.


Quote by brAhino admin no lan simple... Krech you with me as I meet you and you can count on call men vs men ... "cwel" August because of challenges notn

Wtf does he mean by that? :D help me please

#CracowGamespot PIOTR JANUSZ NIE PRZEJDZIE (matury z angielskiego)
CU LAN BRO, FIST FIGHT #2. Dev has your back :D
Thank you for adding valuable information to this idiotic journal
someone had to save it!
thanks! after all it was worth opening this idiotic journal
Google Translation Said:
QuoteAdministrator nie ma lan proste ... Krech cię ze mną, jak się spotkamy i można liczyć na ludzi połączeń vs mężczyzn ... "cwel" August ponieważ kwestionuje notn

maybe he want to said this o_0
its seems like a perfect example why poles should've been all killed during the tour 'd adolf. stupid fucks 99 % of them
i belive ur gay father is waiting for you ar gay sauna

Just why?
The most of the polaks that are on internet (mostly games..) are acting seriously retarded and braindamaged.. Although in the real life they are the nicest persons i've ever met (and i was all over the Europe..)..

And i liked that the "story" about them liking (oops,is that right? :D) czech people is true..
I dont actually meet many polaks at where I live. all I see are the ones on the internet and they've made quite bad impression to me.
I hated them (still hate on the internet..) till i met them in rl :))
Nice,funny,friendly (the most i ever met!) people.. :))
not having seem any of em IRL yet I keep my right to hate those fucktards
on internet they are ego,braindamaged,fucktards :D

ye,keep hatin' them :D
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