Help with VBA script Excel

I need some help with making a VBA script in excel.

What I want to do is copy my total from sheet1 (B11) to a new row sheet2 including the date of today. This so i can save the totals of everyday without having to copy/paste it myself. (Yes I'm lazy!)
Google isnt any help since all the VBA script i can find are too hard for me to understand. My idea was simple, but the solution didnt seem to be that simple.

I hope anybody here can help me. Thanks in advance.
sounds simple enough, just write inside the new row a date function + sheet1,b11.value or sometthing

I dont know vba but should be something like this but then the way vba is coded
vba is so useless but maybe excel can do it?

=(B11 & TODAY())
The problem is that I want to use the same sheet to keep track of some results every day and at the end of the day copy the result to another sheet. In the next avaible

I'm a noob with vba and just know some minor programming skills but I thought it would be easy to do. But sadly it isnt. Copying the results myself at the end of the day isnt a problem. But messing with vba is more interesting than my actual work. (Which atm basicly is copy pasting from one logging tool to another xD)
well blame vba not yourself, i'm working as both a developer and a dba and i cant't understand vba at all!

although i helped viech with a similar sort of thing the other week actually, in vba i got him to write the date value into a cell directly at the time of the update instead of using the dynamic (updating) value then use the cell that he had written too and that seemed to work more easily might be worth trying something like: 1 put the date value in to the cell, 2 read the date back from the cell, 3 concatenate the other value you want in with the date and write that back in

a bit sloppy but should be relatively simple?
good luck :D
thnx, my script is succesful now.

I'm first counting the used rows, then check if the last row is the date of today. If yes update the result and if not paste the date + result in a new row.

But damn VBA is a bitch, I've coded some simple things in java and Delphi before and that was much easier than this vba crap.
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