Seriously, Chelsea?

I had to doublecheck the date to make sure it wasn't April 1st all of a sudden. This is going to be awesome.

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Achievement still awaits to be unlocked:Stay Chelsea manager for 2 seasons
I was baffled when i heard it, didnt he save the last season?
Im so fucking sad about this..

Our 'legend' went to such a sick club..
Our 'legend' went to such a sick club..
no, it is:
'Our' legend went to such a sick club..
No,it's right..
i truly hope you're not being serious.
I wanted to point out that I found it retarded to say 'our' when you someone is just a random i-net team fan (unless he goes to the stadium every weekend) but I don't know what Bobika and you figured out!
in b4 torres subbed on 60 minutes to rest him for the upcoming fixture
what happened?
bad last season at liverpool, fired at inter.

ooh joy
lol shame
Roman is on acid again
Yes, shit happens.
Quoteshort-term successor to Roberto Di Matteo
. You have to feel sorry for Roberto though. European Champions, still in 2 cups and 5th in the English Premiere Ship League and sacked for a couple of bad months peformances, wtf? Roman Abramovich is one dodgy fucker, has to be more behind the scenes to this...
let's be honest, di matteo got lucky with the timing and everything .. but i dont agree with him getting the chop
Hate him so much and now he's with us :S

Hope Torres will do his job again:
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Guardiola would have been the best option.
no, actually sticking with di matteo would have been a solid decision. to sack someone, only to get a temporary replacement....abramovic just went full retard.
Yeah but after he got fired, they should have signed guardiola.
guardiola isn't available until jan/feb
Abramovich should sell Chealski and buy Arsenal so he can sack Wenger ohh wait in "Arsene we trust" sry i forgot that me bad.
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