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i want to join the ESL 5o5 ladders with my gMen CSGO team. But you need to add a Steam ID to your account.

So I want to add Steam CS:GO ID, but it doesnt work. can be used to find your ID

Gabri22 told me this is my ID: 1:58138040 but it doesn't work on ESL.. can anyone tell me what my ID is or give a good example?

btw the ladder on ESL seems very, very active :P

Thanks to xarqi it worked
How to add a Steam ID to your CS:GO account
1. Go to a CS:GO server (public, war, doesn't matter)
2. Open up your console
3. Enter this in your console: status
4. You will see something like this behind your name: STEAM_1:1:58138040 (example)
5. This is the ID you enter on ESL: 1:1:58138040

image: 10p6ji9
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Your STEAM ID should be this complete "code"

I should add that ID to Steam ID CS:GO right?
Just remove the STEAM_
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go in game type in console: status

copy paste your steamid
Steam id is this: STEAM_0:1:58138040
for ESL its this: 0:1:58138040
just remove the STEAM_
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You have copied the wrong id when you were chatting with me ;)
I am sure I have written 0:1:58138040
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