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Ok, I've chosen all my niggas for adc, top, and support but I don't know what to pick for MID.. i bought katarina but i hate it .. so i sold it, and now i wanna buy a different one, uhm some suggestions with reasons would be nice. thank you
You hate katarina? how can you..

Tbh,for mid lane katarina or twisted fate,but for me when it comes to the mid lane,
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Lux, orianna, morgana, Twisted fate, diana, akali, ahri, karthus and some more are most often seeing, if u want to roam and do ganks top/bot, would suggest u to pick kata,lux,ahri or akali, both of them got great potencial to make great bursts and get easy kills.
Akali Bad. Put Vision ward on Lane = insta win
only ppl who doesnt know how to play her, will be shut down, just cus u buy vision ward, doesnt mean u actually gonna win against her.
well, of course not, but u take away a huge advantage from her. plus, its always fun when akali runs in her circle and thinks no one can see her
well also depends on what kind of chmp u are facing, i mean, i normally dont even need that much shroud, just sometimes if im doing combo and then using shroud for not getting aggro from minions, but yeh, in teamfights its annoying if they have oracle, as u cant just go stealth in middle of fight, normally i just wait for major ccs to go on CD and then engage.
strongest ones atm: orianna/diana/tf, karthus

fun to play / ok ones: lux, katarina, nidalee, gragas etc etc
Dianaaaaaa ftw
Will be nerfed for sure :(
She already got nerfed, but that wont stop riot ofcourse. There are so many people that whine "OMG OP DMG BLABLA" but they seem to forget an asassin is meant to deal alot of dmg FAST, and countering diana aint that hard, got FoN or anything else and suddenly you survive her burst and rape her.
When a champion is able to kill anyone on a midlane with a little poke and one combo after being down 0-2 for example before pre6 its pretty obvious its a "OP".. Diana has been for long the same now, ppl just forgot it while back and how op it was, and still is, now she is pretty much pick/ban any competition play due the fact of how strong she is.

Unlike Orianna who used to be pick/ban Diana is nowhere balanced :3
After Azubu Blaze (?) played that mlg final with Ambition playing Diana every game and scoring something like 10/0/5 everyone just suddenly remembered that "oh Diana exists let's play her" and here we are. First pick Diana if not banned.
>>>Season 3
>>>Buy FoN
"i bought katarina but i hate it .. so i sold it"

what the fuck?

katarina, nidalee, tf
diana for towerdiving and twisted fate for his op-ulti in laning phase.
so i sold it

In India you can sell LoL characters
U also can sell it on Eu
anivia - king of farm + wall just op to split enemy targets in teamfights
karth - ult saving kills
gragas - tankiest apc so far i think + ult can split the enemies in teamfights + nice waveclear
kata - play agressive in laning phase -> u win.. + buy zhonyas -> jump into teamfight, press R, press zhonyas -> kill someone -> ability reset -> gg
eve!! - just op, even if she got nerfed
diana - ap bruiser (dont have to say more I think)
tf - ult op to gank lanes.. combine it with nocturne jungle = win + nice waveclear
orianna - ult nice in teamfight for adc's like twitch, ez, mf + u got a free "ward" + shield + movement speed + nice waveclear
lux - if ur good at hitting skillshots + throwing abilities fast, then lux will defininiely own the enemies ass + nice waveclear
morgana - ult = multible stun -> op in teamfights if u use it good + nice waveclear
syndra - op ult, long range attacks, stun+push away +nice waveclear
leblanc - op 1v1 bcuz shes bursting down the enemy so hard.. but not good in teamfights
ryze - stun+strong attack
kassadin - teleport+nice waveclear
annie - 2 stuns
zyra - 2 stuns
cassiopeia - stun+poison
brand - throws all his dmg in like 2 secs.. (u better hit them!)
elise - stun+untargetable+high dmg+ap bruiser
ahri - extreme mobile champ + charm is rly good!
veigar - rly op stun (especially in teamfights) + much dmg
swain - mr caw caw caw (next to fiddle) - slow
heimerdinger - nice waveclear + stun
ziggs - long rang (especially his ult) + slow
kennen - extremely mobile + stun
vlad - ap bruiser + untargetable
viktor - stun
zilean - nice waveclear+op ult + movement speed

never played xerath & malz..

how Annie got 2x stun?
1 stun 1 slow * sry :D
I seem to like Ahri & anivia .. anivias is fckin hard to play though and im sort of new to the game :P so which one do u prefer
i rly like to play evelynn, kata, anivia, gragas, lux, tf & morgana :)
Diana is really safe pick if you can just farm with melee basic attacks :P She is really tanky and has absolutely huge amount of damage. + Her E stops ults like Kata's :) So I'd recommend that if you can play her.
Kayle mid. Endless fun
for ganking other lanes: Eve, Diana, Kata
for being lazy and farming: karthus
anivia is rly cool to play with !

But as a mid laner, u should rather learn to pick any mid champion so in ranked u're able to pick a counter to ur oppo's choice.

Learn to play anivia, ryze, lux, karthus, gragas, katarina, veigar, twisted fate, malz, kassadin, oriana, morgana(super stronk), diana etc.
syndra, katarina :DD
Anivia, ahri, lux, oriana, karthus, gragas, master those and you're set for any match up
I'd change gragas for Diana :)

E. Well idk because Gragas ult is awesome :D
Leblanc is pretty nice, so is Lux
so you have to buy heroes to play them in mid?
Teemo mid is interesting
the funniest for me:
gragas, lux, kata, fiddle, zilean, shaco ( op :d )

the lamer:
veigar, teemo

afk farm:
morde, anivia, karthus

the one who have no fear to get gank after lvl 6:
cassiopeia ( you can face any squishy jungler and kill them easily with ult :d )
viktor ( rly underrated )

others strong:
ahri annie eve, ori

ps: didnt play the other mid
karthus oriana tf diana anivia
veigar morde vlad
Just Play somth easy ( fe morg / Lux), and get a Feeling for the lane (cmon ganktimes, bluetimer, wraithfarm)
Then Switch to smth more agressive.. (atleast i did it that was)

Even if there ll be a lot of changes s3 wise
Why the fak arent you online in LoL?
Karthus = most op hero in the game. I play him on daily base and win nearly everything, especially vs hero's who are supposedly very effective against him like Katarina, Ahri and Nocturne. Just take spellvamp quints, and build for max ap/mp. You'll win every fight, especially teamfights. Just throw a wall, enable defile and stand in the middle of 5 ppl spamming bombs. Hi pentakill :)

Next to that he's just awesome to play, takes a bit of getting used to though, seen my mates fail hard with him the first few times.
jeez man....that is just hilarious XD
Pick the sniper bitch (Chaitlyn), kill minions, buy shit and finally rape the faggots.

Thats how I play anime.
sadly her ulti should be remade.
morgana u mofo
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