planetside 2 ?

hey guys !

i just start dowloading planetside 2

i have see that and i would test it!

anyone have already test it ?
I played it but on your own its really boring, you can do a 1v7 and it wont matter at all in the grand scheme of things, so not really rewarding imo. I can however see this being really interesting
after the first day your "wow this battle is large" will turn into "damn this battle is large".
you cant do shit without a massive zerg
Ceres blue team, rank 23.

You can cap and do stuff solo if you really want, it is just a matter of where, when and how you do it.
The game is much better with squad play though.

The good side: Game looks pretty fauwking awesome on high graphics and there is always several large scale battles going on. You might need a good PC though.

The bad side: You could be bothered with other players having advantages, if you do not want to grind or spend money or redeem codes(supposedly not that hard to get if you live in or follows UK stuff). Just try to remember it is for fun.

The meh: There has been some problems with the servers last couple of days, servers have gone down for an hour or so every day. Probably related is also an commonly occuring graphic glitch where everything flashes in and out, also desync with a multitude of pretty bad effects(invincibility etc).
rank 23, lol, nerd ;D
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